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Asbestos removal costs - prices per m² and checklist

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    • transport bags
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    • Direct disposal costs
  • Important information about asbestos disposal
  • Checklist - this is how you dispose of the plates correctly

You have installed asbestos in your house and would now like to exchange the building material for harmless alternatives? Then the question quickly arises about the right asbestos disposal. What costs arise and on which points do you have to pay attention when dealing with asbestos? In our guide you will receive a comprehensive emergency guide and an overview of the costs.

Today we know that asbestos poses a great danger. The building material has been used in the past mainly because of its high heat resistance. Especially with the thermal insulation, the advantages of the material were appreciated. However, as microscopically fine particles can detach and cause cancer, replacement is often necessary. You will find asbestos panels both on the roof and in the interior and must be very careful in all cases. Dangers do not only arise when living in the premises but above all when dismantling and disposing of the panels. If they are damaged during slimming or transport, there is a great danger to health. In our checklist, you will therefore find out what points you need to be aware of in an emergency and how to best handle the building material.

What is Eternit?

If you are concerned with the topic of asbestos, then inevitably comes the term Eternit plates into play. Since the plates were mixed with asbestos fibers until 1993, you can find many older houses, especially on the roof of the dangerous plates. Nowadays, as a substitute for asbestos glass fibers or plastic fibers are used. The problem with older Eternit plates is that fine asbestos dust forms, which can settle in the lungs. It has a high weight and comes traveled when breaking plates or tearing off smaller parts of the Eternit plates. Therefore, disposal is difficult and must be planned carefully.

Tip: Before dismantling plates, make sure you have checked the material. If necessary, consult a specialist to make sure that the plates do not contain asbestos. This is also important if you find different materials. Since the disposal of asbestos is associated with high costs, it should be ensured which plates are made of asbestos and which are not. By sorting, you save on expenses.

Eternit panels

Cost of asbestos removal

Expenditures arise from asbestos removal for various reasons. Not only the mere transfer of the plate to a waste disposal company is a cost factor. Transport and protective clothing must also be organized and paid for.

transport bags

The plates must be packed dust-tight during transport. Therefore, the purchase of suitable containers is necessary. The bags are later disposed of and cause initial costs. In general, suitable bags can be purchased directly from the community. It can be foil bags, plate bags or big bags. If you opt for plate-bags, then the prices are on average around 13 euros . These are containers that have been specially designed for the Wave Eternit plates and absorb the plates as a whole. Plate bags are available in different sizes and are particularly suitable for large-area asbestos plates.

Characteristic of the asbestos disposal in bags are:

  • Only a few plates per plate bag should be transported, so that a safe storage is possible.
  • The sizes are generally between 2.60 and 4 meters.
  • The bags are available either flat or in XXL height.
  • Lifting loops facilitate handling.
  • The sacks have high stability and can usually withstand more than 1, 000 kilograms of load.
  • If you are transporting more than one plate, then no "towers" may be built inside. This would cause the bag to lose stability. It is important to position the plates offset. The goal is to avoid the risk of breakage and to make the transport safe.

protective clothing

Since dangerous dust is generated when breaking, you must pay attention to suitable protective clothing. In any case, gloves and a mask are recommended. As the dust also settles on the hair and on the clothing, you should wear a body suit.

Tip: Keep in mind that when you walk through the house, you are distributing the dust in all rooms. Therefore, take appropriate measures to prevent this.

Asbestos gloves

Direct disposal costs

The disposal costs are dependent on the regional providers. Here, the prices can be defined either by the so-called trunk amount or by weight. Self-delivery by private individuals often incurs costs of around 15 euros per trunk filling. However, in this case, upper limits are often set for the delivery.

Tip: If you do not want to deliver the asbestos-containing waste in the trunk but decide on a small car trailer, then the conversion of the amount can be made according to the following fist forms:

3 boot fillings = 1 small car trailer

Note, however, that if the upper limit is with a boot fill, some communities prohibit delivery in the trailer. Alternatively, the calculation of prices may be by weight. In this case, however, the exact amount is often not used for the price calculation but the costs of asbestos disposal are calculated per started ton. Here, the average cost is around 100 to 300 euros per tonne started. But there are also higher costs possible. Below is an example of a municipality in Hesse:

  • Asbestos-containing waste:
    • Net price: 121.85 euros / ton
    • Gross price: 145 Euro / ton
  • Asbestos-containing waste in household quantities:
    • Net price: 75.63 EUR / m³
    • Gross price 90, 00 EUR / m³

Important information about asbestos disposal

  1. Inform yourself before dismantling the asbestos plates about the costs and the exact procedure for disposal. Often there are legal regulations about the way of working. For example, in some communities it is mandatory to have the dismantling carried out by a licensed contractor under certain circumstances.
  2. If you have it disposed of by a company, make sure that it is a government approved company. Information can give about this the municipality or the city administration. As this is dangerous goods, an appropriate permit must be available.
  3. Immediately after disassembly, pack the plates so that they can not break or form dust.
  4. Since the costs for disposal sometimes differ significantly, a comparison of different providers may be worthwhile.

Checklist - this is how you dispose of the plates correctly

  1. Determine which boards in the house are made of asbestos and estimate the amount. If older Eternit panels are installed on the roof, then these contain asbestos components. First determine the roof area (in square meters / m²). For this multiply the length by the width and get the indication in square meters (m²). Then multiply the area by the average height of a plate. Since the area was determined in square meters (m²), you must take the height in meters. Then you get the volume in m³ .
Calculate volume
  1. Now you know how many transport sacks you need. The bags are usually sold through the community. Before starting work, you must buy a sufficient amount of containers, as the asbestos sheets must be sealed dust-tight.
  2. Buy safety clothing. This includes, in any case, a breathing mask and gloves that cover part of the forearm. The best is a body suit.

Attention: Allergy sufferers or people with diseases of the respiratory system should not dispose of the asbestos panels even with appropriate protective clothing, but in this case commission a waste disposal company.

  1. For heavy or larger plates you need sufficient helpers. It is important that the plates remain as intact as possible and do not break. Therefore, they must be transported carefully.
  2. Note that also the adhesive for plates can be asbestos-containing. Again, caution is required and the detached material must be disposed of properly.
  3. Carefully fill large sacks for asbestos removal and ensure staggered storage of the plates inside. There must be no towers, as these can endanger stability and tilt.
  4. Small quantities can be transported on a trailer or in the boot. For larger quantities either a waste disposal company can be commissioned or you rent a suitable vehicle.
  5. Inquire about the prices of landfills and decide on the cheapest offers. Note the opening times, as in rural areas often only one day a week delivery is possible.
  6. Take cash for delivery. In general, the fees for the delivery of asbestos-containing waste must be paid directly in cash. Otherwise, the acceptance is rejected. You should have plenty of cash at hand so that you do not have to drive a second time or have to return to the ATM after the trip. Best estimate the possible total price in advance.

Tips for quick readers:

  • dangerous dust when breaking
  • Dispose of in dust-tight bags
  • Wear protective clothing
  • per started tons 100-300 Euro
  • Luggage load 15 euros
  • around 75 euros per cubic meter
  • Prices vary regionally
  • observe local legal regulations
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