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Fold origami ribbon: Decorate artfully gifts

  • Origami loop of paper folds goes like that
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A comprehensive origami collection also includes the folding of bows. With these paper loops, you can spice up some gifts, you have run out of gift ribbon once. This guide will show you with pictures and video how to fold such a beautiful origami bow.

Whether colorful, white, thin origami paper or thicker construction paper - you can fold this loop from almost any paper. The format of the sheet should be square. If you have paper in a size of 20 cm x 20 cm, you get a sufficiently large loop to decorate for example a gift-wrapped book. Smaller loops are more difficult to fold, but not impossible.

Try it and you will be amazed!

Origami loop of paper folds goes like that

Step 1: Place the square piece of paper on the table in front of you and fold it horizontally and vertically in the middle.

Step 2: Unfold both folds and apply the paper to the back. Now fold the two diagonals and open them again.

Step 3: Now lift up the paper and fold it as shown in the picture to make it a smaller square.

Step 4: The square now lies with the closed tip up in front of you. Fold this one piece down, about 2 cm.

Step 5: Now open the construct completely. By folding from step 4, a small quadrangle has been created in the middle. Fold its edges once neatly with your fingers.

Step 6: Now fold the paper back into the position from step 4, except that the square in the middle is folded inwards with all its folds. If you look at the construct from above, you should see a four-pointed star in the middle.

Step 7: Now fold down the top, right and left edges once. The fold in the middle shows you how far you have to fold.

Step 8: Repeat the previous step on the back.

Step 9: Open the paper and put it on the table in front of you. Now you will see several folds leading from the center to the outside. Cut four folds, those that end in the edges of the two small folds in the middle.

Step 10: Now place the paper with a tip up on the table. Fold up the moving element facing down. Then fold the two elements pointing to the left and right together to form tips. To do this, fold the lower or the upper half up or down to the middle.

Step 11: Now rotate the paper 180 °. Cut both double, superimposed elements, which now point down to the middle. A fold should give you the cut line.

Step 12: Then fold in the two outward pointing points inwards. In this fold, orient yourself at the fold in the middle.

Step 13: The two inner edges are folded outward, over the just folded edges. In doing so, you go by eye as far as the angle is concerned.

Step 14: Apply the paper loop and trace the folds of the large loop element with your finger. Now form the loops. For that hit the tips inside and hide the ends under the small square in the middle. The fold should be so large that the tips are stuck in it.

Step 15: Now the origami loop is already finished. If you like, you can cut the two hanging down ends with scissors.

Done is the folded paper loop! Origami does not need glue, which shows this decorative bow once again.

Instructional Video

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