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Remove red wine stains - these remedies will help

  • Salt as emergency aid
  • An immediate measure
  • Bubbling purity
  • Vinegar, the all-rounder
  • Glass or window cleaner
  • Shaving foam as stain remover
  • With milk against red wine stains
  • White wine or sparkling wine
  • Chlorine-containing cleaning agents
  • More or less useful tips

Red wine stains on textiles can be treated, if you know how. Even in grandma's time, there were good remedies that can be found in every household and are therefore quickly at hand when a red wine glass tips over and threatens to ruin the tablecloth or shirt. Therefore, it is not always necessary to have an expensive chemical legacy that can also pollute the environment.

Annoying red wine stains on textiles are usually difficult to remove without a trace. All the more important is the timely removal of the unwanted spot, ideally immediately after emergence. So you have the certainty that the new blouse or the bright carpet are not permanently ruined. However, there are also viable solutions for older red wine stains, because it does not always allow the situation to react immediately to a mishap. Helpful solutions to red wine stains of various ages on washable and non-washable textiles can be found here.

Salt as emergency aid

In the Internet forums and guidebooks persists rumor that salt on the red wine stain is a great way to remove it without a trace, as salt soaks up the stain. Meanwhile, several independent studies have shown that this is not entirely true. On the contrary, for certain substances, the use of salt (whether or not with lemon juice) can not only be useless, but even counterproductive and allow the red wine stain to penetrate the fabric even more.

Remove red wine stains with salt

The sucking ability comes not from the salt itself, but from the calcium carbonate which is added to the salt to keep it spreadable. This takes up the liquid. Certain molecules in the salt itself, on the other hand, can react to the red wine and ensure that the dyes first settle in the tissue. Therefore, one should better keep your fingers off the salt as an emergency against red wine stains.

An immediate measure

In order to make a red wine stain disappear without a trace, it makes sense to blot the liquid as quickly as possible very carefully with a sucking cloth, a napkin or some kitchen paper to prevent further sucking of the red wine into the fabric and thus spreading of the stain. However, a trituration should be avoided at all costs, as otherwise the red wine is incorporated deeper into the substance.

Dab red wine with a napkin or kitchen paper

If the fabric is the tablecloth or a piece of clothing, it should then be rinsed immediately under clean cold water and then washed as usual and after care instructions in the machine or by hand. For carpet, after dabbing, a clean or soapy water treatment is the best option. If used with soapy water, it should be removed from the carpet before and after vacuuming.

Bubbling purity

Some also swear by the use of carbonated mineral water, as the bubbling bubbles prevent the color particles of the stain from bonding to the fibers of the carpet. Afterwards, the spot is dabbed dry and sucked off. It may be necessary to repeat the process to obtain a satisfactory result.

Mineral water prevents the penetration of red wine into the fabric

For fabrics that are allowed in the washing machine, the normal cleaning should be done soon after the first treatment. The same effect is achieved with a dissolved aspirin or a similar drug based on an effervescent tablet . Here, the bubbly bubbles also help quite well to make a red wine stain disappear, unless you wait too long with the treatment.

Vinegar, the all-rounder

Vinegar not only helps with a lot of problems in the household, but can also be used very well for the successful treatment of red wine stains. Soak the stain generously with the vinegar or the vinegar essence and let it soak in for a short time.

Treat red wine stains with vinegar

The success is immediately visible. For sensitive substances, one should try the effect of the acidity of vinegar essence in an insignificant place. Because of the sometimes quite strong odor nuisance, the use of vinegar is not always advisable. Effective, however, the treatment is always.

Glass or window cleaner

Again and again you can read about the positive effect of colorless glass cleaner or window cleaner, which are successfully used to treat red wine stains. Of course, as in all other tips in this guide, it is also important to know the nature of the individual substance involved. For some fabrics, glass and window cleaners show satisfactory results. Spray on and leave to work for a short time, then dab the stain with a kitchen towel.

Glass cleaner for removal of red wine stains

As the glass or window cleaner evaporates quickly, it can also be used more generously. However, care should be taken to ensure that the cleaner is colorless and not blue, otherwise you have the worst case at the end of an even more persistent purple-colored spot on his piece of cloth.

Shaving foam as stain remover

The main ingredient of shaving cream is potassium soap. This ingredient cleans and refreshes carpets and upholstered furniture and also helps against fresh and older red wine stains. The stain should be sprayed generously with shaving cream after blotting with an absorbent cloth. When treating a carpet, work in the shaving foam lightly with a soft brush and leave on for at least 1 hour . On upholstered furniture usually 15 min exposure time suffice.

shaving cream

Shaving cream is also good for dried red wine stains on wood. In addition to the excellent cleaning power, shaving cream also causes a refreshing of the colors and a pleasantly fresh fragrance. A little tip: It is sufficient for a cheap shaving cream from the supermarket, since the additional care substances in the expensive brands have no effect on the cleaning.

With milk against red wine stains

The rumor persists that red wine stains can be eliminated with the ingredients of commercial milk. It does not matter whether you take the low-fat or high-fat version. It is best to just soften the entire garment for several hours in a bowl with milk. Then rinse and wash. Of course, this method is useful if you can not immediately take care of the complete elimination of the red wine stain.

Milk works wonderfully to remove red wine stains

White wine or sparkling wine

Time and again one reads in guidebooks that white wine or sparkling wine are good remedies against red wine stains. Because of not yet explored reasons, the ingredients of these drinks cause the red dye dissolves and disappears. What remains is usually only a slight barely to be discovered shimmer on which one can guess the outlines of the former spot. This can then be easily eliminated by cleaning in the washing machine. However, since there are enough resources that will help at least as well and are available in every household, it is questionable whether you should open for the removal of red wine stains necessarily a good bottle of white wine or champagne. It is better to treat yourself as soon as you have successfully eliminated the annoying red wine stain with one of the above mentioned remedies.

Chlorine-containing cleaning agents

These literally destroy the annoying stain and bring back the radiant white. However, chlorine cleaners should only be used with great caution, suitable only for rather robust and exclusively white fabrics and only to be used in dilute form and for a rather short exposure time.

Take care when using chlorine

Since chlorine is a very aggressive chemical, it quickly attacks the tissue and can even destroy it in the worst case. Then the red wine stain disappeared, but the garment also ruined. Furthermore, chlorine damages the environment and should therefore only be used in exceptional cases in the home.

More or less useful tips

Of course, there are countless other tips on the topic "remove red wine stains", which you can safely ignore, as they are hardly helpful and often jokingly meant. If none of the remedies listed above have worked, then these tips will not really help. If you still want to try it, you will find a short list: ????

  • a mixture of an egg (yolk and egg whites) and ashes are supposed to help, which is very questionable
  • Soak in unsalted cooking water from potatoes or white beans and then wash as usual
  • After washing, place white garments in the sun until the remaining stain is bleached
  • douse the rest of the carpet with red wine, so that the stain is no longer visible

Tips for quick readers

  • never use salt
  • Dab and rinse with clean water
  • Pretreatment with aspirin effervescent tablet
  • pretreat with clear vinegar or vinegar essence
  • colorless glass or window cleaner plus wash
  • Contact lens cleaner for red wine stains on wood
  • Shaving foam for carpets and upholstered furniture
  • Soak in milk, rinse, wash
  • White wine or sparkling wine destroys red dye
  • Chlorine-based cleaners only exceptionally
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