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Make knight castle - build great castles with children

Castle castles fascinate to this day - adults and children alike. Of course you could drive to the nearest toy store and buy a finished product from Lego. But it is not much more interesting to make the toy yourself ">

Whether girl or boy, woman or man: Almost everyone can be enthusiastic about a knight's castle. Finally, the buildings represent an important part of the history - they reflect the exciting Middle Ages. To have such a factory at home, you do not necessarily have to invest a lot of money in a Lego execution. Our detailed guide will show you how to create a charming knight's castle with simple means, most of which you may even have in stock. Organize a cozy craft afternoon in the family circle and distribute the individual tasks - including your children!

Craft knight's castle made of paper mache

You need this:

  • rectangular box
  • enough cardboard or thick cardboard
  • 4 paper towels
  • some newspapers
  • white construction paper
  • Shashlik skewers or toothpicks
  • craft glue
  • masking tape
  • Wallpaper paste and bucket
  • (long) ruler
  • tape measure
  • Cuttermesser
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • compasses
  • Colored or felt-tip pens
  • Water or acrylic paints
  • brush
  • our template

Here you can download our craft template as PDF: Crafting template: Bergfried

How to proceed:

(Link to pictures: //www.bastelkleber.com/wir-basteln-uns-eine-ritterburg-aus-pappmache.php)

Step 1: As a basis for your knight's castle you need a box without a lid. Glue the box onto a piece of cardboard or thick cardboard with enough floor space, which is a few inches around. You can use either craft glue or masking tape.

Step 2: Now you start to build the towers of the castle. For this purpose, it is best to use four chips or rolls of kitchen paper. Depending on how big the box is, you should choose the type of tubes.

Take a pencil and mark the tube in two places. It's best to think of a conventional watch and set the markers at the 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions. Then cut the tubes at the marked points for 10 cm each. Thanks to the cut-in areas, you can now put the towers on the four edges of the castle base.

With masking tape you stabilize the towers additionally.

Step 3: Draw a drawbridge in the front wall and carefully cut it out with the cutter.

Tip: If you want, you can then glue the cut-out part back to one side of the castle gate with masking tape. Otherwise, just drop it (and throw it away).

4th step: battlements may not be missing at your castle. To design it, you first have to measure the distance from one tower to another. For a long ruler or a conventional tape measure are suitable. Then pick up cardboard and draw four rectangles (one for each tower interspace). The lengths of the rectangles correspond to the previously measured distances between the towers. All receive a width of 3.5 cm. Now on all four rectangles crenels with a width of 1.5 cm are divided and cut out.

Stick the battlements on each side of the castle from the outside with craft glue.

Tip: With clips you can fix the individual parts to dry.

Step 5: The towers also want to be equipped with battlements. Simply stick small 2 cm x 2 cm pieces of cardboard to the upper edges of the four towers.

Step 6: Then use the compass to draw four circles on a piece of cardboard with the same diameter of cardboard tubes. Cut these out and glue them on the four tubes to close them.

Step 7: Next is the battlement turn. To do this, cut and cut three rectangles of cardboard again: one larger with 13 x 3 cm and two smaller ones with 2.5 x 10 cm. Then pick up the two smaller rectangles. These fold three times by exactly 2.5 cm to the right. Stick the first and last surfaces together for both rectangles. This will give you two stable triangles. These triangles are now stuck like angles to the larger piece of cardboard. Glue this "shelf" with craft glue about 2 cm below the battlements on the castle wall above the gate.

Step 8: Cut out a few pieces of cardboard to decorate the archway. The latter receives a more authentic look through the decoration. In addition, you can distribute the stones over the entire castle.

This is what the knights' castle looks like so far:

Step 9: A detail-rich knight's castle also needs a keep. To make this, you just need to transfer the walls from our template to cardboard and cut out. Put the template together four times. Finally, on the last page, draw the vertical adhesive flap. Fold the walls into a tower and glue it together with craft glue. The sides of the tower have a width of 8 cm - so cut a 8 cm x 8 cm square cardboard and stick it then as a pedestal in the tower. Then the keep is glued to the middle of the castle on the ground.

10th step: Now the wallpaper paste comes into play. Stir it in a bucket. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations so that the glue does not become too thin or too thick. When mixing, no lumps may be formed, so you must always keep the water in motion. This also means that you should first get the water going before you add the paste. Stop stirring when the powder is completely stirred in - never before.

Step 11: Pick up newsprint and tear it to pieces. Brush the pieces with the glue to the knight's castle. Cover all parts of it with a layer of newspaper. This is followed by another two layers of the newspaper-paste combination.

Tip: It is advisable to tear the newspapers into pieces even before the glue is mixed, so that you can start immediately and not risk the glue drying too quickly. Alternative suggestion: Have your kids break up the newspaper while you take care of the paste.

Step 12: As a highlight, you can stick larger and smaller boulders next to the Knights' Castle. To do this, simply crumple the newspaper into balls and attach them to the surface with several layers of paper.

Step 13: As soon as the knight's castle is completely dry, you can paint it with water or acrylic paint as you wish.

Step 14: Now it's time to raise the flags. Paint a coat of arms on white construction paper. Note that the two halves of the flag must fit exactly together. Cut out the flags and paint them with colored or felt-tip pens. Take two shish kebab skewers or toothpicks and put one in the middle of a flag. Then you can glue the flags together.

Step 15: Stick or glue the flags on or to the towers. Your knight castle is ready!

Now that you have made the great castle with your children, you can give the little ones a brief explanation of the most important topic:

Castle castles were built in the Middle Ages. The owners of these were commonly kings, lords, dukes or nobles. The fascinating buildings were often built on hills or in a ditch. Often one confuses a castle with a palace. The big difference is that the former was used to protect people from attackers, while a palace was a beautiful building with a huge garden and was supposed to ensure the well-being of the inhabitants.

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