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Coconut cleverly open in 3 quick steps

Do you know the problem - you want to enjoy a summer cocktail with pineapple and coconut, but you just do not get the coconut on ">

The summer is here and at the same time the mood for coconut in all variations - whether in the cocktail, in the curry or as a cosmetic all-rounder. If only there was not the problem with opening the coconut. Coconut meat and water are surrounded by a thick, brown shell, which is often difficult to crack. We show you how it works.

You can not get by without a tool, but that does not matter. Everyone has these aids in the house.

You need:

  • ripe coconut
  • heavy, wide knife or a hammer
  • screwdriver
  • Bowl

Tip: If you hear the coconut water sloshing around in the nut, the nut is ripe and can be opened and eaten.

How to open a coconut

Step 1: First, take a look at the coconut. Did you notice that one side has three darker dots ">

Step 2: At least one of the three holes should be soft enough that you can pierce it with the screwdriver. If this is done after a few attempts, you can pour the coconut water through this hole in the shell. To make it even better, at least a second of the holes should be inserted.

Coconut water should not be disposed of. The palm juice is rich in minerals and has hardly any calories. In the smoothie or cereal, the water can be processed well as a regular sports companion. It is worth it ..

Step 3: Now the coconut is opened. Hold the nut firmly in one hand. Hit the center of the nut several times with the back of a heavy knife. Repeat this hitting around. The side with the holes is located at the side of the hitting line and not at the top or bottom. Gradually, cracks form at the edge. Repeat the beating until you can easily pull the nut halves apart.

Tip: If you do not have a suitable knife in the house, you can also hit the nut with the tip of a hammer. If this is not possible, all you have to do is put the coconut on a hard surface. Often, the opening also succeeds when you drop the coconut on a hard, stone floor.

And already the coconut is open and the white, delicious coconut meat can be processed. Carefully cut it out of the bowl with a sharp knife and you can enjoy it. You see, opening a coconut is actually not that difficult.

For creatives it is worth picking up the coconut halves - you can, for example, pour candles, make a small flower pot out of them or they are suitable as small, rustic bowls for odds and ends.

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