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Make Malerhut - Faltanleitung for hats made of newsprint

Dripping paint rollers and brushes can cause a big mess when setting up. A protection against the color is then the most important thing - we show in this Faltanleitung, as you quickly tinker a painter's hat. All you need is newspaper.

They want to paint the apartment and have thought of everything - except that the color can drip down on the head and hair when stroking the blanket ">

Note: With a double layer of newsprint the Malerhut becomes more stable.

Step 2: Fold up the bottom edge of the newspaper.

Step 3: Then fold the lower right corner and the lower left corner up and towards the middle.

Step 4: Then fold the top layer of the newspaper down over the edges of the two triangles.

Step 5: Apply the painter's hat to the back and repeat the fourth step.

Step 6: Now fold the protruding corners inwards.

Step 7: The painter's hat is now turned back onto the back and the corners on the other side also folded inwards.

Note: The corners can now be fixed at will with tape - but actually the painter's hat should remain without even in its shape.

Now the Malerhut is ready for use from newsprint! This hat is a little smaller and more suitable for children's heads. You can simply fold the variation for an adult out of a folded newspaper page, which you can spread out in portrait format. Then you make the Malerhut exactly as described above.

The painting of the apartment is now nothing in the way and you can get started. With the little gadget at the beginning - the crafting of a painter's hat - bring your children directly in renovation mood! So brush in your hand and off you go!

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