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Fold origami tulip - DIY instructions for printing

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An everlasting fresh tulip - that's what every spring fan wishes for. We have the solution: a paper origami tulip. We'll show you how to fold such a fine paper tulip in this free, step-by-step tutorial. It's easy!

There are a variety of origami instructions and everyone is thrilled. But these folding instructions will really surprise you. With just a few simple steps, you can fold such an origami tulip. It makes perfect as a spring decoration for home or as a gift. Who desperately needs a bl├╝merantes highlight for a gift, provides with this paper tulip in any case for a real eye-catcher. And for all those who collect such instructions, we have also provided the manual as a PDF for printing.

We hope you enjoy folding and giving away!

Origami Instructions - Tulip

You need:

  • 1 sheet of origami paper in flower color (15 cm x 15 cm)
  • 1 sheet origami paper in stem color (15 cm x 15 cm)
  • bonefolder

Fold flower

Step 1: Fold the paper in the middle, once horizontally and once vertically. Then open both folds again.

2nd step: Now apply the paper on the back and fold both diagonals, which you then unfold again.

Step 3: Then fold the paper into a triangle as follows:

4th step: Now fold the left and right corner up to the top. Apply the paper and repeat on the back.

5th step: Now turn the right, uppermost layer to the left. Then apply the paper to the back and repeat turning.

Step 6: Now fold the right and left tips down towards the middle so that the outer edges of both sides overlap the centerline a little bit. Now insert one side into the tab of the other.

Step 7: Apply the paper to the back and repeat step 6.

Step 8: Looking at the underside of the flower, discover a small hole. Blow in this. The flower would have to inflate and look like this:

Step 9: Now form the four petals. To do this, simply pull the four pointed tips downwards a bit.

The blossom of the origami tulip is already finished.

Fold flower stems

Step 1: Take the sheet of origami paper and fold one of the diagonals.

Step 2: Place the paper in front of you so that the fold from step 1 is vertical. Fold the left and right points inwards so that the outer sides meet in the middle.

Step 3: Now fold the now formed two corners inwards again along the vertical centerline. This is how the origami stem should look like:

Step 4: Fold the corners in once again.

Step 5: Now turn the paper over on the back and fold up the pointing tip.

Step 6: Fold the left side on the right side and the stem together.

Step 7: Pull the outer layer of the paper down a little while the inner layer stays folded. This forms a big leaf.

Now the tulip blossom has to be put on the stem only. If you have done everything right, the Origami Tulip should stand by itself.

You can now give away a whole tulip meadow - simply fold several origami tulips and stick them on a large piece of cardboard. This gift will be remembered for a long time - we guarantee it.

Origami Tulip - PDF Printable

Here you can download and print the origami folding instructions for the tulip:

Origami Tulip - Instructions

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