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Fold origami star - make star out of paper

This origami star can be tinkered with lightning speed. In our Origami Faltanleitung the tinkering of this at first glance complicated paper star is explained step by step. Even beginners will have fun.

The star made of paper is a beautiful decorative element for various occasions. This fits best with Christmas. Whether on a Christmas tree, in an Advent wreath or as a window decoration - this star is beautiful for Christmas. It is also good to use on New Year's Eve, an anniversary party or even within a wedding decoration. Depending on your preference, the star can be adjusted in size and color.

Be more creative in your choice of materials and use old pages or pattern paper for folding, for example.

You need:

  • a square sheet of paper
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

Fold an origami star like this:

Step 1: At the beginning, fold the square piece of paper once in the middle.

Step 2: Now, with the closed side down, fold the bottom left corner of the rectangle along the outside edge to the top edge and open it again. Repeat this fold down with the upper left corner.

Step 3: Now devote yourself to the right half. Fold the lower right corner of the rectangle toward the center created by the pleats in step 2.

Step 4: Now take the point that led to the center of the folds in step 2 in the fingers and fold it back, right along the right outer edge.

Step 5: Now fold the lower left corner of the folded paper along the left outer edge of the diamond shaped part on the right side. This is how the paper should look like:

Step 6: In this step, turn the paper over on the back and put it in front of you:

Flip the bottom half up so that two bottom edges are flush.

Step 7: Several edges are now visible on the surface. Cut the paper apart with the scissors at the longest of these three edges, so that you get a right triangle and a rest.

Step 8: Open the triangle and you get a prefolded, regular pentagon. Fold all the folds you can see again.

Step 9: Now it gets a bit complicated. But we have numbered the corners for a better understanding. Place the pentagon on the table in front of you with a point (1) pointing upwards. Flip the bottom edge over the midpoint so that the two corners (3 and 4) touch the fold lines of corners 2 and 5. Fold this fold again and repeat the step with all other sides.

Step 10: Now fold up one of the folds from step 9 (eg corners 4 and 5). Then take the lower edge (corner 3) in your fingers and fold it upwards. During this flap take corner 4 and fold it to the top left. Fold everything up again.

Step 11: Repeat step 10 with all other pages. Simply place the pentagon each time so that the edge is on the left.

Step 12: Now the folds are increasingly taking on the contours of a star. To form the star now requires some skill. Put the pentagon back in front of you with a tip upwards. Reshape the middle folds on all five of the pentagons, making them look almost like a star. Now try to take all corners in both hands and bring them together in the middle. You will notice that the tips move in a circle direction by themselves. Take care that every fold is neatly folded and then the star can be flattened nicely.

Step 13: Turn the star on the back. On this is now a smaller pentagon. This has to disappear, then the star is finished. Take the lower half of a point and fold it upwards. The tip is halved, so narrower and sharper.

Step 14: Turn the star a bit further and repeat the process from step 13. Finally, fold all the other tips in this way. At the last tip you have to do the folding under the first of the five tips.

The origami star is ready!

In order to be able to hang the paper star as a decoration, whether for Christmas or a birthday party, it only needs a hole. You can easily prick it into one of the five tips with a needle or a sharp pencil - thread, knot or knot thread, yarn or wool - that's it!

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