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Origami flower fold - instructions for tinkering

Spring, with its many early-spring flowers, invites to crafts - this stylish origami flower is just one of thousands of ways you can easily bring spring into your own four walls. In the following instructions, we will explain step by step how to fold this noble Origami flower and make it easy to tinker.

Origami blossom - instructions

This origami flower is a modular origami - meaning that multiple elements are assembled into one object. The elements are all folded in the same way and then joined together.

You need for an origami flower:

  • 5 sheets of origami paper
  • glue
  • Knitting needle or ballpoint pen

Step 1: Fold the paper centered along the horizontal. Open this fold and then fold the paper centered along the vertical.

Step 2: Now fold the top right corner (only the first layer) down towards the middle.

Step 3: Apply the paper to the back and fold the upper left corner down to the middle.

Step 4: Turn the paper over on the back so that it is in front of you as in the picture. Then fold the upper right corner towards the middle.

Step 5: Then open the paper - that's how it should be in front of you. Now take the paper in both hands. On the right, fold the lines so that there is another triangle between the layers. This is what the origami looks like now:

Step 6: Now fold the right top (only the top layer) to the top left.

Step 7: The paper is turned. Now fold the right tip to the lower left.

Step 8: The fold from step 8 is opened again and the tip is hidden in the tab. The first origami element is ready.

Step 9: Now fold four more elements in this way.

Step 10: Now the elements are glued together. Coat the single flap (left) with glue. Then slide them into the next element. Repeat the process for all other elements.

Step 11: To close the origami flower, insert the tip of the last element into the flap of the first one. The origami flower is almost finished.

12th step: Turn the flower on the back and put the leaves over - now the flower should look like a star.

13th step: With a smooth pen or a knitting needle, the leaves are now rolled up between the flowers at the end. Roll the leaves that are right next to each other.

Step 14: Now undo step 12 and put back the origami flower. Finished!

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