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Sew Muslin - Instructions & Sewing Pattern for a Baby Hat

  • Material and preparation
    • material selection
    • amount of material
    • patterns
    • Size chart at a glance
  • cut
  • Sew baby muslin cap
  • Quick Start Guide - muslin pointy cap

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Muslin is a fashionable fashion today that is very light and soft. Jersey adapts beautifully to the child's head, is very soft, breathable and absorbent. The cap is tied under the neck with a small ribbon. It is a typical first hat, so it can also be worn inside.

The cut in this manual is adjusted for a head circumference of about 37 to 42cm. You can enlarge the cut at any time (see size chart), as long as the conditions remain the same. In the manual, you will also learn what you should consider everything, for example, if you use a fabric with motif for sewing.

Material and preparation

Difficulty 1.5 / 5
suitable for beginners

Material costs 2/5
0, 5m jersey you get about 6-12 €
0.5m Muslin costs about 4-6 €
(you can still sew a cute pants or a loop from the fabric remnants)

Time expenditure 1/5
(including download and paste the cut depending on the exercise 1 h)

Required materials:

  • Classic sewing machine and / or overlock
  • Muslin fabric / jersey or another stretchy fabric
  • Possibly cord
  • pen
  • patterns
  • pins
  • safety pin
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
  • Applications (buttons, pompom, leather)

Tip: Sommersweat is a warmer fabric than jersey, so it is more suitable for a cap for colder months.

material selection

For this cap you need two different fabrics. We decided on muslin (man can also take cotton or jersey). As a second fabric we take an elastic Jersey fabric, so that the cap fits nicely to the head of the child.

amount of material

You need a piece of fabric of both materials of at least about 65 cm for this cap. For the binding you can either use a cord in the length of 60cm or you cut a narrow piece in the length of about 50 cm from the elastic jersey fabric.

On the cap, you can later sew different applications, such as label, pompom or buttons of your choice - thus winning the cap on their originality.


The pattern is designed for the head circumference from 37 to about 52 cm, ie the cap is for the very small dwarfs. First, print the pattern without page adjustment / actual print size on A4 paper.

Click here: To download the pattern

Note: Please make sure that the printing is done correctly, otherwise the pattern may become too small.

Size chart at a glance

age of the childhead circumferenceencore
0 - 4 months37 cm - 42 cm0
4 - 7 months42 cm - 44 cm+ 0.5 cm
7 - 18 months46 cm - 49 cm+ 1 cm
18 - 24 months50 cm - 52 cm+ 1.5 cm

For a larger cap, simply add the appropriate addition to the pattern.

Note: If you need a medium size, cut the fabric in the middle of these two sizes.


First, we cut the hat according to the pattern in the material break, once the elastic fabric (jersey) and then the cotton muslin. The pattern already contains seam allowances (0.5 cm).

Tip: When cutting, pay attention to the threadline and the motifs!

Note on the jersey with motifs: Place the pattern on the jersey fabric with the pattern, cut it out and turn it over so that you end up with two equal parts - ie a right and a left side. The cut should now look like this:

Tip: In this case, the jersey fabric (page # 2) is first sewn together so we get two equal parts.

If you do not have a narrow drawstring, cut out 1 cm wide and 50 cm long ribbon from the jersey.

Sew baby muslin cap

After cutting out the two pieces, we will sew together the back of the hat. Take the muslin fabric, fold it over so that a corner is formed and the left side of the fabric is on the outside. The same thing is repeated with the jersey fabric.

Tip: If you sew with the simple sewing machine, we recommend a zigzag stitch, elastic stitch or the triple straight stitch. Of course you can also sew this cap with an overlock sewing machine.

We put the left sides together and connect them with the pins. We have to be careful that these are the same pages. We sew the pages (# 1) together and then turn the hat.

Next, let's pick up the pins. We flip the bottom edge of the fabric twice and attach it with the help of the pins, creating a so-called tunnel.

When we're done, we'll quilt this "tunnel" with a simple straight stitch. Then we take out the pins and grab the tight cuff from the elastic fabric or the cord. We have to pull on the cuff until it rolls.

Then take the smallest safety pin you have on hand. Carefully insert the safety pin with the cuff through the so-called tunnel in the cap. Then measure the length of the band.

Tip: For safety reasons tapes on baby and children's clothing should not be longer than 23 cm!

If you like, you can make a knot on each side. Your pointy cap is almost finished!

Finally, you can sew on various applications such as buttons or pompoms. It should be noted that these do not disturb the baby when sleeping.

Quick Start Guide - muslin pointy cap

1. Print out the pattern
2. Cut out the size you want
3. transfer and cut the pattern onto the two fabrics
4. Sew together the back sides of the hat
5. place both fabrics on the left side and sew the front side together
6. turn the cap
7. Turn over the lower side twice and sew over
8. Pull the ribbon through
9. Sew on applications
10. Put on the cap

Have fun sewing!

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