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Making Easter cards - instructions with templates to design yourself

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You would like to send easter greetings that come from the heart ">

Easter card with window

You need for the Easter card:

  • Working creatively
  • scissors
  • Construction paper (with patterns or monochrome)
  • Wool
  • duct tape
  • glue


Step 1: To start off, print out our craft sample - we have prepared a hare and an Easter egg in two sizes for you.

Click here: To download the templates

Step 2: Cut out the desired motif with scissors.

Step 3: Now fold the cardboard in the appropriate size (A4 or A5 format) in the middle to make it a fold-out card.

Step 4: On the front, draw the outline of the rabbit.

5th step: Then cut the motif carefully and clean with a small craft scissors.

Step 6: Now you need many wool threads in colorful and paschal colors. Cut them to the width of the Easter card - a little bit smaller.

Step 7: Now grab another piece of paper that covers the rabbit's surface from the inside. Then the wool threads are placed on it. Fix the threads with tape, left and right. Protruding wool is cut off with scissors.

Step 8: Then glue the piece of paper against the rabbit from the inside. With craft glue or hot glue, the paper should definitely keep well.

In our case, strip paper is now visible inside the map. So that they can also write something in, a piece of paper, which is 2 - 3 cm smaller at the edges than the side of the card, is glued into it.

Tip: You can also stick colorful paper strips, washi tape or lace against the motif from the inside. Just let your creativity run free - you'll be amazed what colorful Easter cards can be designed with this technique.

Examples of Easter greetings

"Everyone knows who that is, healthy and invigorating is the egg." Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch

"Easter is the victory celebration of eternal life." Gertrud de le Fort

"Easter is the future of man. Here he becomes man again as planned. " August Everding

"In the light of the Easter sun, the secrets of the earth get a different light." Friedrich von Bodelschwingh

Easter cards with thread graphic

You need:

  • Needle (yarn or wool)
  • thread
  • pencil
  • Greeting card (homemade or bought)
  • craft carton
  • Document clip or paper clip


Our templates are designed for a DIN A6 (closed) folding card. You can also use this for any larger map or adapt to the computer via a graphics program.

The points on our template do not have to be implemented 1: 1, you can also use more or less punctures or just any third party (or ...). They serve only as a rough guide, because how many holes you really need depends on how thin the used yarn is (the thicker the fewer holes) and how "round" the figure should be.

Click here: To download the template

And that is how it works

In addition to elaborate thread graphics, you can also just with a thread, from hole to hole, make the outlines of your motive and then inside with pencils and colors to paint the picture and decorate.

  • Select motif and lay or draw the box (markings help with slipping)
  • Punch holes (take a cardboard as a base, otherwise the needle will quickly dull)
  • compulsory painting picture
  • Embroider Easter motif

So you can see how the threads will be later and can already miss the Easter bunny or the chick a face or decorate the easter egg already plenty.

Design folding card

How a thread graphic works exactly can be found here: Fadengrafik

Print out one of our free Easter card templates. Or use your own motif. There are two ways to design the map:

version 1
Embroider your motif directly on the folding card. If you then interfere with the threads inside the card, you can still glue a suitable box on the inside.

Variant 2
You embroider on a piece of cardboard and then stick this on the front of the card. The folding card is decorated individually. This version variant is somewhat more elaborate, but hides the threads and knots.

With this solution, you can also create a postcard in which you stick the embroidered cardboard on a postcard. Note, however, the valid specifications of the post office of your trust, not that the postcard is then too heavy or too thick.

Tip: When gluing the embroidered card on the card, apply a lot of glue to the yarn, then cover everything with a cardboard and let weight heavy books dry.


Either you buy yourself a finished folding card, let the bookbinder make a stack of folded cards blank or tinker with the folding card itself. Depending on the thickness of the material, it is easy to fold the craft carton. With the thumbnail, a ruler or already quite professional with a Falzbein (nowadays from bamboo, plastic or bovine bone) then the fold is smoothed out and already the folding card is finished.

However, if you use slightly stronger material, it usually does not fold and fold so well. Here you can with a craft knife on the back (outside) of the carton and a ruler, carefully scrape the box. Never cut the box!

By this scoring the cardboard can then fold better and the back of the card does not blur when folding the card.

Easter Klappkarten

To tinker with eager attention at Easter. Whether you are working with your children or grandchildren, or even want to make a little something for your loved ones, no matter what it is. We have put together ideas for the Easter cards that you created in no time at all. You only need a few materials and we have the right Easter motifs for you, as free templates, integrated into the article, so you can quickly make Easter cards.

- Easter joy -

Our snowman has melted,
he is no longer visible.
Finally the winter is over
and the children are happy too -
because spring will be nice.
Soon daffodils ring.
Little Bunnies - one, two, three,
under bushes, behind hedges,
hide their nests quickly.
Sweet Easter treat!

Anita Menger

required materials:

  • our printed TALU Easter card crafting templates (free)
  • white paper or colored clay or pattern paper
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • small nail scissors to cut out the original hardware
  • Craft glue or hot glue
  • Colored pencils or fiber pencils for coloring the originals
  • as desired decorative material such as rhinestones and Co.

Step 1: Pick up our crafting templates and cut out the motifs you want to use.

Click here: To download the template

For the smaller parts, you simply use a small nail scissors. So you can cut out the fine details even easier. First cut out the templates with the scissors and then use the nail scissors at the details.

Tip: You can also use the cut-out crafting templates as templates if you want to transfer the outlines of the templates, for example, to sound or sample paper. So you can transform the craft templates into clay and sample paper parts.

Step 2: Now the sample or construction paper is used. On this record the dimensions. The map has an A5 format, for this you draw a height of 21 cm and a width of 14.7 cm on the paper.

Tip: Of course, you can also give your Easter cards individual measurements. There are no limits to your creativity.

Step 3: Cut the paper to the dimensions. Lay the paper upright and measure 13 cm from the bottom edge. Put a small marker there with the pencil. At this mark the Easter card is now folded.

Tip: Again, you can vary with the dimensions, keep in mind the size or height of your used and cut craft templates.

Step 4: Pick up another sample paper of your choice and transfer the shapes of the Easter egg to it. Then cut them out and glue the lower egg shape on the corresponding spot of the Easter Bunny template. The upper egg shape is glued on later.

Step 5: Now paint your bunny easter card template with crayons. With a black fiber pen you can trace black eyes and nose.

Tip: You can also paint or paint the Easter card craft templates as you like before sticking them on.

Step 6: Match your cut-out crafting templates to the fold-out card. Only then do you begin to apply the templates. First, stick the cut out easter bunny template on the card inside, so you can then close the Easter card and set the correct position for the upper pattern paper egg shape of the card outside.

Step 7: Decorate your Easter card with a happy Easter lettering.

Your homemade Easter Bunny Easter Card is ready to conjure up a smile on the festive days for your gifted sweetheart.

- Easter Bunny -

Untern tree in the green grass
a little Easter bunny is sitting!
Brushes the beard and sharpens the ear,
Makes a male, peeps out.
Then jump on with a sentence
And a little cheeky sparrow
Check now what's up there.
And what is it ">

And even this Easter card is ready and waiting to be given away. Now we wish you a lot of fun making Easter cards. If you still do not have enough of the Easter cards, then look forward to this post with other happy Easter card crafting ideas!

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