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Making Easter decorations - 13 ideas for homemade Easter decorations

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Doing crafts at Easter is already a tradition for many families, as well as decorating with Easter eggs and Co. Are you a DIY fan and looking for Easter inspiration ">


Cute egg warmers are, especially at Easter, on every well-laid breakfast table. You can either knit or crochet the little caps. Of course, it requires a few basics - but it's definitely worth it. Maybe that will make you a handwork fan.

Here is the detailed knitting instructions: Knit egg warmer

Whether with sweet rabbit ears, as a chick or with a pompom - there are numerous ways to properly pack an Easter egg. A little tip: crocheted hats in spring-like colors are perfect for table decorations in autumn too.

Here we show you how to crochet egg warmer.

Tinker chicks

Or try these cute Easter grass chicks - with their funny wiggle eyes and feet they are perfect for the nursery.

Detailed instructions can be found here: Making chicks

Make Easter bunnies

This fluffy wool pompom rabbit is sweet and sweet and really not difficult to tinker with. Make two pompoms out of wool, one small and one big. The ears are made of felt and the nose can be a small button.

How to make the rabbit exactly, you will learn in this guide: Bommel Hare

If you had ever thought you could make something out of a simple washcloth ">

How it goes exactly, we show you here: Washcloth-Easter bunny

A noble hare variant is this origami rabbit. It fits perfectly in discreet design households and really not difficult to fold.

Click here for the folding instructions: Origami Hare

This clay pot hare has it all - with its funny, long wobbly legs, it makes perfect in the bookshelf or on the windowsill. You only need two small and a large clay pot from the hardware store and, paint, a bit of paper, as well as wooden beads and a long piece of thick wool.

Here's how to craft the clay pot Easter bunny: clay pot rabbit with wobbly legs

This paper easter bunny will delight your kids - it really is not difficult to retool and can be customized. The colorful eggs just fly through the air.

Here you will find the detailed instructions: Easter bunny made of paper

Napkins Easter Bunny

You can spice up your Easter table decoration with these napkin rabbits. With a few simple steps, the rabbit is folded lightning fast.

The folding instructions for the hare can be found here: napkin bunny

Make easter eggs

Small easter baskets with eggs, sweets and surprises must not be missing at Easter. There are many ways to pack the little presents. Like this idea: Just take an old jam jar, fill it with the surprises and decorate the exterior.

If you have a little more time to tinker, you can also braid a real basket of paper strips. Equipped with some Easter grass, this Easter basket is one of the classics.

A simple variant of the Easter basket is this paper basket made of cardboard. With a few cuts and a little double-sided adhesive, you will succeed in a last-minute Easter basket.

The detailed instructions can be found here: making Easter baskets

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