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Sewing machine tutorial: Thread the upper thread and bobbin thread correctly

  • material
    • The sewing machine
    • The yarn
    • The bobbin
    • The threader
    • Scissors / oblong object
  • manual
    • Thread in the upper thread
    • Thread the bobbin thread
  • Tips for quick readers

Sew a loop, cute baby pants or a nice pillowcase ">

We'll show you step by step how to put the threads right in order to get started with your sewing project right away. Take a look at the pictures and read carefully about each step. So you become the threading master in no time.
First, let's take a quick look at what's needed and there's not much.


  • sewing machine
  • yarn
  • Bobbin
  • threader
  • scissors

The sewing machine

Our sewing machine used here is available from Silvercrest and in the shop from 99, - Euro. Of course, there are differences in the different models of how to put the threads correctly, but the principle is the same for all machines.

The yarn

Can be used any yarn that can be threaded through the eye of the needle.

The bobbin

If you want to thread a bobbin thread, this is of course only with a corresponding coil. Most sewing machines bring 2 - 3 coils with you from the factory. Empty bobbins can be rolled up with each machine.

The threader

This little light silver tool is truly worth gold in the sewing room and should not be missing in any sewing basket. These are usually included in the accessories of a sewing machine.

Scissors / oblong object

This is needed to catch up the lower thread at the end. Instead of a pair of scissors, a crochet hook or a pen can be used as well.

In the trade, you also get complete yarn sets in a variety of colors, in each of which an Oder and a lower thread are included.

Get ready and then you can start.


Thread in the upper thread

Step 1: Lower the presser foot. There is a small lever on the back of the machine that you simply push down.

Step 2: At the top of the machine is the pin on which the upper thread is inserted. This is usually extendable to save space. Pull this pin out.

Step 3: Put the bobbin with the top yarn on the pin.

Step 4: Now look where the small arrows to thread the upper thread are on your machine. These indicate where the thread has to go. Most of the arrows are even numbered, so you know directly which arrow to pay attention to when.

Step 5: Turn the large wheel on the right side of your machine to lift the small metal arm on the left side. This later moves the needle up and down.

Step 6: Insert the upper thread according to the arrows on your machine. To do this, roll a little more yarn off the roll, so you have more leeway.

Step 7: If you've done everything right, the thread should hang down at the needle. To finish threading the upper thread, the thread only has to be inserted through the eye of the needle. If you are having trouble, you can use a threader. This is inserted from behind through the eyelet. Push the thread through the wire loop and then pull the threader out of the needle again. Now you can easily thread a needle thread.

Thread the bobbin thread

Step 8: Open the bottom cover by pulling lightly on the left side of the work surface.

By the way: Most sewing machines have a compartment here for spare parts and accessories.

Step 9: Then open the small cover under the sewing needle.

Step 10: The bobbin holder must now be removed. To do this, pull the small clip forward and pull it out completely.

Step 11: Turn the bobbin holder over so that the open side faces you, and pick up a bobbin.

Step 12: Unwind some of the yarn and then insert the spool into the holder.

Step 13: Hold the bobbin in the holder with your thumb and pull the yarn into the small notch.

Step 14: Pull the thread under the clasp, holding it tight.

Step 15: Hang the thread, turn the open side of the bobbin holder towards the machine, and then unfold the small clip.

Step 16: Replace the spool afterwards.

Step 17: Now close the flap and return the outer cover to the starting position.

Step 18: Lower the presser foot.

Step 19: Turn the large wheel on the right side of the sewing machine clockwise so that the needle moves down and up again.

Step 20: Pick up the scissors and put them under the presser foot. Take the thread with you. This then automatically pulls up the bobbin thread.

Now you're done and you can start with your personal sewing project. We wish you a lot of fun. You have just learned how to thread a top thread and a bottom thread and will often repeat this process in the future.

Tips for quick readers

  • Lower presser foot
  • Put the top yarn on the pin provided
  • Clamp the upper thread according to the arrows on the machine
  • Thread through the eye of the needle
  • Open the lower part of the sewing machine and remove the bobbin holder
  • Insert the bobbin correctly and insert the holder back into the machine
  • Close covers of the machine again
  • Lift the presser foot
  • Turn the big wheel and drive it under the presser foot with a long object, bringing the bobbin thread upwards
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