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Make Kinderriegel cake yourself - instructions

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    • Cut polystyrene
    • Double-sided adhesive tape
    • Attach child latch
    • Connect levels
    • Complete kids tie pie

Children's chocolate is one of the most popular sweets - young and old. In this tutorial we show you how to make a Kinderriegel cake yourself. There is no need for many materials - in just a few minutes you can turn simple chocolate bars into a delicious highlight for every birthday party.

Chocolate is a must for many - on birthdays, at Christmas or just like that. Especially the chocolates of children have it to many, big or small, done. A candy bar cake is a simple, quick, yet creative idea to give away chocolate. If you do not give away the chocolate in the packaging, but make a cake out of it, make even with the simplest chocolate for a real surprise.

Of course you can decorate in this way pies with a variety of sweets and so customize the gift individually to the recipient.


For a medium sized three tier bar, you will need:

  • Styrofoam plates (at least 5 cm high)
  • compasses
  • Cuttermesser
  • scissors
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • skewer
  • Chocolate bars, children's bars, Duplo, Ü-Ei, Kinder Bueno etc.


Cut polystyrene

The individual levels of the children's bar cake are naturally round. For this you have to cut three differently sized styrofoam discs. Use a compass to draw the outline of the first level on a sufficiently large polystyrene board. Repeat this for the other two levels as well.

Now carefully cut out the three levels with the cutter. If every now and then a larger crumb breaks off, that's not bad - the kids bars will cover up dirty spots later.

Double-sided adhesive tape

Then the sides of the polystyrene sheets are covered with double-sided adhesive tape. If the tape is too wide, simply flip it around the edges.

Attach child latch

Now the individual children's bars are attached to the adhesive edge. Start with the lowest level. Peel off the foil from the double-sided adhesive tape and attach the individual latches - you can use a complete variety of chocolate bars or you can change different types.

Repeat this step on the other two levels. Be sure to test the last bars on each level - so you know if you need to leave a little extra space between one or the other candy bar, so that the rim can be completely filled and there will not be an ugly gap at the end.

Connect levels

Now the three levels are stacked and connected. You can do that in different ways. You could attached the layers to each other with double sided tape. Or you put a long wooden skewer in the middle of the lowest level. Then the other levels are put on.

Complete kids tie pie

You see, between the individual levels are now spaces that can be filled with all sorts of sweets. At the top of the middle, a surprise egg is doing just fine. The remaining spaces could be filled with sweets, for example. Or you put more children's bars in between. Of course, you can also combine the Kinderriegel cake with other little things - bank notes, coupons or other small surprises.

A wide loop around the bottom level finally completes the children's bar cake! You will see: this variant of giving away chocolate will be a big surprise. That's for sure!

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