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Making communion cards yourself - invitation card for communion

  • Materials and procedure
  • Invitation card with inscription
  • Communion card with cross
  • Invitation card with fish motif
  • Communion card with candle
  • Invitation card with photo
  • Confirmation card with fish string

Do you want to celebrate the first communion of your child not only in the church but also in private ">

Communion is a great day for every child - it acts as the first "rip-off" for the girls and boys. After the festive ceremony in the church, the party continues with the family. To make the event all-round, it is recommended to invite all dear friends, relatives and other caregivers of the offspring. You can easily design the corresponding cards yourself. With our DIY tutorials, you create small works of art that inspire enthusiasm. Pick your favorite ideas and motives. The spectrum of the latter ranges from Christian themes in modern interpretation to neutral designs. It's best to involve your kids in the crafting project - there's a lot of fun guaranteed.

Materials and procedure

You need this:

  • white construction paper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors

Make a card:

Take a sheet of A4-sized construction paper and fold it in half to make a card.

This procedure is repeated on all the communion cards that we present to you in this guide. Now follow the different ideas in the form of different motives, which you can then integrate into the described "basemap". Choose your preferred design and follow the instructions.

Invitation card with inscription

The simple caption is the fastest and easiest way to bring the "raw" communion card to life. Use a beautiful pen (such as a fountain pen) and write with this "Communion of XY" (XY is a child's first name bearer), "Communion invitation" or similar. You do not need much time for this method. But make an effort to write nicely - for example, with embellishments. This is how you upgrade the quite simple invitation card. In addition, you can attach suitable stickers - from candles, fish or other Christian symbols.

Tip: Of course you also have the option to design the saying on the laptop or PC (also with a special font) and print it out. Then cut the paper properly and glue it to the front of the card.

Communion card with cross

Just as time-consuming as the first idea is our second recommendation: print our template with the motif of a Christian cross on conventional copy paper.

Click here: Download the craft template

Cut out the element with scissors and transfer the outlines in pencil to the front of the card. Then cut out the cross.

Put the first cut in the middle of the middle to avoid destroying the card. It is best to use a small pair of sharp scissors. And: Just crop the front of the map. At the end of the back, you finally want to write the invitation.

Tip: If you wish, you can stick a photo of your child in the card so that it looks through the "cross hole" a bit. But then there is not much room left for the invitation.

Invitation card with fish motif

The fish is one of the classic Christian symbols. He is considered a sign of faith in God. Given that communion is understood as the first union of the child with Jesus Christ, it makes sense to use the fish motif for the home-made invitation card. Simply print our template on paper and cut out the fish you want.

Click here: Download the craft template

Then transfer the stencils to effect paper with metal optics or mirror foil. Cut out and stick to the front of the card as you like. Between the fish you write a recognition phrase like "Invitation to the Communion of XY" or similar.

Communion card with candle

At the communion ceremony in the church, the children walk with candle candles to the altar. Accordingly, a stick candle is also a stylish motif for the invitation card. We offer you two templates for this: a colorful, which you only have to cut out and stick to after printing, and one that your child can paint himself with colored or felt pens.

  • Candles for coloring
  • Painted candles

Invitation card with photo

Our fifth suggestion in terms of simple and quickly crafted communion cards requires nothing more than printing or developing a beautiful photo of your child on high quality photo paper. Then paste the picture on the front of the card. On the inside, note the reason for the invitation card ("Invitation to Communion" or similar) on the left and write down the invitation on the right. This variant is simple, but very personal.

Confirmation card with fish string

You need this:

  • colorful construction paper
  • colored construction paper
  • line
  • punch
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Fountain pen or thin felt
  • our template
  • copy paper
  • printer

Step 1: Print our template with the fish motifs and the sign on copy paper. The PDF is writable. If you click on one of the signs with the mouse, you can, for example, enter the name of the child.

Click here: Download the craft template

Step 2: Cut out the motifs with scissors.

Step 3: Then transfer the outlines of the fish templates to colored construction paper in pencil.

Tip: As far as the color choice is concerned, you are completely free. Make sure, however, that the colors of the fish match the tone of the embossed paper.

Step 4: Then cut out the fish and the shield.

Step 5: Write a phrase on the sign with a fountain pen, for example "To Communion" or "Invitation to Communion". Leave up a small area for a tiny hole, which you'll learn in the next step.

Tip: Instead of a fountain pen, you can of course also use another nice pen.

Step 6: Grab the punch and punch a hole in the side of the shield.

Step 7: Make the card according to our basic instructions.

Step 8: Draw a rectangle approximately 8 x 13 centimeters (width x length) on embossed or plain paper. Use pencil and ruler for this.

Step 9: Then cut out the rectangle and then glue the rectangle to the front of the basemap.

Note: Make sure you place the rectangle in the middle so that the distances to the edge are the same everywhere.

Step 10: Take the punch and punch two holes in the front of the card.

Step 11: Cut off a sufficiently long piece of string and thread the label with the phrase centered on the string.

Step 12: Pull the string left and right through the holes - from the front. Make sure the shield is really centered. Tie the string with several knots so that it can not slip through the holes. Too long ends are cut off.

Step 13: Glue the small fish at will to the Schnard, which can be seen from the front.

Tip: Alternatively, you can tie a sturdy bow.

Step 18: Cut any protruding parts of the string with scissors if necessary.

Each manual refers to the making of a card. Of course, all guests want to be invited with such a work of art. So, remember to get enough material and adjust the steps so that you can create multiple cards at once. Have fun crafting and a nice communion celebration!

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