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Clean microfibre couch - 6 steps to a well-groomed sofa

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Microfibre is popular for its good care properties. The soft material looks like suede but is much easier to clean. The look and feel of microfibre covers are very appealing, but still need to be cleaned from time to time. In our guide we explain in 6 steps how to clean your beautiful sofa professionally.

With regular use dirty couch covers, armrests and back cushions. No material is immune. Microfiber is easy to clean compared to other upholstery covers. There are some home remedies that can easily be cleaned every year. The velvety soft fabric dries quickly and thus the sofa landscape is soon ready for use again. Taboo are however sharp detergents, they take the microfibers and can cause unwanted color differences. We go the classic way and describe in the step by step instructions the cleaning of the microfiber couch.

Material and preparation

Vacuum cleaners with brush attachment and other accessories are required initially. Then a bowl, clean, lint-free cloths, the cleaners and clean towels described. Even a soft brush may be necessary to clean the couch.

Clean microfiber

The first step

First, the sofa is thoroughly removed from coarse dirt and dust. Best suited here is the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. To get into the tight spaces, the extension tube is ideal. Here, many crumbs and dirt accumulate over time. This first rough cleaning is important, because only then the sofa is really clean and gets in the end a color refreshment. Encrusted stains can be handled carefully with a brush. Do not forget to take down the loose pillows. Not only the back cushions, but also the seat cushions are laid out so that they can be removed for cleaning. If the cushions are equipped with removable covers, these and all other loose covers will get into the washing machine. Again, of course, the care instructions must be observed. It is recommended to use microfibre with a mild detergent without fabric softener.

Tip: First read the care instructions and pay attention to license plates. They describe the possible types of cleaning and decide which means may be used.

2. Check the instructions for use

As a rule, the instructions for the couch include care instructions for the treatment of microfibre. An "S" stands, for example, for anhydrous detergents, the "W" in turn means water-based cleaning. In the combination of "B / W" both options can be used. However, if there is a large "X" in the manual neither one nor the other may be used. Then this sofa can only be vacuumed regularly. If this is the case, the work after the suction is already finished. But most manufacturers respond to the desire for cleaning and make it possible.

Attention! An "X" means that cleaning with cleaning agents can cause stains or shrink tissue.

3. The right cleaner for the couch

In general, a lye of mild soap, a carpet cleaner or even the upholstery shampoo is suitable. Baby wipes are good for wiping stains, they work without bleach and are very mild. Alternatively, cleaning alcohol is possible - as long as the microfiber tolerates the alcohol. Others recommend vodka or gin, but because of the smell we do not recommend this option for cleaning. Cleaning alcohol in turn does not cause any unpleasant odors and can be used if necessary. However, this will not be necessary for a normally dirty sofa.

To be on the safe side, the selected cleaning agent is initially tried in an inconspicuous place. Rub in, clean and, above all, allow to dry. Only after drying, it shows whether the microfiber is clean or stained.

4. The rough dirt removal

Depending on the degree of contamination, the sofa is now once removed from coarse dirt stains. For this purpose, the stain is treated with a brush or a sponge and the soapy water. For light stains, use a microfibre cloth and some shampoo. Even so, the stain can be treated with care. Immediately afterwards soap and dirt should be wiped off again with clear water, here best distilled water.

Tip: Boiled water can also be used instead of the distilled water. So no ugly limescale.

5. The alternative for the couch - Clean with distilled water

If the sofa is not very dirty, it is cleaned with distilled water. A mild neutral soap or gall soap will remove the fabric's invisible surface dirt. It should always be ensured that the couch is not too wet. Therefore, for the large areas, an expressed flap should be used and not a brush. It puts too much moisture on the microfiber. It takes a bit longer with the rag or sponge, but the result is even better.

6. The no-go when cleaning the couch

The steam cleaner! The heat of the device can damage the microfiber sensitive, unsightly stains remain, the fabric can even be damaged.
Also a no-go: Let the covers dry. After washing in the machine, the covers should only be allowed to dry for a short time and then re-covered with moisture. In individual cases, it can happen that the material shrinks when drying on a leash. If the covers are covered wet instead, they remain dimensionally stable.

Heavy impurities

However, if the sofa is already a bit worn and looks greasy, then you need a grease remover or a stain spray ran. Also suitable is a window cleaner, which also cleans the grease film well. As always, also here: Try the detergent in an invisible place!

Then spray the couch and work with a medium-hard brush, brush with distilled water again and let it dry. Already after the first pass an improvement should be visible. But usually in this case, a second or even third cleaning must be done. Before the next cleaning the fabric should dry out well. Finally, again with a brush over it, then the microfiber should look nice again.


Including the drying time at least 24 hours should be scheduled. For several cleaning cycles, the drying time must be extended accordingly. Watch out for open windows, then the fabric dries faster. For the family celebration, the sofa should therefore be cleaned at least a week before.


Natural soaps such as gall or neutral soap cost only one to two euros. Also a bottle of distilled water moves in this frame. If you want to save money, the tap water will boil off and let it cool down. A window cleaner is usually in the house, nothing has to be calculated here. Only those who decide on the carpet cleaner or degreaser or stain spray, must spend a few euros. Nevertheless, the cleaning of the sofa remains below the price of ten euros.

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