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Larch wood - Everything about larch wood

  • Wonderful larch
  • Properties of larch wood
  • Materials made of larch wood
    • Formwork made of larch wood
    • Exterior decking
    • Larch wood boards as parquet
  • Treating larch
  • Price list for larch wood

Larches are native coniferous trees that have a high utility value. The big advantage of larch wood is its high of resin. That makes it very resistant to the weather. As long as there is no direct contact with the ground, the hardwood of the larch can be used for exterior cladding and constructions without having to be painted. That makes it unique for a native plant.

Wonderful larch

The larch is a conifer that was originally located in higher elevations. Due to its high utility value, the larch was cultivated professionally by man even at lower altitudes. Today, the tree that grows up to 50 meters tall is one of the most important domestic timber species. The interesting thing about the larch is that it is the only native conifer that throws off its needles in autumn and replaces them with new ones next spring. You can see the larch well on its bushy needle shoots that grow around the branches. So it is similar to the pine trees, but has distinct distinguishing features of her. The larch looks more fir-like, due to its, in contrast to the jaw, very uniform growth.

Properties of larch wood

The wood of the larch is hard, heavy, robust and weather-resistant. However, it is softer than oak. It has its properties due to a high of lignin and especially resin. The grain is rich in contrast. This makes them well suited as visually appealing wood for veneers, laminates or parquet. Especially as parquet, the larch is relatively popular because of its high resistance. It can be easily treated by grinding, waxing and sealing.

Mainly the larch is used in the construction and shuttering, where no subsequent sealing is desired. Untreated larch wood fades in contact with the weather in a few years, until a typical, silver-gray color is created. The resistance to decay and mold keeps the larch even in rainy areas. However, direct contact with the ground should always be avoided. The microorganisms living there specialize in the decomposition of any organic matter, including larch wood. His volume weight is quite unsteady. The data range from 400 - 800 kg. This makes the larch one of the medium to heavy indigenous woods.


  • robust and weather-resistant
  • resistant to mold and rot
  • silver-gray color
  • medium weight wood

Materials made of larch wood

The larch is processed into boards, beams, round bars, veneers, formwork and parquet. As solid wood, it can also be used for massive pieces of furniture. However, these are quite heavy due to the high density of larch wood. In the outdoor area, the woods of the larch already have a high durability. However, the larch wood boards can be kept virtually indefinitely by being painted and coated.

Formwork made of larch wood

Larch wood is more suitable than almost a second because of its properties around the durability for the shuttering of a house.

rhombus formwork

Larch is often offered for cladding in a typical diamond-shaped cross-section. This makes the shuttering particularly dense and resistant to water penetration. The cross section has a profile size of about 26/70 mm and has prices between 1.70 euros and 2.20 euros per meter.

Diamond formwork made of larch wood

Groove + spring

Another type of formwork is the Rhombus Nut + Feder formwork. They are often offered in the profile dimensions 22/100 and 22/130 and cost 1.90 euros - 2.90 euros per meter.

Rhombic formwork made of larch wood

Wedge STUELP formwork

Keil-Stülp formwork is a special wooden formwork, which ensures a quick flow of water.

They have the dimensions 15/23 × 146 mm, which they cover 127 mm wide. Commercially available lengths are 3.00 m, 3.50 m, 4.00 m, 4.50 m and 5.00 m. The prices for the Keil-Stülp formwork are about 17 euros per m² ex works

Smooth edge board

The smooth edge board is a formwork type used for a vertically mounted formwork of the building. These larch wood boards are 3-5 meters long and have prices starting at about 18 euros per m²

In addition, other formwork types such as chamfer groove, shadow groove C-profile or soft line profile made of larch wood are available. The prices per square meter are similar to the other larch wood boards.

Exterior decking

Durability is the characteristic that makes larch wood interesting for outdoor applications where it can be entered. Larch wood is often used as a decking with a corrugated profile. The strong corrugation gives the larch wood particularly good features in terms of safety and comfort. These larch wood boards are available in various sizes and cost about 3.70 euros per square meter. Due to the strong corrugation terrace boards made of larch wood slate but relatively quickly, which can lead to the formation of splinters.

Larch wood boards as parquet

The strong and contrasting grain of larch wood is one of the features that not everyone likes. Parquet made of larch wood is therefore not overly popular, but has its fans. Larch wood is also not as hard as oak, which is why dents or grooves in the parquet can occur more quickly. The price list for parquet made of larch wood starts at about 45 euros per square meter. The prices range up to 75 euros. However, prices can fluctuate greatly, as the wood is not very popular in this application. As a rule, oak is preferred for parquet because of its better properties. Nevertheless, the durability of larch wood for parquet is absolutely sufficient. However, like any other parquet, it must be supported by brushing in its durability. Treating real wood floors is indicated in any case.

Treating larch

Although durability is one of the qualities larch wood is especially popular for, outdoor graying is not for everyone. This graying is less caused by a leaching, but by the irradiation with sunlight. It is above all the UV radiation that causes the wood to fade. That's why indoor floors are affected as well. If you want to get the color of larch wood boards, a treatment by regular brushing is unavoidable. However, it is just the durability that makes the handling of larch wood boards particularly easy. The common means used for painting is hardwood indoors . The price list for hard oil for painting parquet, countertops or starts at 14 euros per liter . However, there are great price and quality differences in hard oil. The expensive larch wood should, however, be treated with high-quality means. Brushing with cheap hard oil can have unpleasant side effects such as unpleasant odor or unsatisfactory results.

wood oil

For outdoor use special glazes are available, which are well suited for the treatment of larch wood boards. The prices start at approx . 6, 50 Euro per liter, where also brand quality is recommended for painting.

This is especially indicated for garden furniture made of larch, as they are not really beautiful by the graying. By no means should you save on treating and painting wooden boats. Here is only the highest quality material allowed, which is recommended by retailers.

Price list for larch wood

Larch wood boards and larch wood beams are mostly planed and offered in lengths of 2.50 m, 3.00 m, 4.00 m, 5.00 m, 6.00 m and 7.00 m.

A standard price list for larch wood is:

  • 19 mm × 90 mm = 2.60 euros / m
  • 19 mm × 115 mm = 3.10 Euro / m
  • 19 mm × 140 mm = 3, 30 Euro / m
  • 22 mm × 90 mm = 3.00 Euro / m
  • 22 mm × 150 mm = 4.50 euros / m
  • 22 mm × 190 mm = 6, 10 Euro / m
  • 32 mm × 90 mm = 4, 40 Euro / m
  • 32 mm × 130 mm = 5.90 Euro / m
  • 32 mm × 190 mm = 8, 20 Euro / m
  • 34 mm × 54 mm = 2, 70 Euro / m
  • 40 mm × 90 mm = 5.10 Euro / m
  • 40 mm × 150 mm = 8, 00 Euro / m
  • 40 mm × 190 mm = 10, 50 Euro / m
  • 45 mm × 70 mm = 3.00 Euro / m
  • 50 mm × 110 mm = 7, 60 Euro / m
  • 50 mm × 130 mm = 8, 70 Euro / m
  • 50 mm × 150 mm = 9, 30 Euro / m
  • 50 mm × 210 mm = 16, 70 Euro / m
  • 70 mm × 90 mm = 8, 50 Euro / m
  • 70 mm × 150 mm = 13, 10 Euro / m
  • 70 mm × 190 mm = 16, 40 Euro / m
  • 70 mm × 230 mm = 26, 30 Euro / m
  • 90 mm × 90 mm = 9, 20 Euro / m
  • 90 mm × 190 mm = 21.20 Euro / m
  • 115 mm × 115 mm = 15.00 Euro / m
  • 115 mm × 160 mm = 30, 70 Euro / m
  • 115 mm × 230 mm = 43, 70 Euro / m
  • 135 mm × 135 mm = 20, 90 Euro / m
  • 135 mm × 200 mm = 44.90 Euro / m

Tips for quick readers

  • Larch wood boards do not rot and mold
  • Larch grayed out under UV radiation
  • Brushing larch boards increases durability
  • Larch is softer than oak
  • Always use high quality products when treating larch
  • Larch cladding is available vertically and horizontally
  • Treat boats from larch with particular care
  • Avoid contact with the ground
  • Larch constructions are particularly stable
  • Garden furniture and oak parquet gray untreated fast
  • Compare prices for larch and pay attention to offers
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