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Bastard crafting gift - 15 ideas for money gifts

  • The classic: Greeting card
  • Money flowers for the wedding eve
  • A piñata for fiancee
  • Well filled poltertasse
  • Two rings to tie her
  • Mice in the pan
  • Romantic wedding sign
  • Make money tree
  • Cartoon as a money gift
  • How about a book "> Play money or real money?
  • Off to the honeymoon with the money card
  • Wedding pillow with surprise
  • Bridal couple from Lego or Playmobil
  • Message in a bottle

When the wedding is imminent, it is typical for the bridal couple to organize a wedding party. No, not the bachelor or hen party, the classic wedding reception, which belongs to the traditional wedding tradition and wishes the couple a good success for the future marriage. In addition to breaking dishes, games and of course gifts. happy to make homemade, for the bride and groom for the evening.

You were invited to the bachelor party of your best friend and do not know what you want to bring for a gift? You only know that you definitely want to give away some money? Then simply combine the two components and inspire the lucky ones with handcrafted gifts that are adorned with a little money. Homemade gifts are much more personal than purchased and not only friends and family, but also work colleagues, distant relatives and acquaintances can express their good wishes with the present. With the money gift you will definitely leave a lasting impression before the wedding.

Or are you looking for a fun game or prank to surprise the future bridal couple? Here you will find creative ideas: hen party games

The classic: Greeting card

With a greeting card as a gift of money you can never do anything wrong. It's easy to make, and you can easily personalize it to fit the bride and groom perfectly. For this you just take a craft card in a matching color, fold it in half and paint or decorate it. The A5 format is very well suited for this. Let your imagination run free and choose as a theme, for example, a funny anecdote from the past or just the congratulations for the wedding. You then put the money in the card. Simple, classic and always welcome.

Money flowers for the wedding eve

It gets a bit more creative with money flowers. You fold these from the banknotes, similar to the Japanese origami, and then bind them together as a arrangement. When choosing the flowers you should be careful to choose simple variants, so that the money is not torn and it does not have to be cut. The following guide will help you to fold a simple flower. For these you need three equivalent bills and thin, flexible wire:

  • the bill is placed on the table with the back side up
  • fold this lengthwise in the middle
  • Open the banknote and fold all four corners to the center line
  • fold the two long edges to the center line
  • Now take the folded bills side by side in your hand
  • touch the middle and place the wire around it
  • Gently twist the wire to prevent it from opening
  • Now the individual petals, six on the flower, are opened
  • For that you take your finger and simply push open the open end
  • then the petals are nicely arranged

Here are the instructions with pictures: banknote flower

A piñata for fiancee

This funny gift is the highlight of every stag party. For this, make two heads from papier-mâchéchee that look similar to the fiancee and fill them with money and other things that can bring a laugh or a good story. Best of all, the future couple have to open their heads to get to the , which is similar to a Piñata. Fun is inevitable with this gift.

Here you will find our manual for Pinata: Making Pinata

Well filled poltertasse

Since the polterabend crockery in bulk breaks, the Poltertasse is a really fun gift. Of course, this other ceramic containers such as bowls or the like can be used. Fill the cup with rolled bills and the newlyweds take them out of the smash. You can decorate the bills with small bows before.

Two rings to tie her

Wedding rings are part of the wedding like the couple itself. How about two specially shaped rings for the still fiancee ">

  • First, fold one of the short sides thinly, a maximum of half a centimeter
  • repeat this step on the other side
  • Now fold the bills from one side to the other completely until you reach the top
  • Now fold the folded bill along your fingers to a large ring
  • Close one of the rings with a strip of Tesafilm
  • now hang the other, not closed ring in the finished ring and also close with Tesafilm
  • Now the future couple can look forward to a second pair of rings

Mice in the pan

This gift has become a welcome money present in recent years, as it is funny and straightforward. For this gift you just need bacon mice or mouse figurines, depending on your preference, which you attach with double-sided tape to the bottom of a new pan. Now take bills and make them out of these compartments, which you decoratively distribute between the mice and also fasten with tape. Some people still tie a loop for the money present for the wedding reception. The best thing about the mouse panne: the budding couple can literally squash the mice and enjoy new cooking utensils with the pan.

Romantic wedding sign

You can make a wedding sign and give it to the prospective bride and groom on the wedding eve. You can either buy a finished sign, with or without a handle, or create it yourself from wood panels. As with the card, personalization is particularly important here. Decorate the sign with a nice saying, maybe the wedding couple, if you are good at crafting or painting. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

Make money tree

For all couples with a garden or those who intend to do so in the future. Opt for a tree that can cope with the local climate and is easy to maintain. Hang on these bills, which the couple can then pick. There can not be a better start to the new life. Or would you like to make a stable tree yourself?>> Make Geldbaum

Cartoon as a money gift

Caricatures always have something personal and are an excellent gift. If you can paint or draw, you should create a caricature of the bride and groom and integrate money into the picture. For example, you can let the two use the bill as a flying carpet, which was glued directly into the picture with easy-to-remove Tesa.

How about a book?

Books may be a bit more traditional, but they are a special surprise. Either choose a book that both partners like or are especially suited to fresh wedding couples. After selecting the book, you can decide whether to hide multiple bills in specific places in the book, or even cut out most of the pages to stash the money in a pocket. This makes for a smile on the couple's lips when the book is opened.

Play money or real money "> Off to the honeymoon with the money card

Do the couple go away or can not you decide where to go on a honeymoon? Then best give them a cash card. This is a world map where you propose specific goals and attach a bill pocket with Tesa to them. This will not only surprise your friends with a gift of money, but also ideas of where a trip would be worthwhile.

Wedding pillow with surprise

For the wedding reception a personalized pillow is perfect for the budding bridal couple. It is best to choose a cushion with light stuffing, open it and hide a couple of bills. The bridal couple can then decide when and at what time they want to look for the money, for example in the honeymoon.

Bridal couple from Lego or Playmobil

You can start the big day on the wedding eve by using Lego or Playmobil to recreate a church and integrate the newlyweds. Of course, other scenes are also possible, such as special anecdotes from the past. Some elements are represented by banknotes, such as a sheet passage. You can even hide some bills in the old diorama style in the diorama, so all secrets need to be explored.

Tip: Alternatively, you can use other characters for this gift, such as Disney or brands that please the fiancé. At the present time, there are actually suitable figures for every hobby, no matter if video games, comics, series or films, that can be put into an appealing backdrop.

Message in a bottle

For the bottle post, choose either a transparent bottle or one with a decorative inscription, take several bills and roll them into a paper on which you previously wrote congratulations and the like. This is now put in the bottle.

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