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Rhododendrons plant in the garden and tub at the best planting time

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Rhododendron planting is simple, whether in the garden or in the tub, but the plant has some very strong claims that should be met. In the article you will learn the best planting times for the different root types available, and which bucket can be planted when and how to plant a rhododendron.

A rhododendron has a few claims when planting, but the planting hole for the Flachwurzler is dug quickly. The best planting times depend on which root your rhododendron stands.

Plant rhododendrons

If you have selected the location and have searched for the right variety Rhododendron for this location (or vice versa), can be planted. When best depends on how the root of the rhododendron was grown.


Rhododendrons are often sold as bales, which means that the rhododendron was pulled around with a lot of land around it, was taken out of this land shortly before the sale and was sold to you with a nice thick root ball.

So the rhododendron is planted with bales:

  • As soon as possible after the purchase, he knows and does not like "existence without earth"
  • Just before the start or when the growth phase subsides, ie spring and autumn
  • Planting itself is easy, dig planting hole, put bales in it
  • The planting hole should be twice as wide in diameter as the bale
  • And so deep that the rhododendron comes out of the earth where the packaging stops around the bale
  • This non-woven or wire packaging is usually cut open, but remains in the hole and rots there
  • Ask in the nursery, some rhododendrons develop so many and so fine roots that the bale should be planted "naked"
  • It is important that you do not damage the bale, the rhododendron had to leave a few roots already when packaging in the bale
  • Bales are usually cut back at the top by the percentage that was lost in the root area when planted out
  • Also in this regard, you would have to inquire in the nursery, some dealers take the planting itself
  • If you need to store bales, the bale must be sufficiently supplied with water
  • And - especially in warm temperatures - be stored in a shady place

Pot or container goods

Perhaps even more often rhododendrons are sold in pots or containers, they were then raised in these containers. As potted plants usually plants in vessels less than 2 l are referred to as container plants plants in vessels over 2 l . However, this typing is only a convention customary in the trade, which does not necessarily prevent a dealer from selling you the rhododendron in the Winztopf as a container rhododendron.

Pot and container plants can always be planted if the soil is not frozen, the following peculiarities apply:

  • From "always" there are exceptions, any extreme weather (sudden heat, extreme drought, strong wind) is not suitable for planting
  • Whereby this info does not help you a lot, if the Rhododendron is already there ...
  • Emergency aid in this case: Place Rhododendron without plastic container in a mortar trough with loose, moist soil
  • Planting is not necessary because the plant is in the pot with all its roots
  • Interim storage is possible because the plant has nutrient-rich potting soil in the pot, only enough water needs it
  • The container rhododendron is placed without pot / container in the twice as wide planting hole, with depth as before the transfer
  • Water well, like to mulch

Tip: The comfortable container plants are often touted as a non-plus ultra. Can be so, if the root in the container is well maintained (root guide ribs in the hard wall container, ev. Root incision to prevent root rotation, leave roots on cultivated plates, so that form "active root tips", "chemical rooting") and substrate, fertilization, container type and pot volume are right. But is not always so, rhododendrons are also sold in mini pots, in cheap substrate and with root deformations, the farther away and the more anonymous the dealer, the greater the danger.

Plant in tubs

If you want to plant a rhododendron in a bucket, you need not only the right species / variety, but also a rhododendron in the container, which was well cared for during the rearing process. He is better able to cope with the limited volume of soil in the pot than a rhododendron, who was already allowed to plant his roots in freedom (in the field) in the nursery / nursery.

The container plants can of course also be planted in pots throughout the year. The bucket for the Flachwurzler need not be higher than 40 cm, but may like to be very wide. He should have a drain, get a drainage layer of gravel and about a good soil, already the rhododendron can be planted and well-watered.

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