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Tinker Paper Boxes - DIY Instructions and Ideas

  • Origami paper boxes
  • Templates for paper boxes
  • Make gift boxes
  • Instructions for paper bags

You can always use paper boxes - either to store a lot of small things, to use them as a decorative object or as gift wrapping. Here we present a variety of different paper boxes and show you how to make them exactly.

With paper you can make the craziest and most creative boxes - there are many ideas and ways you can design and decorate folding cartons. Below is a small selection of simple ideas for the home. Especially when you need a box for gift wrapping, these paper boxes are the salvation in last need.

Origami paper boxes

Origami - the art of folding - offers the possibilities needed for folding paper boxes. Whether from several elements or from a sheet of paper - Origami makes it possible. These paper boxes should be tinkered once:

These small cartons are suitable, for example, for the design of an Advent calendar. Here you will find the detailed instructions: boxes for advent calendars

Or rather tell these two copies to ">

Here are the instructions for the two paper boxes: Origami boxes

Templates for paper boxes

Boxes made of paper can also be tinkered with templates - these are printed out, transferred to the desired board and then folded up. We have put together these three variants for you: a noble origami box, a heart box and a leaf box.

The noble Origami box looks complicated at first glance - but if you work exactly, it is actually child's play. This paper box definitely makes for big eyes.

Click here: Download the template "Origami-Box"

The heart box is of course ideally suited to pack small love gifts on Valentine's Day. Surprise your sweetheart or your sweetheart simply with a self-made, sugar-sweet paper box in heart shape!

Click here: Download the template "Herzschachtel"

Another small paper box is this small box with a leaf closure - the size and look of the box make it a perfect gift box.

Click here: Download the template "Blattschachtel"

Here you will learn in detail how to make these three boxes with templates exactly: folding boxes with templates

Note: The box templates are no larger than A4 size, which means you can only give away trifles in it. Nevertheless, these paper boxes make for a real surprise - just because you are homemade.

Make gift boxes

The following three paper boxes are perfect for giving away - with the right decoration, you can quickly turn the boxes into a Christmas, wedding or birthday present.

Making paper boxes is easy - here we show exactly how it works: make gift boxes

Instructions for paper bags

Paper bags should not be missing especially at Christmas - but as a quick alternative for a purchased gift bag, it is also suitable for birthday presents. We will show you in this guide how you can make paper bags in two different ways.

The size of the bag of course depends on the size of the paper. With a sheet in A4 format, you can make a bag that can later store a gift with the maximum size of 10 cm x 15 cm . With a sheet in A3 format, the bag is already much larger. Here are the instructions: Instructions for paper bags

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