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Pirate costume make yourself - ideas for children / adults

  • Boys: pirate costume
    • Other accessories
  • Girl: little pirates costume
    • Further inspiration
  • Women's Costume: Pirate Queen
  • Pirate costume for men
  • Make eye patch yourself

The pirate costume is one of the classics under the disguises. They are welcome for carnival as well as children's birthday parties and similar celebrations. And everyone can join in: For children, the wild pirate look is just as suitable for adults. Therefore, there will be great inspirations for everyone!

Just become a pirate: make costume yourself

Another benefit of pirate costumes is that they are wonderful to make by hand. Of course, the trade also offers ready-made complete equipment, but let's be honest: Which pirate would not want to have a say in it? Since there are no rules, you will already find in your wardrobe (or in that of your children) numerous useful items to design a convincing basic costume. More is then tinkered quickly. Each pirate should have some of the following distinctive features - not to be considered a gypsy or simple tramp:

  • eye patch
  • Wooden leg (can be simulated by limping gait!)
  • grappling iron
  • saber
  • bandana
  • big golden earrings
  • tattered clothes
  • black nail polish or dark teeth (paint with carnival makeup)
  • Leather bracelets and belts
  • Imprints with skulls or anchors
  • Chains of gold or wooden beads
  • west
  • black or brown boots
  • pirate

Time required: about 30 minutes
Material costs : most of it is already there, accessories can be bought cheaply - overall, the costume does not have to cost more than 10 to 20 euros
Difficulty: very easy to handle even for beginners

Boys: pirate costume

Which boy does not even want to be a pirate ">

  • old jeans
  • black cloth (scarf, bed sheet, etc.)
  • T-shirt with pirate motif or monochrome white / black
  • colorful cloth
  • Klippohring
  • eye-catching big costume jewelery
  • scissors

That is how it goes:

Step 1: Provide the jeans with some cracks and holes (if not already available). Then cut off the pants at mid-calf level. Cut in zigzag for the most daring edges possible.

Step 2: Then pluck a few threads from the hems and tears to make the jeans look as worn as possible.

Step 3: Cut the black cloth into shape - if necessary. Then turn a belt out of it. Neat it should NOT look as possible.

4th step: The belt comes around the hips of the little buccaneer and later serves as a sword holder.

Step 5: Anyone who already owns a T-shirt with a pirate motif (skull or witty spell) is already well equipped with it. Otherwise, wide-cut monochrome models in black or white serve the same purpose. These can also be cut pirate-like.

6th step: In any case, the collar off, which looked much too civilized for a buccaneer. Cut either a V in its place or follow the seam and separate a half circle next to it.

Step 7: Cut the seams as well.

Tip: If you put tight vertical cuts after the horizontal cut, you will get great fringes that are perfect for a pirate look.

Step 8: You can now also apply cracks on the shirt itself or place suitable motifs by means of a textile paint or iron-on patch. Even stripes in red or blue are good. Just do not proceed too well!

Step 9: The colorful cloth is applied with the back knot on the head.

Step 10: Decorate your little pirate with eye-catching ear clips, necklaces and / or bracelets.

Other accessories

1. Eye patches can be purchased for little money (for example, in the pharmacy for less than 2 euros) and must not be missed. In case of an emergency just do it yourself - afterwards we show how!

2. The saber is a children's sword. Homemade models made of cardboard usually do not withstand the small savages, so the purchase is recommended - instead of a saber, a pistol would be an option. Even a water pistol is suitable. The weapon is casually inserted into the black hip scarf. It should sit there firmly, yet remain visible to potential attackers.

3. Use black carnival makeup to dab some dark stubble on the chin and cheeks of the young pirate. Then gently blur with a sponge.

Of course, the costume can be supplemented by numerous own ideas. The presented variant represents the basis - the imagination knows no bounds.

Girl: little pirates costume

For little pirates you create with some modifications a female pirate costume.

Material list - you need this:

  • old black skirt
  • big white blouse with ruffles or men's shirt
  • red bandana or simply red cloth
  • wide belt with big buckle (maybe old waist belt from mom)
  • in winter: thick tights in black or red
  • Boots with buckle
  • scissors

That is how it goes:

Step 1: First, the skirt is provided with holes. Separate the hem untidy and cut fringes into it.

Step 2: If you own a ruffled blouse, you will lose it completely. Men's models cut off the collar.

3rd step: Around the neck comes a bright red bandana. This can be easily made from a piece of red fabric itself. Simply cut square and done. Frayed edges are expressly desired.

Step 4: The big belt should sit loosely on the hip and provide space for a weapon (like the boys).

Step 5: So that the little pirate legs do not freeze in winter, a warm pantyhose is of course necessary. In bright red she completes the costume perfectly, but also black fits well. Just add a few holes again.

Step 6: Old boots about calf-height in black or brown can also be provided with holes. By means of superglue you can also attach bold buckles or rivets on it.

Further inspiration

1. If the little pirate has long hair, you could weave it into many small pigtails. Either leave it in such a way or wet splash and after some time open again for a wild robber mane.

2. Eye patch and weapon may not be missing, of course. A grappling hook made of costume shops makes a great eye-catcher!

3. If the little pirate would rather not have a weapon, she can also carry a telescope at this point. Of course, models from costume shops are again suitable for this. But kaleidoscopes also serve the purpose. Otherwise, just stick an empty kitchen roll with aluminum foil and decorate to taste.

4. Exceptionally, the young pirate may also exaggerate with the make-up: a lot of rouge for red apple cheeks or eye-catching eyeshadow and some lipstick can complement the costume appropriately. Black framed eyes should not be missed for daring little pirates.

5. A lot of glittering jewelry is of course a must here as well.

6. Creative: If you have a plush parrot, you can attach it with self-adhesive Velcro strips on the shoulder.

Women's Costume: Pirate Queen

For adult pirate brides are basically the same accessories as for children pirates. However, the pirate lady may like to look a bit seductive. With the following ideas that succeeds with simple means from your wardrobe.

Material list - you will need:

  • Blouse with puff sleeves or model in Carmen style, very good too: off-the-shoulder blouses and tops with flatter sleeves (color: white, black or red)
  • black skirt, preferably with ruffles, tulle or lace - length depending on taste and season
  • Corset with lacing
  • wide belt or cloth
  • leather boots
  • Tights
  • a lot of decorative cosmetics
  • Gold Jewellery
  • old bag

That is how it goes:

Step 1: As with children's costumes, you can "trim" your clothes by zigzagging the seams and cutting off fringes. Cracks and holes in strategically important places emphasize the seductive look.

Step 2: Perfect for the Pirate Lady is a lace corset that is worn over the blouse.

3rd step: Do not forget the girdle!

4th step: Should it not be too cold, torn fine tights to styling.

5th step: Do not save with eye make-up. Red lips and "Smokey Eyes" from dark eyeshadow, a lot of blurred kohl and black mascara belong to the pirate as her lush gold jewelry. This time you can even go wrong with makeup. The wilder the better.

Step 6: From an old shoulder bag you cut a purse, in which you keep captured gold coins (chocolate money). Simply detach the flap of the bag and tie it around the hips with the shoulder strap.

Step 7: Make your hair look as wild as possible. Auftoupieren, curling iron or diffuser waves: The main thing you get daring volume. Short hair look suitable with pirate cloth or hat. Alternatively, you could buy a carnival wig in costume or online cheap!

Pirate costume for men

This is how small pirates become big strong pirates!

Material list - you need this:

  • wide white shirt
  • Textile paint in blue, red or black
  • Leather or satin vest
  • sheepskin boots
  • knee-length dark pants
  • hair wax
  • golden earring (clip)
  • Headscarf or pirate hat

That is how it goes:

Step 1: The clothes are cut as in the previous costumes.

Step 2: Decide if you want to be predator captain or simple pirate guy. Captains wear frilly shirts, while the crew prefers simple white shirts. You also lean on the degree of neglect: The bosses do not look quite so tattered.

Step 3: Use the textile paint to paint horizontal stripes on your shirt. Of course, a striped T-shirt is also perfect.

Step 4: With a bit of wax, you mess up your hair or smooth yourself back as a pirate captain.

Step 5: A single earring is enough, but it should be as big and golden as possible.

Step 6: While simple pirates make do with a tied headscarf, a captain does not go off board without a hat. Either you buy a corresponding model from the costume supply or you make an old black hat accordingly. A skull could be painted on it by a textile paint. In addition, you could wind gold chains around the inside. With a corresponding template also succeeds a crafted model made of cardboard: Just measure the circumference of the head, bring outline of appropriate size on large cardboard, cut and decorate. With a tacker or rubber band, you can close your hat improvisation - and maybe catch a new piece at the party. After all, you are a pirate!

Make eye patch yourself


  • light cardboard or very strong fabric
  • black color, suitable for fabric or cardboard
  • scissors
  • black rubber band, measured to the required size of the head circumference

Step 1: Paint the outline of an eye patch - in other words, a large oval - on lightweight cardboard or very strong textile fabric.

Step 2: Cut out the shape and paint one side with black paint (depending on the material water, acrylic or textile color). Or you stick the cardboard with a piece of black felt.

Step 3: After drying, apply two holes to the outer edges (help punch, scissors or knife) and pull the rubber through. Now just knot and ready!

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