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List of 20 old varieties of tomatoes - and why they should be grown

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Growing old tomato varieties is more than a trend. For many tomato fans it is a passion. Green to purple, from tiny to gigantic, they not only look impressive, but also offer a broad spectrum of taste. For the industry they do not seem profitable enough, why is it worthwhile for hobby gardeners ">

The tomatoes come from South America. When they came to Europe in the 15th century, the diversity of varieties was still in the three-digit range. That changed quickly. Today, about 3, 800 varieties of tomatoes are kept in the variety register alone. Interesting, however, are the countless old tomato varieties that are not listed there. Their survival depends on the commitment of dedicated amateurs.

What speaks for the culture of old varieties?

The top keyword should be "diversity", biodiversity. Whether it is about animals or plants, the world as a biotope is only viable if there are as many different species as possible. Other benefits of old tomato varieties:

  • varietal (thus also inexpensive in the long term)
  • flavors
  • usually thinner skin
  • robust, resistant plants (climate, diseases)
  • rare tomato varieties (collectors, lovers)
  • many different shapes and colors


What are old tomato varieties, historical tomatoes or wild tomatoes ">

Most of these old tomato varieties are not in the variety register and must not be officially traded. But many biodiversity enthusiasts and protectors made sure that the offer was not limited to the commercial varieties. As "collectibles" and ornamental plants, they may be expelled and privately eagerly exchanged and given away. Our selection shows old tomato varieties, which are characterized by a particularly attractive appearance and an intense aroma. They are all considered comparatively robust and resistant tomato plants.

Old tomato varieties

Russian travel tomato

Or toe travel tomato. She is one of the cherry tomatoes. The fruits are heavily notched and the individual "toes" can be broken off as needed. For example, on a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is a rarity among the old varieties. It is also resistant to cabbage and brown rot.

Tip: The tomatoes are classified according to their growth in tomato tomatoes, with unlimited growth and bush tomatoes, with limited growth. Grape tomatoes have to be spiced regularly and are usually more productive than bush tomatoes.

Black Crimea

This meat tomato is very popular in France. The fruits are purple-brown, thick and ideal for slicing as a salad tomato. The plants of these tomatoes are up to 1, 80 m high and must be regularly ausgegeizt. Due to its sweet aroma and optics, it is also called chocolate tomato.

Nonna Antonina

From Italy, more precisely Piedmont, comes this flat round, large meat tomato. The seeds are only exchanged or given away among lovers. The red fruits can easily bring over 500 grams on the scales. They mature after about 60 days. The ratio of sweetness and acidity is very balanced.

San Marzano

Originally from Peru, this meat tomato is elongated. It is cultivated since 1770 in Italy, Campania. It is wonderfully processed, because it does not contain so much liquid and has an intense, Mediterranean flavor. It is a tough strain and resistant to most known tomato diseases.

ox heart

The Oxheart Tomato, also known as Cuore di bue, has already made it to the shelves of some supermarkets as a thick, aromatic meat tomato. It is juicy and runs, together with buffalo mozzarella and basil, to the top form. The ox-heart tomato is heavily ribbed and a heavyweight among the tomatoes. It can still be harvested green and ripens quickly.

ox heart

Berner Rose

An old tomato variety from Switzerland. This round, smooth tomato carries many, pink, about six inches tall fruits. She is considered quite cold-resistant. The Bernese Rose is particularly delicate and thin-skinned. Eaten raw, it is balanced sweet and melts on the tongue.

Black Plum

Dark red to almost black are the fruits of the Black Plum, a typical date tomato. In culture, it is very robust. They taste fruity and spicy. The yield is high, because they mature early and can be harvested for a long time.

Tip: For the tomatoes you could not yet agree on any other uniform, botanical classification. So they are generally divided into different types, depending on the growth habit, fruit shape, the harvest time or their use.

Horn of the Andes

This large bottle tomato is sometimes referred to as Andentomate. It almost looks like a pointed pepper. It has only a few seeds and tastes intense fruity. This tomato can grow up to two meters high. She is considered very healthy and productive. From pasta to salad, it is perfect for Italian cuisine.

De Berao

The De Baro tomato is up to four meters in height a tree tomato. It is perfect for growing outdoors. It is considered very robust and resistant to cabbage and brown rot. Their large, red, oval fruits, which tend to flourish, are perfect for tomato sauces and ketchup in the kitchen.


The name is program, this old variety is striped red-orange and is about four inches tall. The taste is intense fruity and therefore ideal for raw consumption. The Tigerella is one of the herbaceous and brown rot resistant varieties. It needs a supporting structure and needs to be regularly spiked out.

Red marble

In fact, the fruits of these wild tomatoes look like little marbles. From July, it reliably bears a lot of fruits and grows well in the field. It is reasonably resistant to cabbage and brown rot. In addition, she does not have to be spiked as a bush tomato, but is grateful for a support.

Golden Current

To look particularly pretty is this unusual wild tomato. The fruits are sweet, yellow and just as big as currants. So perfect for a snack. For foster lazy good news, you can just let it proliferate, it does not have to be exaggerated. In addition, it is relatively insensitive to the dreaded cabbage and brown rot.


The Humbildii is a cherry tomato, which can be cultivated very well in the field, because with rain comes this robust tomato variety very well. It is vigorous and the sweet fruits are quite large with a diameter of three centimeters.

Ida Gold

This cherry tomato was specially bred for resistance to cabbage and brown rot. Their bright yellow-orange fruits taste wonderfully sweet and fruity. As a bush tomato, she does not have to be outsmarted. The space-firm cherry tomatoes can be harvested early and long.

White Wonder

The White Wonder is sometimes also referred to as Merveille Blanche. It is an extraordinary flat-round, small meat tomato, because it is creamy white. She is from the USA. The white miracle has little acidity, tastes mild-fruited and sweet. In the kitchen, it is very suitable for cooking and filling.

Big Rainbow

The Big Rainbow is a flat round, slightly ribbed, large beef tomato with juicy texture and intense aroma. The color is somewhere between red and yellow iridescent. The Big Rainbow matures early and is quite cold tolerant. Your skin is thin and space-resistant. The plant, like its fruits, gets very big and needs enough space around it.

Sub Arctic Plenty

This relatively small bush tomato is a breeding from Greenland. She copes well with cool and short summers. She trains fruity-sweet, small, red cherry tomatoes. With its short ripening time, the Sub Arctic Plenty is one of the "fastest" tomatoes.


With its purple-black appearance, the medium-sized, round Blueberry is a very special breed. The anthocyanin dye ensures this exceptional color and that it is also considered to be particularly healthy. They are sweet and sour and have an intense aroma. The Blueberry is equally suitable for outdoor and greenhouse use, but needs plenty of sun to bring out its full color.

Blue Berry

Striped novel

A light yellowish striped red bottle tomato with up to 12 cm long fruit. The Striped Roman is aromatic, firm and has few seeds. It brings a rich harvest. Striped Roman likes it warm and protected, on a sunny house wall or in the greenhouse.

Green zebra

These green-yellowish striped tomatoes are among the classics among the old tomato varieties. The pulp is juicy, spicy and shines in emerald green. Although she is still mature, she rarely contains solanine. This bar tomato grows up to two meters high and likes to be quite warm.

Tips for quick readers

  • old tomato varieties for more variety and taste
  • many varieties are also suitable for the bucket culture
  • Most old varieties are offered only as seeds
  • Purchase via small providers on the Internet, exchange via appropriate forums
  • Selection according to taste and intended use
  • Many herbaceous and brown rot resistant plants are among the old tomato varieties
  • Note country of origin (eg varieties from Russia, Siberia are used to cold climate)
  • Sowing can start at the beginning of March (sheltered interior)
  • only set in the field from mid-May
  • old varieties rather thin-skinned, space-stable and beneficial for consumption
  • against bursting: pour less if the weather changes, not remove so many side shoots for shading

That was just a tiny selection. Unmanageable many, other old tomato varieties are worth cultivating. Among them are also many resistant and robust varieties. Surprising aromas, unusual colors and shapes reward the effort one can sometimes have with procuring the seeds.

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