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Origami cat tinker - instructions for folding paper / bank note

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Cats are popular decoration animals. Whether made of porcelain, wood or clay - the pointed-eared four-legged friends can be seen in their own four walls. In this tutorial we show how fast and easy it is to fold a paper origami cat. At first glance, the Miez looks pretty complicated, but it is not. The highlight of this guide, you can also fold the cat from a bill.

This is a guide for beginners - that means, even origami beginners can hold a cute origami cat at the end of this folding guide. Of course you need some practice, but it's worth it. Whether you want to give the Origami cat or give it to your sideboard at home - it's definitely an eye-catcher! The big head with the pointed ears is very cute compared to the petite body, just like the curled tail. So now have fun folding!

You need:

  • Origami paper (20 cm x 20 cm)
  • scissors
  • bonefolder

Folding Guide - Origami Cat

Step 1: Take a sheet of origami paper and fold it once in the middle. Cut the paper apart at this fold. You only need half of the paper for the origami cat.

Step 2: Lay the strip lengthwise in front of you. Fold the paper horizontally once again, from bottom to top.

Step 3: Now fold the upper edge downwards. Apply the paper to the back and repeat this step. From the side, the paper now has the shape of the letter "M".

Step 4: Open the fold from step 3 again. Turn the paper so that it is longitudinal and with the opening facing up in front of you.

Step 5: Fold the left corner upwards and open the fold again. Open all folds and place the paper in front of you so that the just folded triangle points upwards.

Step 6: Fold the top edge down so that the seam goes through the intersections we drew. Also unfold this fold.

Step 7: Apply the paper to the back. Now the cat's head is being shaped. To do this, press the two squares left and right together to form pointed ears. Then center the two halves of the cat together, forming a triangular head in the middle. Fold the complete cat together once.

Step 8: Place the strip in front of you with the point pointing to the right and the openings facing up. Fold the uppermost layer centered upwards. Of course this is not the entire width, but only up to the cat's head.

Step 9: Repeat this step on the back. Take care that the paper does not wrinkle.

10th step: Now fold the folds on the cat's head well, the part of the forehead is unfolded. The cat's face is a triangle, that's how it should look like:

Step 11: The ears are then formed. To do this, fold the tips inwards.

Step 12: Now look at the cat's head from behind. Inside, fold down the front edge for 5 mm.

Step 13: Then fold the cat once in the middle. The elongated end is folded up for that.

Step 14: Open the cat and fold over the fold from the previous step across the entire width.

Step 15: Now fold the cat by the neck as before. Below the neck now runs the triangular body. The tail is then folded up at right angles to the table. This forms two diagonal folds. From the front, the cat now has two feet.

Step 16: The tail is then rolled and shaped laterally from back to front.

If you have done everything right, the origami cat should now stand on its own feet. Is not she cute ">

Instructional Video

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