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Origami fish fold out of paper - simple guide

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They are looking for the perfect decoration for a gift or the nursery ">

The origami folding art is becoming more and more popular - even entire furnishing and decoration styles are based on the geometric figures and lines. Therefore, you are very much in the trend with such folded paper objects. For more instructions and ideas just click here: Origami Faltanleitungen

Folding origami fish

This simple origami fish is especially suitable for children. His look is playful and cute. With several fish you can make a whole curtain for the nursery. For this, the individual fish are simply hung on threads of different lengths.

The larger you choose the origami paper, the larger, of course, the fish. Normal sizes of the paper are 10 cm x 10 cm, 15 cm x 15 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm.


  • a sheet of origami paper
  • bonefolder
  • Wackelaugen

Folding instructions

Step 1: Fold the square paper diagonally once, with a triangle coming out.

Step 2: Then fold this triangle in the middle again. Then open this fold again.

3rd step: The triangle now lies with the right-angled tip down in front of you. Now fold down the right and left points along the midline. The result is a square. Open these again and then fold both folds in the other direction. Open it again.

4th step: Now the triangle is again with the middle tip down in front of you. Then lift the first layer of the right tip and bring it to the middle point. Press the tip flat and again a square is formed.

Step 5: Turn the paper over on the back and repeat step 4.

Step 6: Now guide the top layer of the right tip at a right angle towards the centerfold. Repeat this on the left side as well. Open the folds again.

Step 7: Apply the paper and follow the same procedure on this page as in the previous step.

Step 8: Now it gets a little bit more complicated. Fold up the first layer of the square. Then fold the right side along the fold from steps 6 and 7 inwards. Repeat this on the left.

Step 9: The paper is now turned on the back. Then repeat step 8. Now the paper has the shape of a kite.

Step 10: Now flip up the downward pointing, longer tip until it does not work anymore. Then turn the paper over and repeat the process on the back.

Step 11: Now sort the four sides of the paper. To do this, turn the left half over to the right side, turn the paper over to the back and scroll again from left to right.

Step 12: Now fold up the pointing tip so that all the tips close together. The paper is then rotated and the step repeated. Result is a triangle.

Step 13: Lay the paper in front of you with the long point pointing to the right. Then flip the top layer of this tip up and to the left along the left outer edge. Open the fold again and repeat the step to the lower left.

Step 14: The paper is turned over again and the previous step on the back is repeated.

Step 15: Turn the paper back onto the table with the long tip up in front of you. Along the crossed folds, the left and right sides are now guided to each other, so that forms a vertical top. This is pressed well flat and placed to the right.

Step 16: Turn the origami fish on the back and then repeat the previous step.

Step 17: Fold the tip from the previous step to the left, diagonally upwards so that the top edge runs parallel with the edge underneath. Repeat this on the back afterwards.

18th step: Now the fins are formed. Fold both tips out of steps 15 to 17 to the outside.

Step 19: Place the fish head-side to the right in front of you. Lift the upper layer of the fish, then take the upper long point and put it once to the left.

Step 20: Repeat step 19 with the bottom fin.

Step 21: Then lock the upper fin and put it over again. The fin makes such a kink behind. Repeat the step with the lower fin. The fish is already recognizable.

Step 22: Hit these two corners, both at the front and at the back.

Already the origami fish is finished and now only needs a pair of eyes. Self-adhesive wiggle eyes, which are available in every well-assorted craft shop, are best suited for this purpose.

You see, with just a few simple steps you can fold an origami fish. You do not need much material, little time and no special Origami skills. Have fun after the tinkering!

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