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Fold origami flower - folding guide for a paper flower

  • Fold the origami flower like this
    • Instructional Video

You still need the right spring decoration or you want to decorate a gift with everlasting fresh flowers ">

This origami flower has the advantage that it consists of several individual petals, that they can be color-matched individually. It consists of six petals. Of which you can design all in one color or two-tone or tricolor. The paper you need does not necessarily have to be origami paper. Conventional printer paper is also completely sufficient and this is also available in different colors.

Fold the origami flower like this

  • six square sheets of paper (either in one color or colorful)
  • glue

Step 1: A square sheet of paper is folded diagonally at the beginning.

Step 2: Now the resulting triangle with the right-angled tip lies in front of you. Now fold the two points, left and right, towards the middle and middle point. Open both folds again.

Step 3: Fold these two tips again, but this time along the fold created in step 2. This fold will also be reopened.

Step 4: Now slide your finger into the left side of the triangle and open it. Flip the outer edge inward so you can flatten a diamond-shaped surface. Repeat this process with the right side.

Step 5: Fold the up-facing tips of these two diamonds along the underlying edge so that they point down.

Step 6: Next, fold the two acute-angled triangles, left and right, centered together. The entire surface of the paper is now square again.

Step 7: Now fold the square with the folds inside, diagonally - but be careful: DO NOT fold. The single petal should have a round shape and no edge. Glue the two triangular surfaces together with glue. A petal of six is ​​ready.

Step 8: Repeat all steps with the remaining five leaves.

Step 9: Finally glue all six petals together in a circle - the origami flower is ready!

Instructional Video

Depending on what you want to do with the flower, it can be placed in a glass bowl, hung on a thread or sewn to the curtain with one or two stitches. Your creativity knows no limits.

In combination with folded origami butterflies, these origami flowers are also very good. Both can be glued to a branch glued true spring mood. Click here for instructions on how to fold butterflies out of paper: //www.clubemaxiscootersdonorte.com/origami-schmetterling-falten/

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