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Pirate Games - Games, Ideas & Instructions for the Pirate Party

  • Pirate games for children (4 to 12 years)
    • Pirate Balance
    • Grab sausages
    • Canning or bowling
    • Dig up treasures
    • Test of courage: Eating advised with eyepatch
    • quizzes
    • On the run
    • Painting and crafts corner
    • barrel rolls

A successful pirate party is a real childhood dream, whether for a birthday or other celebrations. In addition to an authentic decoration in the buccaneer style and great costumes are fun especially exciting pirate games. Here we show you a colorful selection of it with additional tips for planning your pirate party.

The following short suggestions for entertaining pirate games can be adapted in their level of difficulty both to smaller pirates as well as make it more challenging for older pirates. In addition, all proposals are processes that are just as fun outdoors as in your own home. With a little creativity, the pleasure does not have to cost a lot, most decorations can be crafted from little effort.

Stylish pirate party organize easily

If you want to organize a successful pirate party for little pirates, you can achieve a lot with just a few resources. However, the more faithful the individual components are to the theme, the more enjoyment the children will have. Therefore, the first important tip is already before it starts: Be creative. Those who like to be active in the DIY sector, can make great ornaments themselves and also make the costumes in their own right small works of art. But one after anonther.

Tip: As an introduction for guests who already appear in Piratenkostüm guests can learn together little pirate songs. With the help of these funny battle calls it goes all the more energetic into the naval battle. If there are two or more gangs, each learns their own song as a recognition feature.

Indispensable for any pirate party are:

  • Pirate costumes
  • a pirate's meal with suitably set table (with pirate napkins, skulls etc.)
  • varied pirate games

As far as the costumes are concerned, there are two options: In the invitation to your pirate party, determine whether the little guests should already appear dressed up - or make the compilation of great pirate clothes and corresponding accessories directly part of your party. For this you provide some appropriate clothing and maybe homemade swords and the like. Inspirations and many DIY ideas can be found here: Ideas for a Pirate Costume Especially as an introduction, dressing up together is a great way to get warm. Of course, the right names should not be missing. We'll tell you how to create creative pirate names yourself: ideas for pirate names

Of course, anyone who thinks of a real pirate party has one thing in mind: the treasure hunt. Before a lavish meal is prepared for hungry pirates, it is time to conquer the obligatory treasure. There are a variety of options to properly plan a suitable treasure hunt for your conditions such as weather and premises: organizing treasure hunt

Pirate games for children (4 to 12 years)

If you still can not or do not want to organize a big scavenger hunt, you will be able to organize a rousing pirate party with many smaller pirate games. All games can be used as stations, in several variants:

a) Each game stands alone and is occasionally interspersed. Prices are available directly afterwards.
b) The children go through all the stations like a course. Any points will only be evaluated at the end and the winner (s) will receive the treasure.
c) The guests form in advance small teams, or better pirate gangs, and then run the stations arbitrarily. The main thing, in the end, every team has to go through each game once.

Pirate Balance

One of the most popular pirate games is balancing on a raised beam. This can simply be an overturned tree trunk outdoors. In the apartment, place a long beam over two sturdy bricks or similar. With such creativity, such a hurdle is quickly built. For older children, a deep slackline rope could be a great challenge. Under the bar, you can also lay out blue cloths or blue paper. So it seems as if a large body of water is exceeded. Who can look out then crocodiles or shark fins ...

Objective: Every little buccaneer has to cross the beam from the starting point to the other end. Gold coins, gold eggs or something like that are waiting to be safely transported back over the beam on a small spoon in order to land in their own team's ship. If you slip, you either have to retire or start back for a second try. Full score is awarded to those who return without slipping their gold.

Tip: As a ship of the individual gangs can serve great treasure boxes made of wood. These are available for little money at Nanu Nana or in similar deco shops (or online).

Grab sausages

After this challenge in terms of skill and concentration, a small snack can not hurt. On a leash as many sausages are spanned, as there are participants. The adult pirates hold the leash high above the heads of the little ones. These must now jump up and grab for the goodies. For vegetarian pirates can of course also hang rubber bands or white rubber mice.

Goal: The one who has bitten off his entire treat first, gets a point. Alternatively, the entire gang must have nibbled their part. Those who finish with it first win, and get a lookup.

Canning or bowling

One of the highlights of classic pirate games is can throwing. The very simple structure is always great fun for the kids. For this purpose, only pile up sturdy-looking tin cans one above the other. Too modern doses would not fit the theme pirate party.

Goal: Of course, whoever meets, wins.

Tip: If you are worried about throwing around your interior, you can turn it into a bowling game. Do not stack the cans on top of each other, but place them one behind the other in the same pyramidal structure.

Dig up treasures

Just hold a treasure hunt in mini-format on your pirate party. For this you fill a large bowl of sand and buried many small treasures in it. The smaller the shape, the trickier the salvage. For example, rings, small gold coins or stones are particularly suitable. If you tell a story about magical quicksand instead of normal sand on so-called Magic Sand, you'll get a particularly intoxicating atmosphere.

Tip: The bath or the sandbox can be used as a replacement for a large bowl.

Objective: Capture as many treasures as possible - and of course, fast, before the others do!

Test of courage: Eating advised with eyepatch

Real pirates sometimes have to try things they do not know in their wild rides and on remote islands. Therefore, a test of courage is essential for every little buccaneer. Each one gets both eyes blindfolded not only with one, but with two eye patches. Then exotic food is served: the pirate must now taste deathly courage. For very young children, it is best to use very specific foods, such as pickled cucumbers or chocolate, so it will not be too difficult. If you want to make it a bit of a challenge for older kids, try foods that are usually less common in your environment.

Objective: Overcome the timidity and guess as many dishes as possible.


After so many physical challenges, even the most thoughtful pirates should get their money. In a puzzle corner you can offer various pirate games to ponder. Write down small quiz questions or create a pirate sudoku on a board. Instead of numbers here are small matching symbols such as swords, skulls, treasure chests and the like as placeholders. For very young children, we recommend a pirate bingo instead, with symbols instead of numbers.

Objective: For all properly solved puzzles, gold coins are collected again for the main victory. Alternatively, the winner or winning team will receive a small reward directly.

As a theme are pirate names and names of pirate ships. Here you will find a variety of information: famous pirates and their ships


To make the puzzle even more exciting, connect it to another of our pirate games, "Watch It". It goes like this: Every reasonable pirate has a pair of binoculars. He should also use it for this station! They place the questions on farther notes on the wall. With the aid of the homemade binoculars, the gangs have to conquer their questions before they can solve them. With real binoculars, of course, it's twice as much fun. Outdoors, you can pinnacle your puzzles on trees or fences, and the little robbers have a lot to do.

On the run

Unfortunately, pirate everyday life sometimes goes awry. For example, you become captive of enemy forces. Then it's time to get away with refinement as quickly as possible. In this sense, the game is built. All children form a circle and cling tightly to one another's hands as if to represent an indestructible rock face. Two children are in the circle center. They are the prisoners and must now try to break out. However, only fair and non-violent means apply, otherwise they have lost immediately and must remain in captivity and hand over all their already captured wealth.

Objective: The prisoners try to get out of the circle by crawling through the legs of outsiders or cleverly distracting them. Some shuffling is allowed of course.

Painting and crafts corner

While all previous pirate games aimed to fulfill a certain task, a painting and craft station offers the opportunity to let the creativity run wild. It lets the little ones breathe a little and represents a nice balance. Just design a large table with beautiful pencils or stains. To do this, you put out some pirate motifs, paper to paint yourself a pirate picture or crafting materials and small instructions for making pirate supplies such as small swords or hats.

Objective: Each pirate kid should complete the station and then hold something homemade in his hands. Alternatively, you can also offer this station as a free point of contact for all those who feel like it - and who does not like, lets them out.


If you like painting and handicrafts less, you can use a make-up station instead. Each pirate has to pick up a paint job here - as a matter of honor, so to speak, and be immediately assigned to his own clan. The make-up (with simple carnival colors) take over the adult pirates. For older kids, couples of two could always be responsible for giving each other a proper livery.

barrel rolls

One of the typical pirate games is the barrel rolling. Since not everyone has appropriate beer or oil barrels, this tip should only be an extra stimulus to the inspirations of the other pirate games. Maybe you have access to two barrels or would like to make some yourself. These develop due to their shape a special rolling behavior that makes the appeal of the game. Always two participants compete against each other. Everyone has to roll their keg as skillfully as possible through a previously staked course without getting off the track. And please pace, whoever arrives first wins.

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