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Easter crafts with children - templates and instructions for Easter

  • Ideas - Easter crafts
    • coloring Easter eggs
    • Door sign for Easter
    • Easter crafts: basket
    • Bommel Hare
    • Make bees
    • Rabbit hand puppet
    • Toilet paper rolls Hare
    • Clay pot Hare
    • Easter crafts: ladybugs
    • Juggling hare

You want to tinker together with your children at Easter and look for bright and beautiful ideas ">

Ideas - Easter crafts

There are many creative ideas that you can implement and make with your children at Easter. Whether Easter bunny, Easter basket or Easter eggs - here is something for everyone. Below we provide a small selection for inspiration. At the same time, we also offer PDF templates for printing. Go through our ideas, maybe it's the right thing for you and your children. Just as at Christmas, the family should come together for Easter and work together, nibble and prepare small gifts.

coloring Easter eggs

The most classic crafting idea at Easter is, of course, the dyeing and painting of eggs. Your children will love the use of natural craft materials and natural materials - so go outside the Easter egg craft, away from plastic and plastic eggs. We show you how to properly blow and process the eggs. Click here for the instructions: coloring easter eggs

Door sign for Easter

This paschal door will certainly do well at the nursery door. In this tutorial we show you how to make the sign with your children: Easter Bunny door sign

The templates for printing we have here for you:

  • Template Easter Bunny - for coloring
  • Template Easter Bunny - in color

Easter crafts: basket

Small gifts and surprises are a must at Easter. Her children will certainly want to give something away - whether to friends, grandmother or favorite teacher. Sweets and colorful eggs are best kept in this little Easter basket. Here are the instructions: 3 ideas - Easter baskets tinker

Bommel Hare

From wool and felt you can also tinker all hand - such as this sweet pompom bunnies. The pompom making is not difficult at all. There are many techniques that you can work on at home. In this manual, we show every step in detail: Making a bobble bunny

Make bees

Not quite as classic, but still a must for the spring time and Easter cake are bees. The little black and yellow rascals cause many children to panic. Help the bees with their bad image - they are actually sweet and extremely important to our lives. In this guide, we show you five great crafting ideas: making bees

Rabbit hand puppet

Make a fast DIY rabbit out of a glove with ease. The little rascal with the long ears is perfect as a gift for the visit to Easter. They do not need many materials and the children can make the hare directly themselves. Click here for instructions: Instructions for Easter Bunny

Toilet paper rolls Hare

Have you heard of upcycling? "> Rabbit from Klorolle

For the funny hare, there is also a template for printing:

  • Template - Rabbit from Klorolle

Clay pot Hare

A slightly larger project is this bunny from a clay pot. If you want to organize a larger Easter party with your children, this is perfect for Easter crafts with several children. Clay pots are already available for a small amount at the hardware store. The smooth surface can be painted very well with acrylic paint - your children are therefore no limits in terms of color design. Here is the instructions: Hare made of clay pots

Easter crafts: ladybugs

Like the bees, ladybirds are a sign of spring and summer - perfect for Easter crafts with your children. Whether made of plaster or paper - ladybugs are fun and really easy to tinker. Here we show you how to make ladybugs

Juggling hare

Another cute Easter idea for hanging is this funny rabbit juggling with Easter eggs. Whether in the window or at the nursery door - he cuts a good figure everywhere. The crafting instructions are available here: Juggling Easter Bunny

As well as the template for printing:

  • Template - Juggling hare

You see, sometimes it can be that easy. Sometimes it only takes a few materials to make something great. Have fun making Easter!

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