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Herb portioning in ice cube molds - instructions

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Herbs into the freezer compartment - in ice cube containers you can quickly and easily produce small portions of herbs for your spice supply. Parsley, dill, chives, basil and tarragon are ideal for this. A fresh herbal dose at any time - easy to retrieve from your own freezer! We'll show you how to do this easily. So you always have fresh herbs at home to refine meat or salads.

Portion herbs

What you need for herbs for portioning in ice cube molds:

  • Your favorite herbs, such as parsley, dill, chives, basil and tarragon
  • some water
  • some oil
  • ice cube molds


Step 1: Wash off herbs briefly and thoroughly and let them dry afterwards. Alternatively, dab with kitchen paper or dab dry.

2nd step: Finely chop the herbs.

Put the herbs in the ice cube container with a little water.

Tip: You can also mix several types of herbs and put together your own herbal mixture.

Step 3: Now add some of the herbs or herbal mixture to the individual ice cube fans. Each ice cube tray should be filled to a good quarter. Please make sure that you do not pour too much water into the individual ice cube trays to avoid it washing the crushed herbs over the ice cube shape.

Tip: You can also add some water to the ice cube molds, then add a few chopped herbs and then top up with the rest of the water. It's best to just try out which method you can handle better.

Step 4: Then simply put everything in the freezer and let it freeze through.

Tip: After the herbs are frozen in the ice cube container, you can also put the ice cube mold in a freezer bag and label it. So you always know where your favorite herbs or favorite herbal mixture are included. Additionally, add the date to the . Frozen herbs should be consumed within two months as taste loss and taste may be lost after a long time.

Freeze herbs in oil

You can also freeze your favorite herb mixture in oil using this ice cube method. Just use some olive or vegetable oil instead of water. Bear in mind that the freezing of oil takes a little longer or more time.
Freeze your favorite herbal mixture with some oil:

Step 1: Wash off herbs briefly and thoroughly and let them dry afterwards. Alternatively, dab with kitchen paper or dab dry.

2nd step: It is best to use a blender or a food processor, so you can shred and mix the individual ingredients or herbs a little easier.

As an oil, you use what you like the most, whether it is an olive oil or another vegetable oil does not matter. It is important in this method that the herbs used are completely dried before processing.

Step 3: As a measure, take a quarter cup of oil on a cup of crushed herbs. Purée the whole until a homogeneous mass results.

Step 4: Finally, fill your finished herbal oil paste to about three-quarters full in the ice cube form and this time do not add water.

After freezing your herbal oil paste, you give a freezer bag over here and label it with and date. The herbs thus frozen should be consumed or consumed within three months, since even with freezing over time, the aromas are lost a little. Blanched herbs can even be frozen twice as long, that is, for six months.

Here's another great way to work with ice cubes. Just create colorful, flavored ice cubes with herbs and fruits: herbal ice cubes

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