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Rhododendron - old species and new hybrids

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Rhododendrons are real highlights for gardeners who enjoy organizing systems, with around 1, 000 species and 20, 000 cultivars you can enjoy yourself for a while. Gardeners who just want to plant a nice rhododendron will get some suggestions in the article.

There are classic well-known rhododendrons, newly discovered rhododendrons, rare rhododendrons and rhododendrons that grow almost everywhere, here is a brief overview of the colorful diversity with rhododendrons, in three categories:


First category

Popular and partly ancient types of rhododendrons known under German names (were):

  • Bearded rhododendron, Rhododendron barbatum, flowering in April, latitude / longitude 1, 5 / 7 m, native west China
  • Mountain rhinodeodendron, Rhododendron oreodoxa, blossom April, 3/10 m, native west China
  • Bellflower Rhododendron, Rhododendron campanulatum, flowering in May, width / height 2/4 m, homeland Himalayas
  • Rhododendron rhododendron, rhododendron fortunei, flowering May-June, latitude / longitude 3/10 m, native China
  • Kamchatka rhododendron, Rhododendron camtschaticum, flowering May-June, sometimes longer, latitude / high 1 / 0.3 m, native to East Asia
  • Small-flowered Rhododendron, Rhododendron micranthum, flowering in June, latitude / longitude 1, 5 m, native north China, Korea
  • Pontic azalea, Yellow Alpenrose, Rhododendron luteum, bloom May, latitude / high 1/3 m, native Eastern Europe, Caucasus
  • Pontic rhododendron, Rhododendron ponticum, flowering in May, latitude / longitude 1, 5 / 2 m, native to southern Europe to the Middle East
  • Lovely rhododendron, Rhododendron concinnum, flowering in May, latitude / longitude 3 m, native China
  • Giant Rhododendron, Rhododendron maximum, flowering May-June, latitude / heigh 5 m, native North America, Canada
  • Smirnov's rhododendrons, rhododendron smirnowii, flowering in May, latitude / heigth 2/4 m, native to Western Asia
  • Violet rhododendron, Rhododendron impeditum, blossom April, width / height 0.5 m, native China
  • Vermilion Rhododendron, Rhododendron cinnabarinum, flowering in May, latitude / longitude 2/3 m, native Himalayas

Tip: Any Rhododendron species / variety own site claims, you would have to do a while to explore these claims in detail: The "responsible" gene database listed only for Germany 12, 000 rhododendron varieties. More successful is the purchase of rhododendrone from a specialist, who can advise on the claims of large groups, and in case of doubt about site suitability to plant rhododendrons for rehearsals.

Second category

In our latitudes new or under-discovered rhododendron varieties:

  • Rhododendron augustinii, bloom May, latitude / high 2 / to 8 m, native to China
  • Rhododendron auriculatum, flowering in June, width / height 3/6 m, native west China
  • Rhododendron calophytum, bloom April, latitude / high = 6/10 m, native southwestern China
  • Rhododendron dauricum, flowering February-March, latitude / longitude 1, 5 m, native Northeast Asia
  • Rhododendron degronianum, bloom May, latitude / longitude 1 m, native Japan
  • Rhododendron forrestii, bloom April, latitude / longitude 0, 6 / 0, 2 m, native Asia
  • Rhododendron insigne, original wild species, flowering in May, latitude / longitude 2/4 m, native west China
  • Rhododendron makinoi, bloom May, latitude / high 1, 5 m, native Japan
  • Rhododendron praevernum, blossom April, latitude / longitude 2/7 m, native Asia
  • Rhododendron sutchuenense, blossom April, latitude / high 3/6 m, native west China
  • Rhododendron yunnanense, flowering in May, latitude / longitude 2/3 m, native west China

Third category

Popular and New Rhododendron Hybrids:

  • Rhododendron x, Aureolin ', flowering May-June, width / height 1.3 / 1.8 m, from: R., Hansel' x R. Fabia Group
  • Rhododendron x 'barbarian', flowering May, latitude / longitude 0, 6 / 1, 2 m, from: R. Cynthia 'x R., Nova Zembla'
  • Rhododendron x 'Bethany Jade', blossom May, latitude / high 1 / 1, 4 m, from: R., Arthur Bedford 'x R., Jonathan Shaw'
  • Rhododendron x, Catawbiense Grandiflorum ', flowering May, width / height 2/3 m, from: uncertain, R. catawbiense hybrid or breeding selection
  • Rhododendron x, Cherry Kiss', flowering May-June, latitude / high 1 / 1, 5 m, from: R., Aeschbacher's Rubin 'x R., Busuki'
  • Rhododendron x, garden director Rieger ', blossom April, latitude / longitude 1 m, from: R., Adriaan Koster' x R. williamsianum
  • Rhododendron x, Melrose Flash ', flowering May-June, width / height 1.5 / 1.8 m, from: R., Scintillation', R., Mrs. AT de la Mare ', R., King of Shrubs', R., Holy Moses'
  • Rhododendron x, Nova Zembla ', flowering May-June, width / height 2/3 m, from: uncertain, R., Parsons grandiflorum' x red flowering variety
  • Rhododendron x, Peter John Mezitt ', flower March-April, latitude / longitude 2 m, from: R. dauricum x R. minus
  • Rhododendron x, Praecox ', flower March-April, latitude / longitude 1/2 m, from: uncertain, ev. R. dauricum x R. ciliatum
  • Rhododendron x 'Ptarmigan', flower March, width / height 0.5 / 1 m, from: R. leucaspis x R. microleucum
  • Rhododendron x, Roseum Elegans', bloom May, width / height 2/3 m, from: uncertain, ev. R. catawbiense-Hybrid
  • Rhododendron x 'Scarlet Wonder', blossom April, width / height 1 / 0.5 m, from: R., Essex Scarlet 'x R. forrestii subsp. forrestii
  • Rhododendron x geraldii, flower March-April, width / height 2/5 m, from: R. sutchuenense x R. praevernum

Tip: One of the most important tips to ever settle a great rhododendron in the garden is, in times of internet madness: buy your Rhododendron nearby, if it should be delivery, with delivery service. At a specialist retailer who not only advises you the best, but is also a serious dealer to recognize that he does not ship plants in the package, because this form of transport for fresh plants just is not the right one.

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