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Crochet Loop Scarf - Free DIY Guide for Beginners

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Fans always wear it. Whether in the cold season or in warm summer temperatures - the loop scarf. If it warms on cold days, it does its job exemplary in the summer. A summer loop is made from lightweight, sweat-wicking material while keeping the cool wind up. Therefore you can not have enough of such a faithful companion. Matching every temperature and in all color variations, a loop scarf is part of every outfit.

Crochet summer loop

We crochet with you a tube scarf for the summer, which is easy to work on even for inexperienced crafts enthusiasts. Step by step, we show you how to use the same pattern but different materials to crochet a completely different tube scarf. So beginners will not only enjoy many different scarves, they will also wear them with pride, because making them yourself always has a very special value.

Material and preparation

A tube scarf can be conjured from almost all materials. It does not matter if you opt for silk or cotton, viscose or a microfiber mixture. The only important thing is that it is a good skin-friendly yarn, which is processed with a thin crochet hook. That is, the yarn should be fine and not too thick.

We decided on a batik microfiber yarn. It is a pleasantly soft yarn with bright colors and flowing color transitions. This durable synthetic fiber is extremely easy to clean, easy to wash and dries very fast. The perfect lightweight yarn for the summery tube scarf.

So much yarn you need:

The yarn selected by us has a running length of 350 meters per 100 g. Normally, this yarn is processed with a crochet hook No. 2 - 2.5. We needed exactly 100 g and a crochet hook No. 7.

Scarf with half sticks

In the instructions for our hose scarf we have decided on a very simple crochet pattern: There are only half crochet rods crocheted. This beginner is not overwhelmed. The effect of this pattern comes only by working with a large crochet hook.

You can start crocheting immediately

With this loop scarf you do not need to make much preparations. The important thing is that you work with a very thick crochet hook. The thicker the needle, the larger the hole pattern and the more airy the tube scarf becomes.

Tip: It is advisable to crochet a small stitch with different needle sizes. So you can quickly see which stitch you like best. Accordingly, choose your needle size.

This loop is worked as a long scarf, which is then simply sewn together. So you can vary the size of your scarf and decide how wide and how long your scarf should be. This is no problem for beginners of crochet art.

The pattern of this scarf consists only of half-rod mesh .


  • Put 1 envelope around the crochet hook
  • then pierce into the loop of the preliminary round
  • Pull the thread through this stitch - now there are 3 loops on your needle
  • Then get an envelope and pull it through all three stitches at the same time

Tip: Sometimes the last envelope can be pulled through all three stitches slightly. Then you drive first through the first stitch, then through the second and then only through the third stitch. This takes a little longer, but then the mesh is also very nice and does not work so hard.

The first row

Our summer loop has a width of 23 centimeters. For the first loop of air put a loop on your left finger. Now take the right thread and lead it behind the loop. Then pull this thread through the loop and pull on both threads at the same time. The stop for the air meshes is ready.

Crochet very loosely 40 air meshes - of which are the last two air mesh helical meshes. These two stitches are always crocheted for turning at the end of each row. They form the edge stitch.

Tip: The air meshes can be crocheted very loose. Do not over-tighten the work thread that you pull up with the crochet hook. The mesh should be loose.

Turn the work after the airlock stop. Insert the first stitch of this pattern into the 3rd final mesh and then crochet the first half.

After that, crochet half a stick into each air mesh, also into the last air mesh.

Tip: The first row requires a little patience. The air meshes like to twist so that you only move forward slowly. But from the second round this will change. This pattern is very easy to crochet even for beginners.

When you have arrived at the last half-stick, crochet two meshes again and then do the work.

For the first stitch in the second round, now jump straight into the very first stitch of the previous round. You might think that this still belongs to the edge mesh, but that's not the case.

Crochet half a stick in each stitch of the preliminary round. The last stitch of the series you stick in the second air mesh of the spiral air mesh. Crochet two loops of air, turn the work and crochet this row with half sticks.

In this episode crochet each row.

Tip: Count in between times again half of your chopsticks. You must count 38 patterns in each row. If not, you probably forgot a final stitch.

Crochet so many rows until you reach the desired length. At the last stitch, cut off your work thread long enough and pull it through the last stitch. With this cut work thread, the tube scarf is sewn together afterwards.

Our loop has a total length of 134 cm.

Once again in fast-forward

  • Cast on 40 pieces of air
  • Turn to work
  • Work half a stick in the 3rd final air mesh
  • Crochet half a stick in each additional air stitch
  • Crochet two small pieces after the last half stick
  • Turn to work
  • In the first hole of the previous round work the first half-stick of the new round
  • For the spiral air mesh, work half the stick into the second airlock
  • Continue in this sequence until the desired length is reached

The loop is almost done

For stitching together the summer loops, we decided on the simplest method. To do this, place the two ends against each other. To ensure that you are always at the same height when sewing, use a few pins to easily put the pieces together.
Then simply sew the inner mesh of both parts together loosely. Do not lash down. Once at the top, pierce once at the bottom.
At the end sew the thread slightly, cut it off - done.

Tip: If you sew both parts together loosely, you will not be able to detect a seam.

Crochet loop scarf in rounds

In this variant 2 we want to introduce you the possibility to work the scarf in rounds. In the previous version, you worked a long piece and sewed it together to a tube scarf. But that works differently. We have taken a summery light ribbon yarn for this example. In addition a thick crochet hook of the number 10.


1. Take a thick wool and lay it very loosely around your neck. Just like later your loop should be. Not lying down, but with enough distance from the neck.

2. Cut off the yarn and measure the length of the yarn.

3. Now hit so many air stitches that your chain of stitches is just as long as your pattern yarn.

4. Now connect the last air mesh with the first air mesh. Insert into the first air mesh and crochet a tight loop. The circle is connected and you can simply crochet with the pattern.

5. Then crochet half a stick in each loop of the circle. The transition goes without air mesh, just keep working.

6. In this variant, you will probably need more time for one round to crochet them. But do not crochet so many rounds for the width of the loop.

7. Depending on how wide you want to wear your scarf, you have to crochet accordingly many rounds. You can also look at the width of the loop of our first variant, then you would have to crochet 23 cm high.


Vary with the most varied yarns

Our information on the length and width are only suggestions. You can change both dimensions at any time. Of course, it depends on the yarn size that you have chosen.

The pattern we chose for this tutorial can of course also be used for a loop that you want to crochet for the cold season. For this we recommend a fine merino yarn. Merino wool is very well tolerated by the skin and has a pleasantly soft character.

You can also play with the pattern here. Even with winter yarns, you can use a large crochet hook, so that the loop scarf is airy and falls loosely. But you can also crochet a tight-knit scarf with half-sticks like ours. Then the scarf is firmer and does not fall quite so loose.

This tube scarf will crochet beginners guaranteed in several variations. Every season has its favorite yarn and your wardrobe will definitely be the color.

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