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Change the roller shutter itself - instructions in 5 steps

  • Replacing the roller shutter belt - instructions in 5 steps
    • Step 1 - Measure old belt
    • Step 2 - Open box
    • Step 3 - Replace the belt
    • Step 4 - Open Gurtwicklerkasten
    • Step 5 - Close the panel and test the roller shutters

A roller shutter has many important tasks in front of the window. At the same time, he has to be easy to operate. The roller shutter is thus heavily loaded at several points. After a few years, the roller shutter belt can suddenly tear. Should this happen, you will need our step by step guide to inexpensively change the strap yourself.

Shutters are now among the most popular products around the window. They protect against heat loss and burglars alike. The roller shutter provides a completely reliable darkening and even a certain soundproofing for the residents. From time to time, however, something has to be repaired on a robust roller shutter. Above all, the roller shutter belt is heavily loaded, so it can tear or fray. But you do not need to ask a craftsman for the repair. Here we show you how to change the roller shutter belt yourself in just a few steps so that the roller shutter can be easily pulled up again tomorrow morning.

You need this:

  • household scissors
  • Folding rule / tape measure
  • screwdriver
  • Cuttermesser
  • stepladder
  • roller shutter belt
  • Oil spray / WD40

Replacing the roller shutter belt - instructions in 5 steps

Renewing the roller shutter is not rocket science, you can change it in five simple steps. Some older shutters still have a strong round cord instead of a flat roller shutter belt. This cord usually has no retractor and is only wrapped over a hook when the roller shutter is raised. These strings must be changed very rarely, since they are not subject to such high demands. However, should it ever be the case, a spare cord is not that easy to get. Easier then can be an exchange of the roller. This can be used later with a normal webbing with the corresponding rewinder.

Step 1 - Measure old belt

If the roller shutter belt is not completely torn yet, you can cut it with the household scissors. Do not lower the roller shutter completely until the belt has been torn off. Before buying, however, you should measure the width of the belt. Although there are actually only two common widths in the trade, but thanks to the competitors from the Far East, deviations may be possible. Therefore, you should measure the strap exactly so that it fits later on the role.

Simple roller shutter belt

Even if the roller shutter belt is only slightly too wide, it will often roughen itself on the sides and soon be damaged or torn again. Similarly, it is also unfavorable if the belt is too narrow, because then he has too much play and slips on the roller back and forth.

If you want to buy a new strap before you remove the old strap, you can count on about 2.5 times the window height as a guide to the required length. You have to pay particular attention to floor-to-ceiling windows, because here the frequently offered length of five meters can be too short. But instead of then buy a belt of the next finished length, yard goods is often cheaper. Roller shutter belt by the meter is available today in every hardware store and also on the internet.

Measure strap length

Tip: If you have no way to replace the strap, for example because the case does not open, then you must mend the strap. Take a strong sewing needle and a very strong thread or a plastic fishing line and sew the two parts together again at the cracked point. Of course, it is not ideal if the harness is simply repaired this way. But for a while it will work if you do not make the seam too thick.

Step 2 - Open box

There are basically three different ways to get to the roller shutter. An attachment roller shutter is usually connected to the living space with a panel. So you can work from the inside. The lid of the box is normally screwed on and can be opened easily. In rare cases, the aperture is also hung with a click system.

For a pre-fabricated roller shutter, the access can be different. With some older models, you may also be lucky enough to be able to access the roller shutter roller from below through the open window. For other models, open the box on the outside above the window. Depending on the model, the entire trim may need to be removed. Let someone help you with this work. If you drop the bezel and it gets scratched or bends, you won nothing through your own work.

Tip: If the screws have been sitting for a long time and have never been moved, they can be very stiff. To prevent damage to either the screwdriver or the screw heads, you should spray some WD40 on the heads and let it sit for a moment. Then you should tap on the screws with the handle of the screwdriver or a small hammer. This makes it easy to loosen even the rustiest old screws again.

To solve old screws more easily, use oil spray (WD40)

Step 3 - Replace the belt

Depending on the type of axle of your roller shutter, you must unhook or unscrew it on the axle. On some models, however, you also only need to remove the old strap from the hook and put the new strap on top. In the belt you must first work in a slot. Knock it over a little bit and cut the strap with the cutter at the edge very easily. If the cut has slipped too far to the edge, you'd better try again. Otherwise, the belt can pull up and pull down a few times at this point tear again and you start over.

Prepare for the hook - buckle the belt

Hang the strap in the disc on the side and wind it up. To tension the belt you will need about six turns of the axle for a conventional window. With a blind in front of the patio door you usually need nine turns until the belt is well tensioned. Then the axle is hung again or tightened. Keep the panel open, you are not finished with changing the strap.

Slit slot in the strap

Note: If the old winder box does not look nice, you can replace it right away. Instead, you can replace the normal rewinder with an electric model instead. The electric belt winders are also available in every hardware store. Most models can be universally attached to any roller shutter. Choose a model with a timer right away. If you travel frequently, then the Gurtwickler ensures the perfect security against burglars. However, the electric connection for the electric belt drive must then be laid by an electrician, which you must not do yourself.

Step 4 - Open Gurtwicklerkasten

The rewinder is either mounted as a small box on the bottom of the window movable or mounted under plaster. The operation is the same in both models, because the rewinder ensures that the belt can be properly tensioned. In the rewinder, the belt can be unraveled again, if he has twisted.

Attention: There is a drum or a roller in the rewinder box, which is very taut. If you replace the strap, the spring-loaded device could pop out and fly against you. Therefore, be sure to lend a little belt and let the tension escape slowly, or unhook the belt accordingly.

The remains of the old belt can then be easily removed. The manufacturers have developed very different types of fastening for the belt in the rewinder. Therefore, it may be that the belt here must be provided with a hole similar to the top of the roller, in some models, the roller shutter belt can also be screwed or clamped. Then thread the strap under the spring brake and wrap it once.

If you notice at this point of the work that you still have a lot of strap left, you must shorten it accordingly. The belt should not be too short, but one meter of excess belt, for example, easily makes sure that the rewinder can not hold the roller shutter safely. Then the belt rubs on the sides of the case and tears again soon. Then the spring has to be pressed in again so that the belt winder picks up the belt. Then the rewinder can be closed again.

Cut off roller shutter belt

Tip: Before assembling the rewinder, always hand over the full length of the strap to see if it is straight and not twisted. Due to the neutral color of the roller shutter straps, it can easily be overlooked when the strap is twisted once.

Step 5 - Close the panel and test the roller shutters

First, test the shutter and pull it up a few times. If the belt runs cleanly and smoothly over the track, you can close the roller shutter box again. However, if faults occur, these must be eliminated immediately. It is quite understandable if you do not feel like starting the work over again, but you should eliminate all interference so you will not soon have a torn strap again.

Tips for quick readers

  • Lower the shutters
  • Measure the width of the old belt
  • Measure length or estimate
  • Cut off the damaged belt
  • Open roller shutter box
  • Unhook or unscrew the roller
  • Insert belt with cutter
  • Hang strap over the hook
  • Turn the roller to wind up the belt
  • Re-attach the roller
  • Open the reel
  • Carefully release the spring
  • attach new belt
  • Engage the spring and test the belt
  • Close the rewinder box and the cover
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