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Make Leporello - simple crafting instructions

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A simple Leporello can be very simple tinker, with beautiful paper makes it a lot. Be enchanted by the zigzag fold and discover what a leporello can do.

Leporellos are great, with a very simple crafting tutorial you can make an unusual (and very practical) photo album or a richly decorated and illustrated, sensational gift. But there is still no end, the uncomplicated zig-zag fold offers many other possibilities:

What is a Leporello?

For hobbyists follows a very broad definition, because the same can stimulate the imagination:

A Leporello is a zig-zag made of paper or another elongated, foldable material.

The or the Leporello is also called Faltbuch. The typical Leporello is there to keep pictures, photos, writing in a concertina paper or cardboard strip folded in a small space, but to be able to present or to view in a whole series.

1 of 2
even number of faces on a page
odd number of faces on a page

Where does the name Leporello come from?>

Don Giovanni gets confused despite the list and wants to seduce an exile (which of course he does not recognize); Leporello, who seems to be psychologically rather uninspired, tries to console this Elvira by unrolling his list - the Leporello, "il catalogo è questo delle belle" - the catalog of seduced beauty - with Don Giovanni's eighteen hundred (1, 800!) loves. Elvira is not particularly comforted, but vows revenge ...

Today, the Leporello should contain more pleasing that creates excitement, smiles, joy.

How to fold a Leporello

The simple crafting instructions for a Leporello is really very simple, because it's less about crafting than simple folding:

  • Fold a piece of paper lengthwise in the middle
  • Now fold the front side back in the middle, back to the edge
  • Turn the paper over and fold the other side the same way as the front
  • Now you have a mini-leporello with retractable picture pages and four back pages
Here a DIN A4 sheet was needed.

For longer Leporello from endless strips of paper, it's different faster:

  • Set the width of a page
  • Set page number
  • Cut the length of paper accordingly
  • Mark the first kink and fold it exactly
  • orient all remaining kinks at the first kink - done!

Example with DIN A3 paper:

  • slicing a DIN A3 sheet lengthwise: 2 strips (14.85 cm x 42 xm)
  • either Leporello with 4 sides: folding see above
  • or Leporello with 5 sides: 42 cm / 5 = 8, 4 cm
  • Mark the first kink after 8.4 cm on the strip and fold exactly
  • Then fold in zig-zag and orientate at the first kink
  • Finally, stick together the two folded Leporello stripes on one surface to create a longer Leporello

Leporello with envelope

Probably the most popular Leporello is used for the compilation of photo series, which appear effectively framed, in a Leporello with passepartout.

Such a leporello with passepartout can of course also tinker, but already a really nice Passepartout to cut is not easy. Applying a lot of passe-partouts to a leporello so that it can go along exactly with the wrinkles is perhaps a task for the master exam of a bookbinder, but rather not suitable as a local handicraft.

Such Passepartout Leporellos you can buy anyway in really any desired design, the model for 10 photos costs around 5, - €. For this you would have to cut 125 passe-partouts and stick, you should really spare yourself, but there is the possibility to provide a homemade leporello with a "pseudo passepartout".

Thus, a leporello in the desired format (here 15 cm x 15 cm) tinkered with a kind of pseudo passe-partout and cover:

At the beginning, cut the two boards for the envelopes to the desired size (here 17 cm x 17 cm). Choose a suitable color for the theme. We have wrapped the envelopes with felt. Cut on a cutting mat, if possible not on mother's teak living room table. As a base is a thick cardboard, better a discarded wooden board. For "repeat offenders" worth the purchase of a proper cutting mat.

You can decorate and decorate these boards as you like. Covered with fabric or felt these look very noble. For this, cut the fabric / felt according to the cardboard and enlarge it by at least 1 cm on each side so that they have an adhesive surface. Now cut the corners diagonally and turn inwards. Hot glue works particularly well.

Now use the cutter to cut leporello strips from a sheet of A3 paper or even construction paper. If it should be accurate, take a graphic cutter from the stationery business. He is sharper than the big ones from the hardware store and cuts more precisely and finer. You can cut along a strong ruler, better is a proper cutting edge made of aluminum.

Halve the leaf once in half and lengthwise. So you have two almost 15 cm wide stripes. These two strips are now cut to a length of 30 cm. Use two different colors for a varied Leporello. We chose yellow and orange. Now they have four Leporello stripes, which they fold once in the middle and stick together at the ends. With Buchbinderleim works great. The Leporello now has a yellow and an orange side.

The number of required passpartouts results from the page number. Our Leporello has five pages in front and in the back, a total of ten. The two sides of the ends are used as an adhesive surface, so the Leporello has only eight pages that can be described, pasted and decorated. So you also need eight passpartouts. Cut beautiful paper into mock passe-partouts - here are eight leaves measuring 13 cm x 13 cm.

Now the Leporello has to be connected to the envelopes. For hot melt adhesive is very good.

On the pseudo passepartouts now the (possibly tailor-made) photos etc. are glued. You can change the dimensions as you like, always subtracting / adding two centimeters in height and width. The layers "nest" in such a way that an edge of 1 cm remains, so the result is always harmonious. We have decided on a topic for the topic of design. As an Easter gift, self-made Leporellos are also doing very well. What fits even better than the poem "The Easter Walk" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ">

The Leporello in action

Leporellos, with passepartout or pseudo-passepartout, or simply folded from plain paper, in various formats and with a variety of jewelry covers, can be filled with anything that can attach flat on a sheet of paper. And that's a lot:

  • Photos that become a series of pictures in the Leporello
  • With small drawings whole stories can be told
  • Postcards are reminiscent of the last holiday in leporello form
  • Cardboard can be used to create a Leporello children's book
  • Or from paper and much beautiful writing a leporello calendar
  • A narrow fan leporello becomes an expressive mural with dried flower stems
  • The Leporello between two magnetic cards in credit card size lists, the vocabulary list for learning in between example
  • In general, the magnets are no danger for smartphones, iPads and Co., but the dealer should assure you of this in case of doubt

These were the Gathering, Gift, Learning and Jewelery Leporellos, but a very ordinary Leporello should not go unmentioned either:

The most famous Leporello is called "Flyer"

Do you all know - with beautiful colorful flyers we are "showered" every day or with less beautiful, colorful flyers, but Leporellos are often.

Neither design yourself nor 1, 000 flyers fold yourself worthwhile, the design of the print margins for the layout is an annoying patience games, 1, 000 flyers themselves could fly to No. 569 in a rage end ... and this free pizza is probably not so much really attract many potential customers:

If you're not a graphics professional and do not feel like growing old over the layout of your new club flyer, find a vendor that offers some useful templates that you can turn into a flyer online right away Reference to graphic design does not faint.

Exceptional craft ideas

Creativity in the material

A leporello can come from anything that is flat and oblong, and that opens up many design possibilities:

  • Perhaps you are approaching illustration paper somewhere (used in packaging for printing purposes)
  • Newsprint has leporello-compatible dimensions of 50 x 75 cm, is white and smooth on both sides and weighs only 50 g / m² (normal paper: 80 g). Folded lengthwise 25 x 75 cm, results in versatile narrow or normal Leporello with fewer sides.
  • Or on any other continuous paper, printer paper for list prints, creative misreprints, much is possible.

If the papers are very thin, they can be stiffened before folding, with a reinforcing and support material.

Hochzeitsleporello - made of white wallpaper, possibly stiffened, can be an extraordinary wedding leporello. A wallpaper track usually measures 10.05 mx 53 cm, which you can z. B. in 15 fields of 53 x 67 cm fold. If you make large prints in the standard 50x75 size (mostly poster) and cut them 5.5 cm to the left and right, you have 15 wedding posters that fit exactly in the fields. The remaining edge of 1.5 cm can still be decorated, with a little glitter o. Ä., Depending on the color scheme of the photos.

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