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Knitting Doll - Free Instructions for a Knitting Doll

  • Material and preparation
  • Knit doll
    • head
    • Shoulder
    • body
    • legs
    • poor
    • skirt
    • face
    • hair

In the world of needlework it is common practice to crochet stuffed animals and dolls. The Amigurumi technique has proven itself here many times. But some people are more inclined to knit than crocheting. It is easier for them to knit animals or a doll. In addition, a knitted cuddly fellow has some qualities that distinguish him from his crocheted colleagues.

In this guide, we will show you how to make a knit doll yourself. In the finished doll it is noticeable that she looks a little stronger. Especially for small children, she is such a stable playmate who can sometimes be carried around on the arms or legs. In addition, the texture is flatter and more even than crocheted cuddly toys. That makes the knit doll very cuddly.

Material and preparation

Prior knowledge:

  • right stitches
  • Mesh increase
  • Remove stitches
  • Knitt off stitches right crossed
  • casting on
  • envelope


  • Wool in light pink and blue, z. Cotton (yardage: 125 m / 50 g)
  • Wool in yellow and red, z. Eg polyacrylic (run length: 180 m / 50 g)
  • Double Needle Thickness 3
  • filling material
  • Safety eyes (Ø 10 mm) OR blue and black embroidery thread
  • 2 buttons
  • black and red embroidery thread
  • crochet hook
  • wool needle

Our knit doll has grown just under 25 cm with this material. You can decide without problems for other colors and also vary the material. The only important thing is that you make the skin and body of a yarn of the same strength. If the wool for the skirt is very different from the material of the rest of the doll, you will need to adjust the cuff for the cuff. Otherwise he could slip or be too tight.

Knit doll


We begin to knit the doll at the head. They always knit right stitches. Cast on 8 knots in light pink on 2 needles. Knit a round. In the next round, take a stitch after each stitch. To do this, knit a stitch out of the intermediate thread.

Hint: Knitting the new stitches in the following round always crossed right. This prevents small holes.

You re-record 8 stitches in each of the following rounds. These are always distributed evenly. This means that in the next round, after each 2nd stitch, then after every 3rd stitch, you pick up a stitch again. Take a third and fourth knitting needle into the round as soon as it gets too tight for you. If you have a total of 56 stitches on the needles, knit 26 rounds to the right with no further increases.

Close the hole on the top of the head with the help of the beginning thread and the wool needle. Now is the time to knit the neck of your doll. To do this, take 2 stitches together on the right side over a round. Knitting 4 more rounds with 28 stitches.


In the next round, take a stitch from the intermediate thread after each stitch. The beginning of the round at the doll knitting is the way in the neck. Now switch to the body color blue. Take over 4 rounds of stitches for the arms according to the following scheme:

1st round: 8 right, 1 record, 2 right, 1 record, 8 right, 1 record, 2 right, 1 record, 16 right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 8 record right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 8 right

2nd round: 9 right, 1 record, 2 right, 1 record, 10 right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 18 record right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 10 record right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 9 right

3rd round: 10 right, 1 shot, 2 right, 1 shot, 12 right, 1 shot, 2 right, 1 shot, 20 right, 1 shot, 2 right, 1 shot, 12 right, 1 shot, 2 right, 1 record, 10 right

4th round: 11 right, 1 record, 2 right, 1 record, 14 right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 22 record right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 14 record right, 1 record, 2 record right, 1 record, 11 right

There are now 88 stitches on your 4 needles. Knit a round of right-hand stitches. In the next round, knit 14 stitches. Rest the next 16 stitches on an additional knitting needle or a thick thread. Repeat 4 stitches. These are later in the armpit. Knit another 28 stitches along the round and tie the next 16 stitches. Turn 4 stitches again. Finish the round.


If you have decided to use safety eyes for the knitting dummy, you should now attach them. The correct position is minimal above the head half. Orient yourself by the shoulders to fix the eyes symmetrically on the front of the face. Then stuff your head with your filling material.

Now continue with the body of your knit doll. The first round after the shoulders is a bit tricky. It consists of 64 meshes. You should also knit the newly damaged stitches here on the right side. From there on, 24 simple rounds follow smooth right. Plug out the top two-thirds of the body.


First you will knit the right leg of the doll. For this knit 32 stitches and rest the remaining 32 stitches. Repeat 2 stitches before closing the leg. Knit 5 rounds with 34 stitches. Then switch to light pink wool.

There are 16 more laps to follow. In the 17th round, knit 4 times 2 stitches evenly distributed over the round. After a round without declines repeat this procedure. There are 26 stitches left. Knitting 2 laps. The beginning of the round is on the inside of the leg.

Now take stitch for the foot. The scheme is: 10 right, 6x 1 increase & 2 right, 4 right. Knit a round normally. Then comes the second round of increase: 10 right, 6x 1 increase & 3 right, 4 right. Now there are 38 stitches in a round.

Knitting 3 more rounds. Pad the leg and the rest of the upper body with filler. Close the foot by knitting 2 stitches to the right in a round. After a round without declines knit 2 stitches on the right side again. Cut the thread and take it on the wool needle. Pull the thread through the remaining stitches and tighten the opening. Tie the thread next to the hole and pull the rest into the leg.

For the left leg, take the disused stitches and the two newly struck stitches on the inside of the leg onto the needles. Proceed analogously to the right leg. Only the increases for the foot change the scheme. The beginning of the round is also on the inside of the leg. Knit 4 rows at the beginning and 10 stitches at the end.


Take the 16 discarded and the 4 new damaged stitches on your needles. Knitt the 20 stitches over 22 rounds. After the 4th round change to light pink. For the wrist, always put 2 stitches together in a round. Knit one round with 10 stitches, and then take a stitch after each stitch. Retain the 20 stitches over 3 more rounds.

Now it's time to stuff your arm. At first, push the filler into the shoulders.

Then you take over 3 rounds of stitches. In the first round, knit every 4th and 5th stitch together. In the 2nd round you summarize every 2nd and 3rd stitch together. The last stitch is left and knitted on the right. Likewise in the last round, in which you summarize 2 stitches each. There remain 6 stitches on the needles. Close the arm as well as the legs.

The procedure is the same for both arms.


You knit the skirt for the doll with the red wool. Hit 64 stitches on your needles. The cuff follows the pattern 2 left - 2 right over 8 rounds. Afterwards work 8 rounds in smooth right. You take 16 stitches in the third round. Knit a new stitch out of the cross thread before and after every 8th stitch. The same is repeated in the 7th round. Here you knit an extra stitch before and after every 10th stitch.

After the 8th round starts the wave pattern. First knit a round with left stitches. In the next round with right stitch, take 6 stitches again. For this knit an extra stitch from the cross thread before every 16th stitch. Make another round with 102 right stitches.

For the wave pattern you need a number of stitches divisible by 17. The next round work according to the following scheme: knit 3 times 2 stitches, knit 5 times 1 turn and 1 right, 1 turn, 3 times 2 stitches. The whole thing is repeated exactly 6 times in a round. This is followed by 2 rounds right and a round of left stitches.

You can repeat the pattern until the skirt is long enough for you. The order always applies: 1 round left, 2 rounds right, pattern round, 2 rounds right. Finish the skirt with one round left and one round of right stitch.

Finally, the rock gets carriers. These can be braided or crocheted in 2 rows. It's best to put on your skirt and measure how long the straps must be. In our case, it was enough to crochet 2 rows of 30 stitches.

Sew the straps at the back and front of the cuffs of the skirt. For decoration, the knit doll gets 2 pretty buttons on the front end of the carrier.


Grab the neck by picking up every other stitch around with the woolen needle and a light pink thread. Tie the beginning and end of the thread in the neck. Pull the thread so tight that the neck takes on an appealing shape.

For the eyes either you have already used safety eyes or you embroider them. A corresponding guide can be found at our crochet doll. The safety eyes can also be decorated with eyelashes. Take the black embroidery thread. Pierce on one side of the head and let a little thread over. With a total of 2 stitches, embroider a line around the top third of the eyes. Three eyelashes are evenly spaced at right angles. In both eyes, pop out of the same hole from the top of the head where your initial thread hangs. Tie the two ends together and press the knot in the head.

The nose consists of 4 cross-stitched threads of light pink yarn. It is about 2 stitches wide. Make sure that you are sitting centrally between the eyes.

Embroider the mouth of your knit doll with the red yarn. It should be in the middle of the nose and can take many different forms. Start with the beginning and end of the thread as well as with the eyelashes.


Although you knit the doll, you will need a crochet hook at this point. You also need a pair of scissors and a book whose width matches the desired hair length for the knitting doll. Take the yellow yarn and wrap it around the book many times. Use the pair of scissors to cut the threads apart along the spine. Now you have all the same length threads.

Pull the middle of each thread individually with the crochet hook through the stitches of the top of the head. Thread the two ends of the thread through the resulting loop. By pulling on the ends, the loop becomes very tight and the strand of hair sits securely on the head.

Start with the strands on the left and right of the crown. Since the hairline will be visible here later, the strands should be particularly close together. Also on the forehead. Behind it, you can attach the individual strands at a greater distance from each other.

Overall, the hair should take a somewhat circular area on the upper head quarter. Long hair automatically covers the sides and back of the head. And the doll is ready!

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