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Cast on stitches - knit on a single stitch

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Making cuddly toys, socks or sweaters yourself - who can knit, has the opportunity to let his creativity run wild. After all, it is important to choose from the huge range of different colors, the one that best expresses the knit, to pay attention to the quality of the wool, to get a suitable knitting instructions, to plan the project and implement. It all starts with hitting the stitches. Therefore, in this guide we will show you how to knit a simple stitch and start your knitting.

Even for beginners, this hobby is very popular, because the most important skills of knitting can be learned within a short time and with little practice. In this way, quick successes, which in turn increases the fun of manual labor. A problem for most beginners, however, the mesh stop dar. Since it must be started with every knit, he is often the reason why some give up the knitting again. To make sure you do not feel the same way, we'll explain step-by-step how to do the stitching and what to look for.


  • Wool
  • knitting needles
  • tape measure
  • scissors

casting on

1. Thread the thread around your left hand.

  • To do this, first place it over the back of your hand with your little finger.
  • Then pass it past the index finger.
  • Now, run it clockwise around your thumb.

  • Finally, place it between the index and middle finger:

You have done everything right when the thread between thumb and index finger has formed a cross.

Attention: The end of the thread should be long enough to complete the stitching!

2. Hit the stitches.

  • Place both needles on top of each other and grasp them with your right hand.
  • Feed the needles through the bottom loop from the right of the thumb.
  • Then grip the thread with the needles above the point where the thread crosses, to the left of the index finger
  • Guide him through the noose with the knitting needles.

  • Tighten the knot that formed below the resulting stitch.

  • Repeat this process until the desired number of stitches are on the needles.

3. Carefully pull one of the needles out of the stitch chain.

4. Now you can start knitting the first row.

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