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Sew on children's underwear - pattern for undershirt & pants

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After showing you how to sew women's and men's underpants, I would like to complete the theme and dedicate this guide to children's underwear patterns. Since a pair of underpants for a child is also much smaller, such a project is ideal for the remainder utilization. Especially in the cooler months but also a undershirt is an advantage and maybe you want to then but the favorite substance of your child to child underwear process. I like to sew the undershirts in plain colors, because so many different underpants can be combined.

This is how you easily sew children's underwear

In this guide, I'll show you how to sew underpants for a boy or girl and how to make a matching undershirt to complete the underwear. I try to keep the pattern as simple as possible, so it is suitable for beginners and can be changed for all desired sizes. My patterns in this guide are the size 98/104 kids' underwear.

Difficulty 2-3 / 5
(this pattern for children underwear with pattern is suitable for beginners)

Material costs 1-2 / 5
(depending on choice of fabric and size for a child underwear set about 5-20 euros)

Time required 1.5 / 5
(depending on experience and accuracy about 3-4 hours per child underwear set including pattern creation)

Material and patterns

material selection

For baby underwear, jersey is best because it's thin, soft and stretchy - all the features that bring extra comfort to garments worn directly on the body. Just in the case of the boys' trousers, remnants can be ideally utilized due to the multiple division.

In addition, you need more material for the tummy and leg holes of the underwear. I use rubber band with stars for the belly band, the leg holes I will border with normal cuffs.

Sewing pattern for the underpants

I remove the pattern from a well-fitting children's panties.

Since the boys version is a bit more elaborate, I will sew children underwear for boys in this guide. In principle, it works the same for girls, except that the front part of the pants does not have to be split because no additional rounding is necessary. It can be cut to size (ie folded in the middle).

I fold the underpants seam on seam and put everything firmly. Then I hold the top edge (the waistband - where the rubber is sewn in) to the top edge of my cut paper. I stretch the fabric until it stops wrinkles and draws all contours. I also mark the front division on both sides. Then I also trace the back.

The pattern for the size 98/104

Cut all parts in double (once folded) fabric layer, so that always opposite pieces arise. Remember to add a seam allowance! For the back of the pants place the vertical edge exactly on the break fold. You also need a blank for the gusset. This is an additional layer of fabric in the central area of ​​the front underpants. To do this, cut the front cutting part once more in the fracture.

Note: For girls pants, the gusset is lower and reaches between the legs to the back of the buttocks approach.

First sew the front sheets of the gussets together.

Now it gets a bit complicated, until all layers of fabric lie on top of each other:

Place one of the side panels right to the right (ie with the "nice" fabric sides facing each other). On the left side of the fabric, place the right side of the back piece. Pin and sew all three layers together, then do the same on the other side as well. Also, the lower gusset is sewn, then it should look like this.

To close the side seams, fold the underpants right side up and sew them together at the side. Remember to sew at the seams at the beginning and at the end!

Tip: If you are unsure whether the top panels and gusset are properly mated, wrap the items in the desired position before sewing them together and check that all seams are hidden.

For the abdominal waistband, I close the rubber band with a wide zig-zag seam with a small stitch length and stick it to the four marking points, which are already known to you from my sewing instructions for cuffs. The open fabric edge comes to lie approximately in the lower third of the rubber band. Then (with stretching of the rubber band to the fabric length) is stitched twice around with an elastic stitch. Here you can also work with a twin needle or a couture seam.

Tip: If there is still some jersey, it can be cut off near the seam.

Now only the leg cuffs are missing. These are calculated as usual 0.7 times with about 1-2 cm seam allowance. I have used 4 cm high cuffs, so I come to just over 1 cm in the finished children's underpants.

Sewing pattern for the undershirt

It is best to use a well-fitting shirt as a template and draw it off. The sleeves are not needed. Mark the middle of the shoulders and set the desired fabric width. Now cut from the armpit to your mark and once from the other mark down to the neck.

Tip: From bow / break, it is important that the neckline ends at 90 degrees, otherwise it will not be a round collar.

Cut the two cut pieces adding your usual seam allowances and sew first the shoulder seams, then the side seams together.

Cut once all 4 openings and the children's underwear is already finished!

Have fun sewing!


Of course, the patterns for the children's underwear depend on your template. In addition to embellishments such as appliqués, ribbons and borders, the variations primarily concern the "finishes", ie how the openings are completed.

I've finished my pants on the belly edge with a rubber band. If you do not find your rubber band nice enough to show it open, raise the top edge of your child pants at the front and back by three times the rubber width. Add another 1 cm of grace and your usual seam allowances, then you can wrap the rubber around 2 x and sew. This is also a common conclusion with children's underwear.

Another very easy and fast way for beginners is to simply sew on a narrow cuff. Just use your usual factor x 0.7. If you want to use the main fabric or the combo fabric as cuff fabric, you'd better expect x 0.8, because jersey is not as stretchy as right cuffs. You can also complete all edges of the children's underwear with cuffs.

The leg openings I edged with cuffs. Girls can also use underpants with or without lace. Also, a strip cleaning would be conceivable, and especially in this area is recommended to more advanced seamstresses: If it is too loose, slacks the underpants on the legs, it is too tight, cut them. Especially kids underwear should be comfortable, because the children move the most.

For the head, arm and hem openings on the undershirt, however, strip cleaning should not be a problem and should look especially nice.

In the girls version of the children's underwear, you can also be very narrow at the undershirt at the shoulders, so it looks like a spaghetti straps top. Or you can leave the straps and make them in the course of the jersey diagonal stripes.

Quick guide

1. Mark underpants and cut to size with NZ
2. Sew up the side panels with the two gussets
3. Then sew the gussets at the bottom with the back fabric piece.
4. Close both side seams and turn
5. Attach abdominal cuff, attach leg cuffs
6. Undershirt from a normal shirt (without sleeves)
7. Modify the pattern according to your wishes and trim with NZ
8. Sew first the shoulder seams, then the side seams
9. Sew on stiffener and hem (or other option as desired)
10. And done! (if necessary iron everything again)

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