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Kirschkernkissen bei Baby - Application, Temperature & Co

Babies often suffer from flatulence. Especially in the first three months, this occurs in many newborns. The gastrointestinal system first has to get used to digesting milk. Air bubbles in the intestines cause bloating and abdominal pain, the baby screams. The tummy problems can be recognized by the fact that the little ones put on the legs and the belly is partially bloated and hard. Tummy massages with caraway oil or caraway ointment can help relieve the pain. However, cherry-seed or grain pillows also bring relief.

For newborns, a pillow size of 10 x 10 cm is sufficient. The filling can be chosen as desired. Cherry pits have the advantage that they do not trigger allergies, which can happen with grain pillows ever. Especially spelled pillows are affected. Cherry pits for the cushions must be completely round, without corners and edges, which are quite common. These pillows can poke. Cherry pits are also quite large, in contrast to the small pillow and baby bump and also comparatively heavy. Many parents therefore prefer grape seed pillows. These small cores make the pillow extremely cuddly and flexible. The filling is not bothersome, even if the pillow slips and the baby comes to rest. Cherry pits then do not press, grape seeds. In addition, they are oily, which is why they can hold the heat a little longer than cherry pits. Alternatively, rapeseed can be used. They have similar characteristics as grape seeds.

No matter which filling you choose, the cover should be made of simple, washable cotton. It is best if you then have a cover around it, which is removable so that it can be washed. Babies like to spit and most of the granules are not washable. An exception are cherry stone cushions. There are some that can be washed, some even in the washing machine. But this must be noted separately, either on a sign directly on the pillow or on a leaflet.

More and important information about the different fillings can be found here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/koernerkissen-fuellung/

  • Do not wash above 30 ° C
  • Use gentle cycle
  • Do not use detergent because it can penetrate into the cores
  • Place pillows in a lockable laundry bag if a seam opens and then all cores fall out.
  • To dry, simply place in a moderately warm place or hang up.
  • Do not put in tumble dryer or on the heater - the damp cores can rupture
  • Shake regularly during drying

Tip: Zippers on the pillow are not ideal for the baby. The teeth can hurt the delicate skin and when lying there may be pressure points. Better is an overlapping strip, like a hotel pillow.

Warm cherry stone pillows

It is important that the pillow does not get too hot. That's why you should proceed slowly.

In the microwave

  • Heat at 600 watts for 1 minute
  • Short rest period
  • Test temperature on the back of the hand
  • If it is still too cold, continue heating in 10 second intervals
  • Short rest and temperature test
  • If the pillow is too hot, allow to cool briefly

In the oven

  • Pack grain piles in aluminum foil (as protection for the shell)
  • Place cushions in the cold oven on a grid
  • Heat at about 75 ° C for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Recirculation goes a little faster
  • After 10 minutes, test the temperature of the pillow
  • Maybe warm up for a little longer

In the event that the pillow should be heated only slightly, you can just put it on a warm heater or on the tiled stove, if available. Again and again, test the temperature so that it does not get too warm.

Tip: Before putting the pillow on the baby's stomach, always check how warm it is, preferably on the back of the hand or on the cheek. Baby skin is a lot more sensitive than ours.

Cherry pits or granules are helpful in babies, but even as they get older, the pillows are ideal. Children do not like the pillows only when they are ill. In particular, the cushions designed as figures are interesting for the little ones all the time, just to cuddle up, for a small massage or to warm up the hands and feet on cold days.

If you would like to be particularly creative and make an individual grain pillow especially for your child, then read on here: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/koernerkissen-selber-machen/

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