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Zip zipper jams: this helps when it gets stuck

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How annoying! You just wanted to put on your favorite jacket and the zipper zipper got completely entangled. No matter how strong they pull on the zipper, he does not give in and the jacket can not be closed, although there are already minus degrees outside. In spite of this mishap, there are methods that will help you get the slider working again if it is not broken and therefore unusable.

Zip zipper pinches

When the zipper zips, shoes, garments, bags and backpacks are usually difficult or impossible to open and close. This is particularly annoying if there is no alternative at the moment, for example if you are on the way to work and can not close your bag in the metro. However, if your zipper gets jammed, you do not have to be depressed because there are many ways to deal with this problem. The advantage: The majority of the means used to solve the zipper zipper is available in the household and can be used in a few simple steps, without incurring additional costs.

root cause

Zip zipper jams: cause

If the zipper zipper is hooked, this can have several causes. Wear and tear, which has accumulated on the teeth and in the interstices, are most often the cause of a stubborn zipper. Furthermore, there is the possibility that the slider or the teeth are bent and can not be moved liquid for this reason. For all these causes, there are suitable applications that can be used again by the clamping zipper zipper within a short time.

Tip: If the zipper jams because it's broken, none of the methods below will work. Here only an exchange of the slider helps, which can be easily threaded, or the entire zipper.


Zipper jams: solutions

If the zipper zipper is hooked, you do not have to buy immediately to the tailor or a new pair of pants. There are several methods you can use to make the zipper functional again. For that you do not even need manual skills or knowledge in tailoring. These methods ensure that the hooks do not prevent the slider from functioning and that it can be used without any problems. This makes the solutions below more effective if you are struggling with a pinch zipper.


Did you know that you can use a simple pencil as a possible solution to your problem ">

  • HB: is still usable, brings the worst results
  • B
  • 2 B
  • 3B
  • 4B
  • 5B
  • 6B
  • 7B
  • 8B

These strengths are often used for artistic drawing rather than for writing. The lines of the pencils can be easily rubbed due to the graphite , which illustrates the high proportion of oils. As soon as you have a suitable pencil, proceed in the following way.

1. Close or open the zipper several times to determine how far it can be opened. You have to get as close as possible to the pinching point, because that brings the greatest success. Once you have discovered the spot, pick up the pencil.

2. Now gently rub the pencil over the jammed teeth. Alternatively, rub over the entire zipper if you do not know exactly where it is jammed. This covers a larger area, which works especially old, heavily worn zippers.

3. If you guide the pencil over your teeth, do not press too hard on them. Excessively high pressure causes the mines to break off.

4. After applying the graphite, gently move the slider in both directions. The slower you perform this step, the more graphite is spread and thus the teeth are lubricated. Through the slider, the oil gets into the spaces between the teeth, which dissolves them. Now the zipper zipper should move again.

You may need to use this method more often if the zipper zips and only minimally moves. Repeat the steps easily and with luck the zipper will work again.

Tip: Note that the method with the pencil is only applied to dark-colored metal zippers. While zippers in bright shades are often painted permanently, the plastic variants do not absorb the oil and pinch even after use.

candle wax

Candle wax is just as effective as graphite and can be applied to all types of zipper zippers, whether a darker plastic or a lighter metal hooked. For this solution you only need one candle. You can do without lighters or matches because you need the cold wax. Liquid would only damage the fabric of clothing, bags, shoes or accessories.

The candle wax is applied in the same way as the graphite, except that not the teeth, but the slider is rubbed in directly with the wax. Press the candle a bit tighter, as the wax will not be so easy to apply. Once you have applied this, move the zipper more often in both directions to distribute it even better.

Tip: Instead of candle wax, you can use Vaseline as it works as an effective lubricant. Apply these in the same way and slide the slider several times in both directions to use it again.


If you have chosen the soap method, you will need the following items.

  • two small bowls
  • liquid soap
  • water
  • small cloth or washcloth

The soap makes it possible to clean the slider and zipper effectively and thus to make it functional again. You can even repeat this process several times if it does not work after the first time. If you use a gentle soap, the fabric will not be stressed if some soapy water gets on it.

Proceed as follows:

  • Put some liquid soap in a bowl
  • fill the other with some water
  • Now moisten the cloth in the water
  • Take up soap with the damp part of the cloth
  • rub until lightly foams
  • Now apply directly to the zipper and the zipper
  • Do this thoroughly
  • then carefully move the zipper zipper

This method is very gentle and easy to execute.

Tip: As effective as soap has been detergent, which is applied in the same way. As a precaution, wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

silicone spray

If you choose silicone spray, you should use it only for sturdy materials that may not discolor quickly or be sensitive to the spray. Just spray this on a cloth and use it to rub in the zipper and zipper. Be careful not to catch the fabric. Then move the slider a few times in both directions to disperse the spray and then use it again. If you are worried about damaging your fabrics, be extra cautious and ideally use a cotton swab to apply.

Repair bent slides

It may happen that the sides of the zipper are bent inwards and can not be moved for this reason. If so, use a pair of pliers or other pliers that will not cut.

Now carefully bend the side panels back into position and see if the problem has been resolved.

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