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Origami Giraffe Fold - Instructions for refolding

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Origami is the art of paper folding. We have a variety of animal and object guides in our repertory - including the origami giraffe. In this guide we will explain step by step and pictures how to fold the Origami Giraffe.

Folding origami giraffe

You need for an origami giraffe:

  • a sheet of origami paper (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • if necessary folding bone

Step 1: At the beginning, fold one of the diagonals of the square.

Note: The page that will later be outside will point down.

Step 2: Turn the triangle so that the right angle points downwards. Then fold the triangle in the middle.

Step 3: Now take the top layer and lock the layers. Then the paper is flattened so that a square is created at this point.

Step 4: Turn the paper over on the back and repeat step 3.

Step 5: The open sides of the paper face down. Fold the upper right layer inwards. Similarly, fold the upper, left layer inwards.

Step 6: The tip pointing upwards will now be flipped down. Then open these and the folds from the previous step again.

Step 7: Then grab your finger under the top layer and pull it upwards. Meanwhile, fold the side folds inwards. Press the paper flat to create an elongated rhombus.

Step 8: Now repeat steps 5 through 7 on the back.

Step 9: Now take both upper tips in one hand and pull the paper up and down. The lateral tips, left and right are thus on.

10th step: Trace the lateral folds with your fingers again. Then the paper is fully opened.

Step 11: Now fold the bottom edge to the top. Pull the fold in the middle with your fingers, but only to the first outer fold line. The paper will be opened again.

Step 12: Now fold the other centerline exactly as described in step 11. So the paper should now lie in front of you.

Step 13: Then fold the middle lines again in the other direction, but again only to the folding left and right next to it.

Step 14: Now the legs of the giraffe are folded up. For this you take the opposite tips, whose middle fold goes down fold. Slide the fold to the left with your finger inside. At the same time push the inner triangle upwards from the center point.

Step 15: Repeat step 14 on the opposite side. If you have pulled all the folds well with your fingers, this should work as if by itself.

Step 16: Lay the paper flat on the table and retighten all folds.

Step 17: Now fold the top layer, the right side inward along the centerline. This is repeated on the other side.

Step 18: Now fold the top tip a few inches down.

Step 19: Afterwards the Origami Giraffe is folded up. So she looks like this:

Step 20: Pull the neck sideways with your head to the left. The right protruding tip is hammered down and then stands down.

Step 21: Fold the right tip, the right leg, once to the left at an imaginary slope. At the same fold the leg is folded back again.

Step 22: Then lock the right leg and fold it outward at the fold from step 21.

Step 23: Finally, the feet of the front legs are folded outwards, so that the Origami Giraffe is also correct.

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