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Buy olive tree - this is how you recognize vigorous plants

The olive tree trunk is a popular olive tree variety for balconies and terraces.

  • The right kind
    • 1st olive tree for harvesting
    • 2. Olive tree for the garden
    • 3. The decorative olive tree in the bucket

Olive trees are currently being sold everywhere in Germany, but you should not buy anywhere if you want to be happy with your olive tree - small signpost on the way to a healthy olive tree. Olive trees are "in", they are at the discount retailer, on almost any Internet Trading platform and sold in the furniture store. Often with the comment that olive trees are wonderfully easy to care for. So a tree that every hobby gardener can only wish for and that thrives without problems ">

You need a nursery or specialized nursery that raises your olive tree yourself, in a climate that is very similar to that at your place of residence. Which can give precise information about the variety, where you can pick up your own olive tree or can be delivered by truck, parcel transport should not have to go through any plant. And that has a real address, with a phone number below which you can reach no call center, but people who can answer questions expertly.

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The olive tree trunk is a popular olive tree variety for balconies and terraces.

The right kind

Which is the right variety of olive tree for you depends on what you intend to do with your olive tree:

1st olive tree for harvesting

You can harvest from a "German olive tree", but there are a few things to consider when buying:

  • Tasty olives can only be harvested with additional lighting, which should be able to be installed at the planned location
  • In the course of the variety selection (see profile) you have to decide whether you want to harvest table olives or olive oil (or olives that both "can")
  • A single olive tree can only be used if it is a refined self-pollinated variety
  • Not necessarily the legendary primal variety, if you want to cultivate one, you need two olive trees for harvesting

2. Olive tree for the garden

If you live in the friendlier regions of Germany and want to dare to put the olive tree in the garden, other factors are important:

  • Enough space, the olive tree must be cultivated in the tub for years
  • He can only be propagated with a thick trunk
  • Frozen variety, below at profile
  • If possible have been raised in your area
  • If you do not find such an olive tree, look for olive trees in the coldest possible climate
  • You should know if and how the olive tree got used to winter cold

Olive tree bargains are sold by all trade sources. From traders who store trees grown in substandard soil with rudimentary roots in tiny pots in dark corners; if you are unlucky enough of traders, the old olive trees brutally mutilated saw out of their natural environment ... Olive tree purchase without good information can quickly degenerate to cultural fraternity, a good contact person is z. B. "Olive Doctor" Matthias Boch from the Olive Park Rhein-Neckar, accessible via www.olivenpark.de.

3. The decorative olive tree in the bucket

If an olive tree should just stand around in the bucket and look nice, you need to be the least careful when buying:

  • Olive trees are hardy and willing to grow, a reasonably viable bargain can bring something
  • It should be healthy, however, pay attention to pests, fungus, leaf spots, trunk growths
  • Therefore do not order any olive trees that you can not preview
  • Even when buying somewhere the dealer should be able to provide information about the tree
  • See "Olive Tree Diseases", Feuerbacterium
  • The olive tree should also have no "German pests" such as aphids, a sure sign of a weak plant
  • He should not have seen any chemistry that could hinder his development
  • Your future olive tree should look bold and show vibrant colors, and mistrust is always the order of the day unless all the questions are answered

If you take a little more distance from your Olive Tree purchase plan with each of the items, you can still become an olive tree owner: Buy an olive tree sponsorship, just a great idea right now, because you are choosing the right supplier apart from everyone else Financial market excesses can directly support Greek farmers and their families (eg via www.oliterra.de, you can go on holiday with your olive tree and 10 l of organic olive oil are also available).

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