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Heat rapeseed properly - benefits of rapeseed

  • Rape in the grain pillow
    • advantages
  • Covering the heating pad
  • Fields of application of rapeseed pillows
    • Hot rapeseed pillow
    • Cold rapeseed pillow
  • Heat rapeseed cushions properly
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Similar to grain pillows, pillows filled with fine rapeseed also provide a sustained release of heat. Rapeseed pillows, however, can also be used very well for cooling injuries. How to properly heat or cool a Rapskissen, we show you here in the instructions.

Rapeseed in a pillow case is a pleasantly soothing heat cushion for many applications. Cuddlier than a hot water bottle and with a longer and more even heat release, the Rapskissen can be heated quickly in the microwave or in the oven. Due to the small rapeseed, the pillow adapts perfectly to joints or the neck. The essential oils are also a great help for colds or bronchitis, as they are released by the heat in the pillow again and again.

Rape in the grain pillow

Rapeseed is processed in this country mostly to edible oil. The seeds contain between 45 and 50 percent oil, which is economically very profitable for the farmers. But rapeseed is also often used as feed or fuel. As a cruciferous plant, rapeseed, in addition to its pure storage power for heat, also has other advantages in the treatment of various diseases. Rapeseed is closely related to mustard and cabbage, which explains the healing essential oils that also work well in a rapeseed pillow. The plant itself can grow up to 1.50 meters high. Flowering fields with rapeseed smell from afar, but for the extraction of seeds pass after flowering for a few weeks. Rapeseed is also of great importance to beekeepers, as the flowers are a popular source of nectar for bees.


  • Rapeseed keeps the heat longer than other grains or cherry pits
  • small fine grains more pleasant on the skin
  • the single seed heats up from the inside
  • more adaptable to different body zones
  • heats up faster and more evenly than cherry stone cushions

Covering the heating pad

No matter what filling has a heat pad, it should always have a pure cotton cover. Of course, this also applies to a rap cushion to the same extent. Ideal are fabrics made of cotton, such as flannel, which are a bit softer and have a cuddly roughened surface. Although a particularly soft cover is important, only cotton should be used. Synthetic fabrics heat up too much when the pillow is heated, and can literally burn on the skin. Since there is a lot of oil in the seeds of oilseed rape, the pillow can even ignite in the microwave. Especially if it is forgotten in the oven or in the microwave.

Tip: If you can not come up with rapeseed pillows that meet your needs, buy some flannel or sew your own linen from old flannel sheets and fill them with rapeseed. Ideal are narrow long cushions, as they adapt well to the body. In addition, the rapeseed should be divided into several chambers. These can be simply divided by a stitching.

But it is not just the cover that makes the pillow so comfortable. After all, you can wrap a hot water bottle or gel cushion in a soft cover, and yet they are never as comfortable on the body as the rapeseed pillow.

Fields of application of rapeseed pillows

The raps filled pillows can be used both hot and cold. The fields of application are inevitably very different.

Hot rapeseed pillow

  • Bronchitis / sore throat
  • back pain
  • Muscle pain / sore muscles
  • neck tension
  • period pain
  • Joint pain (non-inflammatory)
  • kidney pain

Cold rapeseed pillow

A cold rapeseed pillow will help you with inflammation or swollen injuries. The pillow should be placed in the freezer for at least one hour. Since you never know when an injury occurs, you can simply leave the rape pillow in the freezer all the time. However, it should be protected from excessive moisture by wrapping it in a large freezer bag. Then simply knead it a little before use, so that it becomes flexible and soft again.

  • Fever / calf wrap
  • Bruises / sports injuries
  • Insect bites / sunburn
  • migraine
  • toothache

Heat rapeseed cushions properly

Like most grain pillows, you can also heat the rape pillow in different ways. One variant is fast, the other thorough and a little more expensive. In any case, you should keep an eye on the pillow during the warm-up period. Due to the high oil can otherwise easily cause a problem.

Tip: If you own a wood-burning stove and it's just heated up, you can put the cushion on an aluminum chill tray and place it directly on the stove. If the oven has a heat tray for tea or the like, the pillow can be stored there. Always place a grill bowl or similar between the cushion and the oven surface. The cotton fabric would only burn in the best case, in the worst case, but even can burn your rap pillow.


In the microwave, the rapeseed pillow gets warm the quickest. At 600 watts, for example, it only takes about three minutes for the pillow to be hot. If you want to use the rap cushion for a child, you should heat it at this wattage a maximum of a minute. Check on the inside of your wrist if the pillow is too warm for children.

Tip: If you have a stronger microwave, you can quietly increase the wattage and shorten the runtime. However, the rapis pillow will not necessarily be heated as evenly as desired. You may also want to shake the pillow once in a while while it is being heated in the microwave.


Rapeseed has the advantage that it does not smell unpleasant or burnt when heated in the oven. However, the temperature should not be set higher than 100 degrees. The cushion then takes about ten to 20 minutes in the oven. For a children's pillow you should turn the pillow after about three minutes and check the temperature. Put the pillow in the oven one more time later. If the rape pillow is too warm, it quickly becomes uncomfortable for children.

Tip: After half the time you should shake the Rapskissen in the oven quietly once and turn around. Then the heat is more evenly distributed in the rapeseed and lasts longer later. You do not have to put water in the oven for rape seed. The rape would eventually start to rot or even germinate if it comes in contact with too much moisture.

Tips for quick readers:

  • apply warm or cold rapeseed pillows
  • many applications / complaints
  • Microwave short heating time
  • Microwave heating is not so even
  • Heat 600 watts of microwave for 3 minutes
  • Oven higher energy consumption
  • do not set more than 100 degrees
  • do not put water in the oven
  • Shake the pillow once in a while and turn it over
  • Oven more even heat in the rapeseed pillow
  • Always keep an eye on rapeseed pillows when warming up
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