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Hen Party Games for Both - Ideas and funny jokes

  • Karaoke for singers
  • The bottle belt
  • Newlyweds Quiz
  • What's in the purse "> Polterabendmaler
  • A piñata to happiness
  • pillow dance
  • Bridal dress from toilet paper
  • Husband Baby
  • sketch
  • antics
    • Number 1: the toilet
    • Number 2: bell kiss
    • Number 3: two brooms, one unit
    • Number 4: with a hammer and chisel luckily
    • Number 5: big trailer, small effect

The bachelor party is imminent and you want to play alone or with friends the future couple a harmless prank or prepare a fun game? No problem! There are many ideas to make the evening even more interesting next to the smashing of the dishes, to make all guests and especially the bridal couple laugh.

The bachelor party is a tradition that can be implemented particularly imaginative. Regardless of whether the evening is traditional or has its own program, games and pranks make the mood even more relaxing. As it is the stag party with the smashing of the dishes and then cleaning up for the first "work" as a possible couple, a nice prank or a game can not hurt. These may even go under the belt, as the wedding is the elegant and romantic aspect of marrying. At the stag party, you can really go for the plaster again, or rather the cups.

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Karaoke for singers

Karaoke is one of the best games for the hen party ever. Give a serenade to your still-fond friends or run a small singing tournament with tiny cash prizes. In the end, everyone will sing along for fun.

The bottle belt

The bottle belt is one of those games that you can do with or without alcohol. If you try such games with alcohol, you should not drink too much. Attach several small bottles to a belt that either groom or the bride puts on. Now the guests of the opposite sex must try to pull the vials from the belt with their mouths.

Newlyweds Quiz

The bridal pair quiz is also played on the wedding eve. Here, the closest friends prepare a questionnaire for the bride and husband, preferably with questions that lead to funny situations. For every correct question, a small gift of money is given and the couple will surely learn more about their own partner, who was not known before.

What's in the purse "> Polterabendmaler

Host a small duel with the game Monday Painter. Here, the bridal couple compete against each other, while the guests are divided into two teams and have to guess which terms each person paints. The winner of each round receives a small cash prize, making such games popular with both partners. Of course, the money prices are ultimately used by the couple together, but it is always a special kick for games when man and woman can win money.

A piñata to happiness

With a piñata you never do anything wrong for the wedding eve. For example, model them for the bridal couple, perhaps the fiancee's pet, or an item that is part of a memorable anecdote. These fill you with money and, alternatively, other items that cause a laugh or two.

pillow dance

For the Kiss Dance you only need a pillow that is filled with feathers and some banknotes and of course the bridal couple.

This now tries to carry the pillow up with their bodies alone, whereby they stand very close to each other and have to try by friction to move it. It always looks very funny, because they can not use their hands and make things difficult.

Bridal dress from toilet paper

Dress-up games are always a hit, and the groom and the bride make a bridal gown from toilet paper within a time limit. For each one guest is selected, who is available as a model and is wrapped in the toilet paper, so to speak. The guests or a selected "jury" decide in the end who the better designer is. The winner receives a small cash prize.

Husband Baby

Games for the wedding reception should simply make for laughs and better ideas like the husband-baby does not exist. This game can even be counted among the tricks, as it brings the couple in a very funny situation, especially for the visitors. This game can be bought as a ready made set and includes a small table with a hole. The table is decorated with a picture of a baby body and the game is as follows:

  • the husband pokes his head through the hole
  • it looks like a baby with a huge head is lying on the "changing table"
  • already here the guests start loudly laughing
  • Now the future one puts her arms through the other two holes and tries to feed her husband
  • You can also hide money gifts on the table that the budding couple must find together


Sketches are not really games, but the couple can be playfully integrated. Numerous ideas for interesting sketches can be found, which a group of friends should demonstrate and immediately become a highlight on the wedding eve. You can even include a money surprise in the sketch. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! The most popular topics include:

  • funny anecdotes as a spectacle
  • satirical lectures by two men on the sufferings of marriage
  • classic stories presented with funny twist

Tip: very popular is the so-called male ballet. Here, some of the men put on tutu ballet outfits and perform a "dance" to classical ballet music or a fun song, which is always a big hit.


Number 1: the toilet

The wedding reception should be an evening full of sweat-inducing work and fun for the future bride and groom. The pranks are a fun way to lighten the mood even more and embarrass the future couple. For this, the toilet is ideal. Cleaning the toilet is one of the activities nobody really wants to do, and with this prank that combines a gift of money, prepare the two lovers for this task. Proceed as follows:

  • Get a new toilet, it can be as cheap as possible
  • Prepare small plastic containers, such as sauce containers, which are always used by delivery services
  • Place a bill or coin in the plastic containers
  • Now mix the plastic containers in a large amount of chocolate pudding
  • For this you should use as much pudding as fits in the toilet bowl
  • Fill the pudding together with the money containers in the toilet and seal them

The budding bride and groom now have to look together in the toilet for the gifts of money, like with diving goggles and gloves.

Number 2: bell kiss

This pretty harmless prank is one of the many ideas the couple will probably love. Here you tell the newlyweds that when the bell rings a kiss in front of the guests is required. This is especially fun for those who hold the bell in their hands and thus have the "power" and they ring when it comes to a funny or embarrassing situation.

Number 3: two brooms, one unit

Prepare the brooms for sweeping the shards, but in such a way that the future groom and his bride have to work together in a more coordinated way. To do this, tie the two brooms together so that both hold a broom in their hands but can not move it freely. Use a strong, very short rope and attach the ends of the rope to both brooms. The Palstek knot is very well suited for this. Then sit back and enjoy the looks of the couple as you hand over the brooms.

Number 4: with a hammer and chisel luckily

This prank is at the same time a gift of money and thrilled by the simplicity and the reaction that will follow the "gift". For this prank you only need many coins and some ready-mixed concrete. Mix the concrete with a large amount of coins. Fill the concrete in a mold or let it solidify as a block. Now, hand it over to a lover decorated with a bow, along with a chisel and a hammer. These can now go to work and look forward to every single coin.

Number 5: big trailer, small effect

One of the oldest pranks for bachelor parties ever. Rent a truck with a tipper whose walls are so high that no one can look inside. Put only a porcelain piece in it, for example a teapot, and after the first "rumbling", slowly raise the tipper. While the couple is struggling with horror hair in front of this new set of dishes, the surprise in the end is great when only a portion of dishes falls out. This prank is always good for a laugh.

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