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Crochet doll yourself - free instructions for crochet doll with hair

  • Material for a doll
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  • Instructions - crochet doll
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With the crochet technique "Amigurumi" you can make very different things according to the same principle. Animals, fruits, vegetables or a doll are among the classic forms. The wonderful thing about Amigurumi is that you have to crochet nothing but solid stitches for many shapes. In this tutorial we'll explain how to crochet, step by step, a pretty and cuddly Amigurumi doll.

Basically, the bodies of different animals and human figures in their style hardly differ from each other. A basic decision that you have to make with every Amigurumi body beforehand is whether you want to crochet your arms and legs directly or make them separately. When arms, legs and perhaps tail are crocheted individually, they must be sewn on at the end. Since a doll for the face and hair already takes a long time, we have chosen in this guide for a body with directly crocheted limbs. For small children, this variant is better anyway, since the limbs of the doll are not so easy to tear off.

Material for a doll

  • 1 skein crocheted wool (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 50g / 57m) in light pink, dark red and sun yellow
  • Crochet hook 6 mm
  • filling material
  • red embroidery thread
  • black and blue embroidery thread OR amigurumi safety eyes
  • embroidery needle
  • wool needle

With the material from this guide, your Amigurumi doll will be between 25 and 30 cm tall.


  • thread ring
  • Fixed stitches
  • Increase and decrease stitches

Instructions - crochet doll


Normally you start with Amigurumi with a string of thread. So it is in this manual for a doll. For this you use the yellow wool. In the thread ring, crochet six tight stitches and tighten. Now, over a total of five rounds, six fixed stitches are added in each round. This means that you work two sets of stitches in each stitch in the loop after the thread ring. In the next round every other stitch is doubled, in the following rounds every third and fourth stitch.

Now switch from yellow to light pink wool. To soften the transition between colors, start the first stitch of the next round with the yellow thread again. Crochet the tight stitch with the pink thread. In the next stitch, crochet an air mesh in pink, then continue with tight stitches in pink. In this round you double every fifth stitch. Your last round should consist of 36 stitches.

For the next four rounds, crochet one stitch per stitch. It follows the decreases over four rounds. For this you crochet every fifth and sixth stitch together in the first round of deduction. In the following rounds, every fourth and fifth, third and fourth and finally every second and third stitch are crocheted together. Now you should have 12 stitches left. The head of the doll is ready.


For the neck of the doll, first crochet one stitch per stitch for four rounds. Now you change from the skin color to the clothing color. This is dark red in our example. Again, the procedure described above in the manual for a smooth color change in Amigurumi offers.

For the shoulders of the doll now meshes must be increased again. The scheme for this is the same as the head. It is the standard pattern for increases in Amigurumi. So you first double every second stitch, then every third, fourth, and in the last increase round every fifth stitch. There are now 36 stitches in the round.
If you have opted for security eyes, now is the last chance to install them. The exact location can be found later in this guide under "Eyes". Now stuff the head evenly with your filling material. With the blunt end of the crochet hook you can help a little bit.


Before you start with the belly of the doll, you must avoid the stitches for the arms. Crochet five tight stitches, skip the following six stitches and continue crocheting in the seventh stitch. During the transition, make sure to pull the thread tight to avoid a hole.

This is followed by five fixed stitches. Then release another six stitches for the second arm. Crochet the next stitch in the seventh stitch and make a smooth transition with a tight thread. After another five stitches this round is over.

Now crochet the belly only with these 24 stitches. In the next round, double every fourth stitch to get 30 stitches. Crochet these 30 stitches over five rounds. To finish off the abdomen, take six stitches in a round by crocheting every fourth and fifth stitch.


Mark the beginning of the round. Crochet 12 stiches for the first leg of the Amigurumi doll. Take out the following 12 stitches and finish this round with a sturdy stitch in the first stich with the mark. Here, as with the armholes, it is important not to let go of the thread. Crochet four rounds of red wool over these 12 stitches.

Now switch from red to light pink wool. Crochet a total of six rounds, each with 12 strong stitches.

In the next round, double every other stitch three times. Crochet the remaining six stitches with a single stitch per stitch. Change back to the red wool and crochet a round with 15 strong stitches.

In the next round, crochet two sts and double the next stitch. Then double the second stitch twice more. Crochet the remaining stitches of the round with a single stitch per stitch. Now there should be a total of 18 stitches in a round.

This is followed by a round with a fixed stitch per stitch. In the next round, crochet every second and third stitch together. Now it is time to stuff the body, as well as the first leg of the doll.

If the leg is well filled, crochet one last round and crochet two stitches together. Cut the thread and sew the thread so that the last little hole on the shoe sole closes.

For the second leg, start the first round in the crotch. Crochet a total of five rounds of 12 stitches with the red wool. Switch to light pink wool and crochet with this another six rounds. In the next round, crochet six stitches first, then double the seventh, ninth, and eleventh stitch. At the end of this round, switch back to the red wool. Crochet a round with a single stitch per stitch. In the next round, crochet only eight stitches. Double the ninth, eleventh and thirteenth stitch.

Now there are 18 stitches in the round. Crochet a round with a single stitch per stitch. In the next round, summarize every second and third stitch together. Then stuff the leg and crochet a final round, crocheting two stitches together. Close the second leg analogous to the first.


For the arms put on with the red wool on the armpits of the doll. Crochet one set of stitches into each of the six closed stitches. To crochet a total of four turns in red. Then switch to light pink for the rest of the arm. Crochet another six rounds with six stitches each. Then crochet three stitches two times together.

Cut the thread and close the small hole left over after the last round.


For the hair of your Amigurumi doll you need a thick tuft of the same length of yellow woolen threads. The length of the hair you can choose freely, with the technique described in this guide is better for longer hair. Ideally, at home you will find a book or sturdy cardboard that matches your desired hair length. Then you can simply wrap the wool quite often around the book and then cut the threads on one side. Bear in mind that a thread must have twice the hair length, as it hangs from the left and right of the head.

Place the crown with a yellow thread in the center of the front of the doll's head at the transition to the yellow area. Place a tuft of about seven hairs behind the hole so that the same amount of thread hangs down to the left and right. Now make a straight row backwards and then out a row further back. Then tighten the thread and put the next tuft of hair directly behind the first one. Insert into the same puncture site as before and out two rows further towards the center of the head.

Pay attention to a straight line, as the vertex will remain well visible in your Amigurumi. Sew tufts tufts along the crest to the back of your head. How far you go at the back of your mind is up to you. At a minimum, however, the yellow area should be covered. At the end, knot the thread and pull the knot in the head.

Tip: These hairs make wonderful hairstyles such as braids or ponytail.

Nose and mouth

For the nose, take a short thread in light pink. Make a knot at the end of the thread and cut in from the side of the head so that you come out slightly below the middle of your face. Push the knot in the head. Embroider around a stitch three to four times from left to right. Pull the protruding thread in the head.

For the mouth of the doll you need the red embroidery thread. Pierce one to two rows down the right of the nose and out at the same height a little to the left of the nose. Repeat this line two to three times. Then knot the ends of the embroidery thread very close to the corner of the mouth. Pull the protruding thread into the head with the knot.


If you have decided against safety eyes, you will learn in this part of the manual how to directly embroider the eyes. But it also looks nice with safety eyes if you decorate them with embroidered eyelashes or eyebrows.

For the eyes, use the black embroidery thread first. Prick sideways into the head approximately two rows above the nose. Then stab it out at the same height about two to three stitches laterally to the nose. For the pupil, make three to four short, horizontal stitches. Then lead the thread back to the puncture hole on the head side.

Now take the blue embroidery thread and also guide it to the side of the puncture hole next to the pupil. Pass the thread tightly around the pupil with three to four short stitches. Drag each line two to three times. Then lead the blue thread back to the puncture hole.

For the eyelashes, pick up the black thread again and lead it to a point a little bit from the outer edge of the eye. First, make a wide circle around the eye by piercing the inside of the eye but passing the thread over the eye with your finger. Pierce above the eye approximately in the middle and fix the thread there with a short stitch upwards - your first eyelash. Make a second eyelash further out and a third eyelash at the outer edge. Then pull the whole arch around the eye a second time and fix it again at the first eyelash at the top. Bring the thread back to the puncture hole.

Tie the threads together and pull the ends into the head with the knots. Work the second eye in the same way. It may help to arrange the threads of the eye with the embroidery needle a little bit at the end and pluck it into position. Your Amigurumi doll is ready!

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