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Descale Nescafé Dolce Gusto - in just 10-12 minutes

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The decalcification of the Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines is quick and easy, if you pay attention to a few things and prepare everything well.

WATCH OUT! CIRCULO WORKS SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Depending on the machine (Piccolo / Genio, Mini me, Oblo, Drop) slight differences in handling! This guide was created with a Melody.


According to the manufacturer's instructions, it is necessary to descale the machine after 450 to 1600 preparations (depending on the degree of hardness of the water, of course, more frequently in hard water, and in rare cases in hard water). The degree of hardness of the water can be determined by means of test strips or simply obtained from the local water supplier. At medium water hardness one can assume a descaling interval of 3-4 months.

We recommend a commercially available liquid decalcifier with a clear reference to the Krups descaling agent F054. A corresponding descaling package (for two applications) can be obtained directly from the manufacturer's homepage. With a commercially available liquid decalcifier, however, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality. The bigger the package, the bigger the required storage space at home, but also a lower price. A bag s corresponds to 75ml liquid decalcifier (filled with 0.5 liters of water).


Ideally, tea towels and kitchen rolls are provided or the coffee maker placed directly on two or three tea towels spread over one another, as it may happen in the course of Entkalkungsvorgans that some of the cleaning fluids run alongside. Alternatively or in combination, you can also hold a small funnel or the like directly under the capsule holder, so you can control the liquid jet. If required, you can also order disposable or household gloves for handling the cleaning fluid.

Lay out kitchen paper

It is recommended to use original decalcification packages for reasons of warranty. Such is also used in this guide and should therefore be ready.

The descaling package contains:

  • 2 bags with decalcifying liquid (so for two applications)
  • 1 test strip for determination of water hardness
  • 1 instructions for descale
Stir the decalcifier

Ideally, there is already a jug, a cup or a jug ready, which has a capacity of at least 1 liter AND, on the other hand, fits well under the spout. You can also use a smaller container, but then you have to empty it in between when rinsing the machine. For the final cleaning you should also prepare a soft, lint-free cloth.

Of course you can remove the cup holder and make sure that there are no more capsules in the capsule holder. The capsule holder is replaced (empty) and the locking lever pressed down.

As preparation, you can also clean the hollow spike on the machine (which pierces the capsules) with the small (supplied) needle. Simply insert the needle into the hollow mandrel and gently move it in all directions and up and down. In this model, the needle on the back of the machine is under the water tank.

Carefully clean the hollow mandrel with the needle

Tip: You should always remove used capsules immediately from the capsule holder. Simply lift the locking lever and push it down again. This is the easiest way to prevent too much residue from accumulating in the machine. Descaling and cleaning operations are easier and the machine is more reliable.


Step 1 (about 5 to 6 minutes)

In the jug (or cup or jug) first fill 0.5 liter of water and add a bag of descaling added.

WATCH OUT! When handling the decalcifying fluid, care should be taken and careful that it does not get on the skin or even in the eyes. If you are unsure or very sensitive, you should first stock up on disposable or household gloves.

If the water tank of the machine has not yet been emptied, then you catch up with it, fill the tank with the decalcifying mixture and put it back on the machine.

Fill mixture into the tank

The mixture can now optionally be "pulled" for a few minutes, so leave it in the water tank for a while, so that limescale residues can dissolve there as well. Please really only the mixture and not the pure liquid. This is concentrated and could damage the material.

The empty jug (or cup or jug) can now be placed under the spout (on the cup holder or on the place where the cup holder is otherwise, if it has been removed).

Then press the power button and keep it pressed until the light flashes green (this happens after about 5 seconds). This tells the machine that you want to descale (the descaling or cleaning program is activated).

Press and hold the button to start the descaling process

Then set the dosing scale to maximum and press the button for hot water (right). In other models, there is a substitute lever, which can be placed to the right. The machine then begins to descale (about 2 minutes).

As soon as the water tank becomes empty, the metering scale is reset to zero.

When this step is completed, the power button flashes green (about 2 minutes). During this time you should not press anything.

Why does the button flash and why do you have to wait?>> Step 2 (about 5 to 6 minutes)

The water tank can now be emptied and rinsed several times with clear water. Then fill it up with clean water (1 liter) and attach it to the machine again.

The jug (or cup or jug) emptied and put it back under the spout.

Then set the dosing scale back to maximum and press again the button for hot water (right) or push, depending on the model, the appropriate lever to the right. The machine will start rinsing (about 2 minutes). When the water tank becomes empty, reset the dosing scale to zero.

Then empty the jug (or cup or jug) and refill the water tank (1 liter). Then set the dosing scale to maximum for the third time, but this time press the button for COLD WATER (left) or tilt the lever to the left on the other models and let the machine rinse a second time (about 2 minutes).

The machine is now switched off to end the descaling mode.


Finally, empty the jug (or cup or jug) and fill the water tank with fresh water for further use. Then you clean the machine with a soft, lint-free cloth (for example, microfibre), attach the water tank to the machine and can enjoy coffee anytime again.

More tips and ideas

When decalcifying you also have the opportunity to perform a thorough cleaning of the machine, so to disassemble all the parts and put in the dishwasher or by hand rinse well and clean.

Who wants to play it safe, performs the warm and cold rinse from the second step twice, so that all residues of the detergent are removed. (According to the manufacturer but not necessary)

If you have a kettle at home, you can of course treat it with the cleaning mixture.

Problem: Water runs out of the capsule container: The solution is to clean the diffuser or diffuser plate. The DIY instructions can be found at diybook.de.

All original operating instructions can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer's homepage.

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