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Cat fleas in the apartment - the best remedies / home remedies

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It itches and itches and itches and who is to blame ">

They resemble mosquito bites, appear in groups on a skin area and itch like hell. We are talking about cat miscarriage. Every fifth cat in Germany is endangered by an infestation with Ctenocephalides felis, which likes to spread to humans and also take their blood. Especially free-runners are affected, as they strike through the undergrowth or meet with other cats from which they take the cat fleas. If these are carried by the cat into the house, the fleas look for a nesting place in corners, columns and your bed. You can combat the infestation by using special means.

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If there are numerous small bite marks on your skin that resemble mosquito bites but are not so big, then a flea infestation is obvious. If these bites are concentrated in one spot, you should examine your cat for cat fleas that show up as small, black spots in the fur. However, before you apply home remedies, you should take the following steps:

1. Vacuuming: as soon as a flea infestation is accepted, you should immediately suck your living space. Especially important are the corners and spaces, as they accumulate more dust and are less disturbed, which offers ideal living conditions for cat fleas. Although sucking does not help much against adult animals, you can use it to remove flea and feces. Choose a powerful vacuum cleaner that is also suitable for carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag immediately outside the apartment.

2. Wash your clothes: Immediately wash your sheets, sofa covers and all the clothes you have in the house. Set your washing machine at 60 ° C or 90 ° C and use a hygiene rinse. Alternatively, you can first wash with flea shampoo, which is used for animals and then wash. Fleas can withstand neither extreme heat nor cold, so the washing machine is deadly to the beasts.

3. Drying the laundry: ideally, you would dry the washed textiles in the dryer. The hot air acts as additional security against the cat fleas.
Then it's up against the cat fleas in your apartment, your cat and you. Only in this way can the bloodsuckers be thoroughly eliminated.

Tip: if your cat is a free-fall, the four-legged friends should definitely wear a flea collar. These are provided with special ingredients that prevent fleas from spreading to the cat.

Flea control

The following remedies are perfect for controlling fleas in your home and pet. They are particularly effective and fast because of their composition:

1. Ambient spray: with environmental spray, for example from Bolfo, can efficiently kill the eggs of the fleas and eliminate the droppings, which attracts other fleas. Simply spray on infested surfaces and the agent already works. When using, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer. In addition, the spray penetrates into the materials and has a long-term effect of about 6 months.

Cost: about 18 euros per bottle

2. Flea Bombs: Also known as flea floggers, these remedies themselves take care of combating the cat's fleas. These are placed in the respective room and independently release their active ingredients into the air, which is then absorbed by the fleas, larvae and eggs. This kills the adult animals, while larvae and eggs can not fully develop and also die. They are considered the most effective means of fighting fleas. Also with long-term effect. Well-known manufacturers are Beaphar, Bolfo and Ardap.

Cost: about 10 euros per can

3. Imidacloprid: this active ingredient is found in remedies that are instilled directly on the cat's neck and kill fleas severely within 24 hours. Since the cat is the carrier of the fleas, it is necessary to treat the animal to contain the infestation. It must not be applied to any other place, as cats in the neck area can not lick. Known remedy is Advantage of Bayer Vital. Be sure to stick to the packaging leaflet.

Cost: 45 euros per pack

Home remedy for cat fleas

The following home remedies have proven effective against cat fleas, but must be used regularly to really eliminate all animals. Because they are natural, they can be applied directly to your cat's whereabouts, as well as on all household surfaces.

1. Lemon vinegar solution: Mix 3 l of vinegar, 0.25 l of lemon juice and 1.5 l of water and place in a spray bottle. This product works effectively in textiles, upholstery and mattresses and must also be sprayed under the infested furniture. Allow to act and apply daily until the infestation is reduced. Then only every three days, until all cat fleas have disappeared.

Cost: less than 2 euros

2. Diatomaceous earth: classic remedy for fleas. These fossilized algae are scattered into bed or other surfaces and removed after a 48 hour exposure time with the vacuum cleaner.

Cost: 10 l for about 25 euros

3. Peppermint oil: simply add sufficient peppermint oil to a cloth and place directly on an affected area. The fleas are expelled. The more they interpret them, the faster the animals seek a new home, even outside their four walls. The effect can be helped by reinforced brushing.

Cost: between 2 to 10 euros

4. Rosemary lemon solution with geranium oil: this home remedy acts as an anti-flea spray and is prepared as follows:

  • 1 lemon with shell dice
  • put in saucepan
  • fresh rosemary (handful) also in the pot
  • Add 1 l of water
  • bring to a boil for 15 minutes
  • switch off, let it rest overnight
  • Add eight drops of geranium oil the next day
  • pour through a sieve
  • into a spray bottle

This remedy is used for the entire apartment and is also suitable for the sleeping place of your cat. It should be used daily until the infestation is contained. Then apply every two to three days.

Cost: 10 ml of geranium oil for about 10 euros, other ingredients 2 to 4 euros

5. Candle trap : the candle trap works according to the heat principle, because fleas always look for warmth. For this reason, it is perfect for heavily infested rooms. Prepare a bowl of water to which you add detergent to dissolve the surface tension. Then put a candle in the middle and light it. The fleas now want to get to the candle, but drown on the way there.

Cost: under 5 euros

Home remedies for itching

If you have been bitten by many cat fleas, it is worth using the following home remedies to relieve the itching and minimize the swelling. In addition, these remedies keep the fleas away from your skin for a while so you can concentrate on cleaning your home:

  • Aloe Vera: available either as juice or gel, apply to the affected area of ​​the skin and leave on
  • Ice or cold compresses: help against the swelling and relieve the need to scratch
  • Instant oatmeal: boil and let cool, apply paste to the affected areas, works well against many bites
  • Witch hazel cream (bot. Witch hazel): works against itching, swelling and stimulates skin regeneration
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil relieves pain through bites, at the same time ensures a soft skin, pleasant aroma, easy to apply
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