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Sewing Loop Scarf - DIY guide for a tube scarf

  • To the materials
  • Sewing a loop - that's how it works
    • Cut fabric and fix it
    • Sew pieces together
    • Close turning opening
  • Quick guide for the loop scarf

Loops are modern, look good and can be sooooo cuddly. Today we will show you how you can easily create your own personal loop in just a few steps. It's so easy to sew a loop scarf.

The manual is a simple project for beginners and thus also ideally suited as the first own sewing work. You do not really need more than 30 minutes and only a little material. What you need exactly, we show you here:

  • sewing machine
  • matter
  • Yarn and scissors
  • tape measure
  • Pen to mark
  • Pins and paper clips

To the materials

The sewing machine

This project requires a special machine or stitch type. A simple machine with the standard stitches is quite sufficient. Our machine is from Silvercrest and now costs about 99, - Euro.

The fabrics

For a loop you can use almost all fabrics. Jersey and cotton are particularly suitable here. We used a dark blue fabric with cotton anchors and a thin gray fleece fabric. You can get a running meter of fabric from 5, - Euro.

Something to note

There are different ways. On the one hand, there are tailor's chalk, which you usually get in blue, gray or white and is available for about 3 to 4 euros. We used a water-soluble textile marker in blue. This can be removed afterwards with only a few drops of water and is then invisible. Such a pen is available for 5, - Euro.

Something to stare

Basically you can always use pins. We also recommend paper clips for certain steps. These are set faster, you do not have to sting through the fabrics and you prevent unnecessary slippage of the substances.
Before sewing the loop scarf, we recommend getting all the materials you need.

Read through the complete guide once in advance. So many questions can already be clarified by reading the next steps. And now we wish you a lot of fun sewing the loop scarf!

Sewing a loop - that's how it works

Cut fabric and fix it

1. First measure the desired dimension for your first fabric. We have chosen the measure 1, 40 mx 30 cm. So you can beat the loop twice around the neck. The size can of course be varied. Also for children such a loop would be conceivable. Simply adjust the dimensions.

2. Cut the fabric.

3. Now you have an elongated fabric. Stick these on your second fabric with a few pins. This will save you a second sign.

4. Then cut the second fabric along the edge of the fabric.

5. Now place the two blanks right to the right, ie the two sides that will then be visible to each other. Then secure the fabrics.

Sew pieces together

6. Sew the long sides of the two fabrics together. Be sure to always "lock" your seams at the end and beginning. This means that at the beginning of each seam you first sew a few stitches as usual and then press the backspace button, usually on the front of the machine. Sew back a few stitches, release the button and sew to the end. Also confirm the return key at the end and finish the seam.

7. Once fully drive this "cloth tube" with your arm and hold the end firmly. Bring the end through so that both open ends on the same side are at the same height. Take a look at our photo. The right side is now lying inside.

8. Join the fabrics in a circle. Lay edge to edge. Mark a turning opening!

9. Sew the fabrics together. Again, do not forget the locking and the turning opening.

10. Apply almost finished loop through the turning opening. Be very careful so that the seam does not open.

Close turning opening

11. Now only the turning opening has to be closed. For this purpose, work a straight seam with straight stitch using a straight cut.

12. Then cut off all unnecessary threads.

The loop is finished. In retrospect, this is a really simple project. With a little practice, you can do it in 15 minutes.

The variations for such a loop are almost limitless. Try what you like.

Idea for your loop: Use your fabric remnants by creating a loop in patchwork style.

How about a loop of a fleece blanket ">

By the way: That would be a nice gift idea.

Quick guide for the loop scarf

  • Cut 2 x fabric
  • sew the long sides together
  • Pull through with the arm through the fabric tube and the open side
  • pin the short sides of the fabric together and sew them together until they reach a turning opening
  • turn the whole thing around
  • Close turning opening
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