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Make Rocailles bracelet yourself - instructions for weaving

  • Seed beads bracelet - 2 instructions
    • Seed beads weave
    • Thread on beads
  • Extra: Make a beaded animal

Do you already know these small, colorful glass beads, also called Rocailles pearls ">

The classic technique of making a seed bead bracelet yourself is weaving. You do not really need a weaving device for that - we'll show you how to get to such a bracelet even without a loom. Furthermore, we show you a cool and clever DIY idea with safety pins.

Seed beads bracelet - 2 instructions

Seed beads weave

You need this:

  • Seed beads in bright colors
  • a larger wooden bead
  • Picture frame without disc
  • scissors
  • template
  • tear-resistant yarn (thin sewing thread and thicker handmade yarn)
  • duct tape

Step 1: In the beginning you should think of a pattern, a design, how you want to arrange the seed beads in your bracelet.

We have prepared samples for you here. You can print these out.

Both an already patterned template and a white template for self-painting:

  • Seed beads template: pattern
  • Rocailles template: For coloring

Step 2: Pick up the picture frame and wrap the thicker craft yarn around the frame. Attach the end to the frame with a small piece of tape. Wrap the yarn around the frame so many times that you have eight threads side by side. Then wrap the yarn around the frame a few more times. You need this piece for the closure. Cut the yarn off.

3rd step: Then take the thinner sewing thread and cut a sufficiently long piece, at least 2 m. Attach the yarn with a knot at the left outer weaving thread. Leave 3 cm to 5 cm from the top edge.

Step 4: Now pass the end of the sewing thread through a sewing needle.

Step 5: Now it's time for the seed beads, weaving. Each row consists of 7 pearls. Now follow the pattern. Start in the first row.

Thread the 7 beads in the correct order on the needle.

Step 6: Pass the needle from left to right under the weaving threads. Pull the thread completely through the beads to the end. Then press the seven beads with your index finger from the bottom between the eight weaving threads. Thread and pearl must always alternate. The needle with the thread is now on the right. Then pass these above the weave threads through all seven beads. The thread is carefully pulled.

Step 7: The sewing thread is pulled tight so that the beads remain in place. Repeat step 6 for each row of beads. Work from left to right below the Web threads and from right to left above.

Tip: Be careful that the needle on the way back really runs above the weaving threads.

Step 8: Now weave the Rocailles bracelet so that the rows of pearls around your wrist.

9th step: When the bracelet is finished, turn the frame over and cut through the weaving threads in the middle. The bracelet now has 8 longer threads on each side for the closure.

Step 10: You can now design the clasp as you wish. We braided two small braids on one side of the rocaille bracelet and knotted it into a loop. On the other hand, we have attached a larger bead. This can then be performed to close the bracelet through the loop on the other side.

The homemade Rocailles bracelet is finished. The special thing about this technique is that you can really work individually and according to your own pattern ideas. For example, you can also use lettering with the beads.

Thread on beads

The second pearl bracelet is less elaborate than the first, but no less beautiful. Who would have thought that safety pins and pearls could be the source of such jewelry? Try it, it's worth it!

You need this:

  • Seed *
  • Safety pins **
  • stable cord ***
  • thin sewing needle
  • scissors

* The colors and sizes of the beads are up to you. We decided on an extravagant combination of gold and silver (the often-disdained combination of the two tones looks really chic and is in line with the trend).

Tip: Alternatively, we recommend two different reds or greens, which alternate in rows.

** The colors of the safety pins should harmonize with the tones of the pearls if possible. If that does not work 100%, just opt ​​for black elements to create a neutral base.

*** The cord can be made of fabric, rubber or even leather. You have the choice.

Tip: A rubber band is advisable. It offers a lot of flexibility in manufacturing and wearing. The bracelet does not have to fit exactly around the wrist in this case, but may be a little smaller, because it can be stretched by the rubber cord (but not too strong!).

Step 1: Thread three or four beads onto each safety pin (depending on how big the needles and beads are).

Tip: In our example, all the pearls of a safety pin have the same color (either silver or gold). Half of the needles are silver-colored, the other gold-colored.

Step 2: Cut the rubber band into two equal parts.

Important: The resulting string parts must be so long that they can carry all safety pins (so many that your wrist is completely wrapped in pearls at the end).

Step 3: Thread a string through the top holes of the safety pins.
Important notes:

a) Use the same hole for each needle for a consistent overall appearance.

Step 4: Thread the other needle through the safety pins. This works best with a needle.

Step 5: Have the second thread passed through all the needles. The ends of the bands are knotted tightly together.

Step 6: Afterwards, pull the second thread at each clip down into the small opening. With a thicker needle for the rubber band, they will not get through the hole, so you'll need to do that step later.

Step 7: Cut off the end of the yarn (if necessary) and knot all cords together stably and nicely. The Rocailles bracelet is finished!

Extra: Make a beaded animal

Did you like the small, colorful beads? "> Make beaded animals.

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