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Costs of refurbishment per m² at a glance

  • Which works belong to the old building renovation "> Costs for the old building renovation in the overview
    • 1. Thermal insulation
    • 2. Window construction and window renovation
    • 3. Facade construction
    • 4. tiling work
    • 5. plaster work
    • 6. Renew heating
    • 7. Draining
    • 8. Plumbing work
    • 9. Renovation bathroom
    • 10. Painting and wallpapering
    • 11. Electrical installations
  • A rule of thumb: examples of refurbishment costs
  • Tips for refurbishment

The renovation of old buildings is in many cases an economically and ecologically sensible way to create or maintain living space. If there is a desire or need for change then remedial measures are a very good alternative to new construction. We will show you the costs you have to expect.

As part of the renovation of old buildings, the condition of older buildings is improved from the ground up. Various areas are being renovated, such as the outer shell and the static. You can keep the original floor plan or make changes. The reasons for the refurbishment of old buildings are manifold: On the one hand, buildings were built after the war with simple means, which leads today to defects. The age of the buildings also plays an important role, as it comes to damage over time. On the other hand, the requirements of the residents change, which requires changes. Instead of demolishing the buildings completely, the house will be preserved during the refurbishment of the old buildings and will be adapted to the requirements. You can renew the building services, improve the thermal insulation or prevent moisture.

Which works belong to the old building renovation?

The cost of refurbishment depends mainly on the scope of the work. It may be smaller and cheaper work or even to deal with extensive processes. For example, half-timbered houses are often affected by rotten beams. If the locations are easily accessible, the costs are reduced. However, if the house is already sinking on one side and is therefore wrong, then the effort is higher.

In the latter case, damaged pillars can be the problem. Specialists have specialized in this problem and raise the house with the help of a comprehensive technology, so that the horizontal is restored. As part of the renovation of old buildings, the following topics are among the most frequent topics:

  • thermal insulation
  • facade
  • concrete repair
  • plastering work
  • Masonry repair
  • Carpentry
  • draining
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing services
  • Fliesenlegerarbeiten
  • installation work
  • Electrical installation
  • window renovation
  • window
  • painting work
  • interior

Can the work itself be carried out or is a specialized company necessary ">

What funding opportunities exist for the renovation of old buildings?

In Germany, various funding opportunities for the renovation of old buildings are offered, such as in the case of energetic measures. KfW Bank supports the measures with cheap loans as well as grants. The goal is to match the buildings to the modern energy consumption and thus to protect the environment. The conversion measures reduce the operating costs of the house in the medium term and at the same time increase the building value. The funding program "Energy-efficient refurbishment" takes into account to a special extent the events of the refurbishment of old buildings.

Costs for refurbishment in the overview

The exact cost of rehabilitation can only be estimated, as each building has a different initial condition and different objectives. Below we have created an overview for you, giving you a first impression of the costs incurred.

1. Thermal insulation

In the area of ​​thermal insulation, the prices depend on the initial condition of the house and the chosen insulation method. On average, the following costs for the renovation are assumed:

  • Exterior walls with polystyrene insulation:
    • 95 to 130 euros per m²
  • Insulate upper floor ceiling:
    • 30 to 40 euros per m²
  • Insulation from saddle roof:
    • 125 to 150 euros per m²
  • Insulation from the flat roof
    • 70 to 100 euros

2. Window construction and window renovation

The renovation of the window can be caused by the complete replacement of the windows or by the change of the window glass. If the glass was destroyed by wind and rain, a repair would be necessary. If the insulation of the windows is to be improved, more extensive work must be carried out. Modern windows have a good insulating effect and are therefore irreplaceable for thermal insulation and the saving of heating costs. On average, the following costs arise:

  • Replacement of the window glass
    • 130 to 200 euros per m²
  • Exchange from the window
    • 250 to 450 euros

3. Facade construction

Renovation work on the facade can be combined with thermal insulation. Thereby you save costs and receive two measures at a favorable combined price. On average, insulation costs are reduced by around 70 percent if you plan them in connection with facade insulation. Expenditure on facade renovation depends to a large extent on the condition. If the plaster has peeled off or if the appearance is to be changed, the necessary expenses increase:

Renewed facade color
  • Costs for joint renovation of clinker facades
    • 50 to 150 euros per m²
  • Costs for facade renovation including plaster and stucco work
    • 40 to 100 euros per m²
  • Cost of insulation with insulation boards (EPS) and plaster
    • 60 to 120 euros per m²
  • Cost of facade painting / facade design
    • 10 to 25 euros per m²

4. tiling work

The laying of tiles can be done with a little manual skill itself. In this case, you have to expect material costs for the tiles in the amount of 20 to 30 euros per square meter. In addition, there are expenses for silicone seals (around € 1 to € 1.50 per meter) and skirting boards (around € 10).

Floor tiles

If you do not carry out the work yourself, you must add the labor costs for the tiler. The hourly wage is around 50 to 100 euros. Often, the agreement can also be made on the definition of the surface to be tiled. Expect about 12 Euro labor costs per m² .

5. plaster work

Plaster can be renewed indoors or outdoors. The work costs an average of 8 to 20 euros per m² of costs.

6. Renew heating

If a gas appliance or an oil appliance has to be replaced, costs of at least 5, 000 euros are incurred .

If the chimney, the solar storage and the solar thermal system are also affected, the expenditures rise to 12, 000 to 18, 000 euros .

If you want to install a heat pump, you have to reckon with about 8, 000 euros in costs.

7. Draining

The redevelopment area of ​​the drainage is wide-ranging and characterized by different approaches. The sooner you trade, the lower the necessary expenses.

If you want to replace a leaky concrete joint, costs arise from 50 to 70 euros per m². If the cellar is to be sealed from the outside, 400 to 500 Euros per meter of excavated earth are due. If the masonry is sealed by paraffin injection, you have to expect around 250 euros per m².

8. Plumbing work

Especially in older buildings, the water installations are often insufficient. If pipes are to be renewed or if repair measures have to be carried out, this will result in material costs and labor costs. For the renovation of a bathroom in the field of plumbing work, you have to expect around 500 euros .

9. Renovation bathroom

Older bathrooms do not meet the requirements of today. Bathtubs and sinks have become unsightly over the years and must therefore be replaced.


If you are planning a complete redesign including tiling, new purchase of the bath and the washbasin, expenses of around 4, 500 Euro will be incurred . Find out in our checklist about the possible costs of a bath renovation.

10. Painting and wallpapering

Repainting and wallpapering can often be carried out by oneself, so there is potential for savings in this area. If you hire a specialist company, you will incur costs of around 500 euros for a medium-sized room.

11. Electrical installations

Electrical installations must not be carried out by the customer themselves, so that the commissioning of an electrician is always necessary. The costs depend on the effort. The average room costs are reduced if you have several rooms redeveloped.


A rule of thumb: examples of refurbishment costs

The average cost of the renovation depends on the age of the building. If it is a house from the 1950s or 1960s, then you have to expect reorganization costs amounting to about 40 percent of the purchase price. Pre-war houses lead on average to additional costs of 50 percent of the purchase price. Buildings built between 1970 and 1980 cause about 30 percent of the purchase price as renovation costs. If the house was built in the years 1980 to 2000, then you have to expect an additional 20 percent. The value falls again with newer houses on approximately 16 per cent off. Suppose you purchase a house from 1955 for a purchase price of 100, 000 euros. In this case, you should expect a cost of 40 percent. This results in the following rough estimate:

100, 000 x 40 percent = 40, 000 euros

The bill is based on the assumption that it is a house in need of renovation. If the building has been maintained and modernized over the years, it may be that no renovation costs are necessary. Therefore, it is advantageous to consult an appraiser before buying and thus detect damage early.

Tips for refurbishment

  • Have rehabilitation costs assessed by experts
  • Old building renovation includes various points
  • Costs can be reduced by own contribution
  • Remediation costs on average between 16 and 50 percent of the purchase price
  • Thermal insulation is an important point
  • Use funding opportunities
  • KfW Bank offers support
  • Energy measures are promoted
  • Combining individual renovation measures saves money
  • some work must be done by specialist company
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