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Making Paper Roses - Instructions for Paper, Napkins and Co.

  • Make paper roses
    • Make simple paper roses | manual
    • Rose petals from filter bags | manual
    • Make paper napkins out of napkins | manual

Roses often say more than a thousand words. So much the better if this beautiful message lasts forever. The next festive occasion is sure to come, be it a love affair for the sweetheart, a wedding or a big anniversary: ​​Just give yourself a hand-made paper or napkin roses and Co. With the following DIY tutorials, it's child's play to enjoy the most beautiful paper roses Tinker.

Roses made of paper, napkins and Co. - just do it yourself

Making paper roses, instead of buying the beautiful flowers in the store, brings with it some advantages: Above all, the treasures never fade. So the recipients can remember the beautiful moment for a long time. In addition, paper roses need no care to look permanently noble. Therefore, they also make an excellent decoration for a nicely set table or just for your own four walls.

Make paper roses

All instructions come as a main component with simple craft paper or use as simple components, as most people already have in stock in the household, such as filter bags, napkins and Co. Every DIY is easily accessible to novice craftsmen. Depending on your experience and guidance, it may take between 20 minutes to two hours to make your own paper roses.

Make simple paper roses | manual

This guide will show you one of the easiest and fastest ways to craft decorative paper roses . They can be stuck to homemade greeting cards, or serve as a creative decoration for other small and large craft artworks.

Crafting tip: Make a whole picture of the flowers by sticking a lot of them in heart shape and frame them.

You need the following materials for simple paper roses:

  • Cardboard or similar solid paper in the desired color
  • Glue
  • scissors

So is the craft of simple paper roses. The instructions follow.

Step 1: Make a square out of your paper. Or you can immediately use a prefabricated square piece of paper.

Tip: Each size works, the longer the sides of the square, the larger the finished paper roses are. Example: The format of a classic sticky note results in a blossom of about thumbnail size.

Step 2: By removing the edges of the square, you can easily cut a circle out of it. You can use a compass to record the circular shape.

Tip: Do not worry, the contour does not have to be perfect. The finished result looks even more natural "with rough edges".

3rd step: Cut a spiral out of the circle.

Insert on the outside with a rather thin line and then cut farther inwards, until a kind of paper slug results.

4th step: From the outside, ie from the area where you have just used the cutting, roll the spiral very close and tight.

To make the initial piece easier to curl up, cut off the tip. So you have a straight edge for easier handling.

Tip: Anyone who struggles with curling can use a thin brush or a toothpick to help them and simply roll the spiral around it.

Step 5: When the paper is completely rolled up, squeeze it a few times until it creases slightly. This serves to produce firmness and form.

Tip: If you let the paper roses bounce all over the place, the typical rose shape will be even more beautiful.

Step 6: Now you have a finished rose made of paper.

Basically, the flower keeps its shape independently. If you want to be sure, bring some liquid glue from the bottom. Simply apply under the small lid and press firmly.

Rose petals from filter bags | manual

Dried roses make a romantic table decoration. With this guide, you will achieve a beautiful old rose with retro charm . The finished flowers can be loosely scattered on the table or pin with small pins on arrangements, decorations or gifts.

You need the following materials for rose petals from filter bags:

  • medium sized filter bags in brown
  • Teabags Fruit tea or all red teas
  • two cups or similar for dyeing
  • red watercolor
  • brush
  • Plate
  • Oven (optional for drying)
  • Disposable gloves
  • hot glue

So is the crafting of rose petals from filter bags. The instructions follow.

Step 1: Pour hot (not boiling) water into a cup. The other cup is filled with hot red tea.

Tip: Allow the tea to stretch as long as possible for a more intense color result. That can be several hours.

Step 2: Put on the gloves and put your plate in front of you.

Step 3: Now take the first filter bag and dunk it completely into the red tea.

Then place it on the plate.

Step 4: Moisten the brush with the hot water and then apply some red water color.

Dab one side of the filter bag with it. You can also apply food coloring or other water-based paints with the brush for more and more intensive color effects.

Step 5: Now dip another unused tea bag into the hot water and then press it onto the filter bag as if stamping.

Tip: If you redistribute the color with the tea bag, that does not matter. The technology makes for a great vintage effect.

Step 6: Place the filter bag so processed on the grid of the oven or alternatively on a metal grid coaster.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 with all remaining filter bags.

Step 8: Then place the grate with the filter bags in the oven to dry. A quarter of an hour at about 70 degrees Celsius is enough. Leave the oven door slightly open to allow moisture to escape more easily.

Tip: Of course you can let air dry the bags, which only takes much longer. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer to dry your filter bags even faster.

Step 9: Take one of the dry filter bags and open it by inserting the fingers of one hand.

Step 10: With the other hand, grasp the ribbed protruding edge on the underside of the filter bag.

Step 11: Hold the edge firmly and turn it carefully in one direction until the entire filter bag is spirally twisted.

Step 12: Now gently invert the flower while holding its shape together. In the small openings on the back apply hot glue.

If you want to apply the flowers directly to a decorative element or a present, you can stick it on now.

Otherwise, cut out of a completely dry filter bag small circles before, the diameter of which is minimally smaller than that of the flowers. You can now attach and fix your flower to such a circle. Now she can use freely.

Allow the glue to dry while still holding the flower in your hand. This gives her first strength. Then push a long pin, preferably with a pretty pearl pot, from the top through the center of the rose and pin the flower to the desired element.

Make paper napkins out of napkins | manual

If you want to make beautiful paper roses from napkins and co., You can easily proceed as in manual 1 and cut out a spiral-shaped circle, roll it up and glue it together. For a particularly impressive result, however, the slightly more effort of the following DIY guide is worthwhile.

You need the following materials for paper roses from napkins:

  • Napkin in desired design
  • scissors
  • paperclip
  • green, thin gift ribbon (which can be scissored with scissors)

So is the crafting of paper roses from napkins. The instructions follow.

Step 1: Open your napkin once so that it lies in front of you as a rectangle. In the middle is now the folding edge, of which left and right one square each.

Step 2: Cut the two squares apart along the fold line.

Step 3: Lay the squares on top of each other so that it looks like a single square or a normal napkin.

Step 4: Halve this by stacking two corners.

Now there is an oblong rectangle in front of you.

Step 5: Cut along the resulting fold edge. So you get four long napkin strips.

Step 6: You need two of these strips per rose. Lay them together in such a way that an even longer line is created.

Step 7: The short edges overlap by a few centimeters. These staple them together with a paper clip temporarily.

Step 8: Now fold in the upper right corner about an inch inwards. Then fold this piece again one centimeter in the same direction.

Step 9: Now take hold of this folded-in edge with your right thumb. The left thumb presses closely beside it on the edge.

Step 10: Carefully and without tearing the fabric, turn your thumbs against each other, right up, left holds.

Step 11: Now turn the entire long edge to the left by always turning the napkin down and then up again with your right thumb.

The left thumb only holds the fabric.

Tip: Granted, this technique is a little challenging for inexperienced ones. Once the process is clear, it works very fast in a matter of seconds and creates a noble border on the edges of the paper roses.

Step 12: The interface of the napkins, originally connected by a paperclip, fold in the above method and give it a hold. You can of course remove the clip.

Step 13: Continue until you reach the top left corner.

Step 14: Starting again from the top right corner, roll the strip into a beautiful rose. Just roll it up and squeeze the side without a border, while fanning the decorated edge again and again.

Tip: Unlike other folding techniques, the fabric in the upper area does not have to be rolled up so tightly. The loose distances underline the typical rose shape.

Step 15: The lower ends have been squeezed together, resulting in a small stem.

Fix this with your green gift ribbon. Just wrap it around the fabric and knot it well.

Tip: The ends of the gift ribbon curl now with the scissors - as in the packaging of gifts - and thus get a leaf-like look.

If you also put green wire or a wooden stick into the small handle and fix it with hot glue, you can make even long-handled paper roses.

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