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Knight names for the birthday party - the right name for young knights

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The next children's birthday is coming up and you have absolutely no idea ">

Invent knight names themselves

The best knight name is still one that unites the name of the child, as well as certain characteristics of the knight figure. In this way, the little ones can quickly identify with their characters and the party is a success. Here are two examples:

Little Tom loves cake and can never get enough - his name could be:

Sir Thomas von Nimmersatt

Marie loves to sing and dance all day - her name could be:

Lady Mary to the golden harp

With this formula you can create great and individual names that will definitely delight the birthday child and all guests.

Tom becomes Thomas and Marie becomes Mary - these English name variants are, of course, best suited for a party with the motto "The Knights of the Round Table" or "King Arthur". The prepositions "from" and "to" as a link between names and origins are typical of medieval knight names and titles of nobility from Germany and therefore also important components. Similarly, the titles "Sir" and "Lady" from English make any name a medieval variant. Animals always stand for a certain quality, like the lion for a good heart and the bear for strength. Therefore, the children can also pick up animals in the name to give themselves and their characters skills. Of course, the typical roles can also be swapped and Marie knighted and Tom be released as "Tomhilde" from the castle. Everything is possible.

Creative knight names and names of damsels

Are you looking for crazy and funny names for knights and damsels? Here are some ideas for inspiration.


  • Adrian von Nobel Lord
  • Alexander Räubertum von Löwenstein
  • Amadeus Protector of Schönburg
  • Anton to sheepskin
  • Bartholomeus Dragon Kiss
  • Bastian Landgraf - the clever
  • Benjamin of loyalty
  • Benno the brave of Falkenberg
  • Björn Swordsman
  • Bruno Kühngraf von Degenfeld
  • Christian to heroism
  • Eduard the Invincible
  • Erik of Joker
  • Felix von Glücksstein
  • Ferdinand to Kunterbunt
  • Friedrich von der Schmiede
  • Hans's dragon tamer
  • Kai - The Dragonbender
  • Leopold to Schnellfluss
  • Painted by Landsherr
  • Markus from Nudelhafen
  • Peter of wealth
  • Reinhold von Habenichts
  • Knight of the Prinzenrolle
  • Robert von Ritterburg
  • Tristan from Rettemich
  • Ulrich von Pfannkuchen


  • Alina Morgensonne of Dinkelburg
  • Alexandra - the magical cheeky badger
  • Amelie the brave from the gods protected
  • Beatrix of gentleness to Falkenberg
  • Bella from Bärenstark
  • Clara too belligerent
  • Cosima cocky princess of dub
  • Elisabeth to happiness
  • Florentine of Zuckerland
  • Isolde Bird free
  • Johanna - the brave
  • Julia - Countess of the Dirtfinches
  • Kunigunde of sunshine
  • Krimhild to crumb biscuit
  • Laura - the Holde von Falkenberg
  • Lady Lina from Chatterbox
  • Lilli of impudence
  • Mathilda of Wolverine
  • Marie - the guard of Sandburg
  • Nina Winzling of Sonnenland
  • Rosalie Lichtfee from Falkenland
  • Theresa's charm from Schmollmund

Famous knight names from AZ

For all those looking for famous and famous knight names, we have put together a list here:

The 12 Knights of the Round Table under King Arthur

  • Sir Bedivere - the Galante
  • Sir Bors - the righteous
  • Sir Gaheris - the sincere
  • Sir Galahad - the kind one
  • Sir Gareth - the factual
  • Sir Gawain - the kind one
  • Sir Geraint - the helper
  • Sir Kay - the modest one
  • Sir Lamorak - the noble one
  • Sir Lancelot - the brave
  • Sir Percival - the hearted
  • Sir Tristram - the Honorable

Selection - Knights of the Teutonic Order

  • Conrad von Rodenstein
  • Engelbert von der Recke
  • Herrman van Brandlecht
  • Johann von Endarf
  • Kilian von Berlichingen
  • Melchior of Neuneck
  • Wolf of Leonrode
  • Wolfgang von Rosenberg

Other, famous knights

  • Götz von Berlichingen
  • Charles the Bold
  • Ullrich von Liechtenstein
  • Richard the Lionheart
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