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Rhododendron has yellow and brown leaves - solve problems

  • Yellow and brown leaves - lighter cases
  • Yellow and brown leaves for detectives
  • Strengthening and prevention

Rhododendron has yellow and brown leaves. This is quite common, there are even some common causes. In the article you will find a small but precise roadmap for finding the causes, with three levels.

Yellow and brown leaves on rhododendron "> Yellow and brown leaves - lighter cases

Depending on the time at which the yellow leaves appear, there are some common suspects that can be quickly identified:

  • Heat, drought,
    • brown, yellowish rolled leaves
    • typical reaction to lack of water, which occurs quite quickly in the heat
    • Remedy: Once wet well and give more water at the next heat
  • More sun than usual on the rhododendron
    • yellow dry leaves: sunburn
    • Remedy: shade or change rhododendron

  • Yellow to brown leaves after hibernation
    • Rhododendron was not watered in the winter, although he got winter sun and consumed water
    • Remedy: Hopefully, the rhododendron will recover over the summer, the next winter on frost-free days water
  • Yellow to brown leaves, possibly with brown margin, after hibernation
    • Rhododendron has gotten too cold and frost damage
    • Remedy: Cut off affected parts of plants in the spring, improve winter protection next winter
  • Yellow / brown leaves sticking
    • Aphids, rhododendron cicadas, thrips
    • Remedy: Fight pest and observe the third paragraph of this article

If the leaves look greenish-yellowish, you should consider a cause that is hard to come by: algae surface, if spores z. B. were blown from the roof on wet rhododendron leaves. Remedy: pad is wipeable, but location too moist and too shady, rearrange and possibly airy cut.

Yellow and brown leaves for detectives

Often the cause of the yellow or brown leaves is not so easy to determine, because a long ago or not well recognizable cause effect or because several causes work together.

A rhododendron with brown-yellow leaves may "steal" secretly when one person pours in the household and the next (a helpful child) has the task of emptying the water catch some time after watering. Then, for a long time, no-one realizes that the substrate has been running through water for a long time simply because it has lost its storage capacity.
Remedy: transplant into fresh soil

The leaves can also turn yellow, because a rhododendron is always poured over the leaves in an actually sunny spot and the sun causes sunburn like a burning glass.
Remedy: In future in the morning, in the evening, pour only in the earth

A rhododendron rolls in its slightly yellow leaves because it constantly gets a bit too little water during a longer dry period in summer.
Remedy: pour more

Brown spots in varying degrees on the leaves: One of a good dozen rust or mold fungus has struck
Remedy: Specify fungal infection more closely and combat it (see next section)

Brown tips, brown leaf margins: possibly leaf blotch.
Remedy: treat leaf spot disease, cut rhododendron airy and ev. In a place where he has it drier

Brown leaf tips with gray coating: gray mold rot
Remedy: as just described above

Strengthening and prevention

A strong rhododendron puts away a lot, so in general check:

  • Too little light ">

    Tip: If everything is alright and the rhododendron still has yellow leaves, it can also have a completely natural cause. They have been hanging on the old rhododendron for a long time and have simply left their lives behind. Even the leaves of an evergreen plant do not live forever, but survive a species-typical number of growing periods, to be replaced by new leaves.

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